12 Best Kid Sprinklers For Outdoor Fun 2021

Water has a natural appeal for kids; many children all around the world hold it in wonder. Other kids want to play in it, while a few are content with while a few are just content with staring at it.

If you have kids, you may understand the point I’m trying to make; kids generally love an aquatic environment, playing and being happy is all they know which is just as well.

As parents, we’re faced with challenges that may arise from the need to give our children environments where they can be free and explore their surroundings, some of these problems present themselves as safety.

Having an aquatic environment that meets your child play needs and also guarantees safety is a top priority as it would be counterproductive to restrict your child’s play. For this reason, I have done in-depth research on some of the safest, most conducive kid sprinklers for your child.

Best Kid Sprinklers

Finding great sprinklers that meets the all-round playing needs of your children and also guarantees safety may be difficult. You probably don’t have enough time to shop for sprinklers or the stress it’ll take to search for a good sprinkler among the rabble may be too much.

For these reasons, I have done extensive research and compiled a list of some of the best kid sprinklers you can buy for your child. Let’s help you make a great sprinkler decision for your baby, take a look at the list below.

1. SplashEZ 3-in-1 Sprinkler

Letting your kids have fun is all well and good, but having them learn in the process of playing is a huge bonus for you and your kids.

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This is what the SplashEZ offers you; your kids don’t just get to play in an aquatic, child-friendly and safe environment, they also get to play in a space filled with colors and images that keeps the mind busy.

SplashEZ features an exceedingly soft rim that keeps your child safe and comfortable as well as shooting streams of water around your kid.

It is also about 60” in diameter; meaning it has enough space to contain your child comfortably. You could even step in to have some fun with your kid; there’s space enough for two!

Diverse colors, large lettering, and very bright images, the SplashEZ has made learning and fun synonymous. It also has a straightforward setup, making it user-friendly and very easy to use as well as safe; parts are limited to the most fundamental.


  • Very educative and allows the child to learn while playing; this is immeasurably beneficial to your child as infusing the play with learning has been known to improve a child’s learning process.
  • Variety in design for your child to pick from.
  • Very easy to set up with limited parts.
  • Great lettering and colorful images for learning


  • Not particularly durable and parts may break/tear or come off from slightly rough handling.
  • The floor of the pool tends to get slippery, making it difficult to perform specific actions.

OVERALL: The SplashEZ is a handy toy to have for your kids, not only does it help you to mitigate the warmth of the weather, especially during hot weather periods, it is also a great way to help your kids learn.


Playing is an essential aspect of a child’s and development, playing together with peers and family is also essential to your child; that is what the Ledivo Splash Sprinkler offers you.

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It features a 68-inch sized sprinkler pad; this is way bigger than many sprinklers out there, which means it offers more room for other people to join in the fun.

It was made with user-friendliness in mind and made of very high-quality PVC that is BPA and phthalates free.

Materials used are also environmentally friendly and non-toxic; your kid is safe from any form of radiation from the material.

Your child can also dive into learning as the sprinkler features bright, catchy colors with educative images that will facilitate learning.


  • Has a large splash pad wide enough for more than one person.
  • Set up is super easy takes less than 5 minutes, sparring your child that long wait between fun and happiness.
  • Quite educative and gives your child that much-needed increase in their cognitive activities.
  • The Ledivo Sprinkler Pad guarantees hours of fun and entertainment for your kids.
  • It is made from premium quality material, making it very durable and also assures a long life span.


  • Moving the mat while water is pooled in it may cause a rupture, damaging the pad beyond further use.

OVERALL: The Ledivo Sprinkler Pad is arguably one of the best pads around, each feature it presents are perfectly represented, giving your kid the best aquatic experience anyone would ever wish for. Also has premium quality material for production, ensuring a prolonged lifespan, Levido Sprinkler pad is a choice you want to make.


Quality over everything else, that’s the Splashin’kid sprinkler for you; with so much attention paid to detail, this sprinkler is constructed from tested heavy duty PVC material, it promises to stand the test of time.

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Product quality is so certain you get to return a damaged product with refund and replacement, isn’t that amazing?

Enough of it durability, were you wowed by the sizes of the first two sprinklers? This one tops them all with a whopping 86” inches wide, family-sized mat.

Everyone gets to play; you may as well step in with your kid if you so desire. Although due to its size, it may be slightly clumsier to handle compared with other smaller sprinklers, that does nothing to affect its coupling and ease of use.

It also comes with a great design, spotting rainbow colors that are sure to bring joy and delight to your kid from just viewing.


  • An ultra-wide family-sized rainbow that practically allows you throw a small sprinkle party with room to spare for movement.
  • Gorgeous design with a rainbow setup and variant mat colors.
  • Crafted from very high-quality PVC, the Splashin’kid assures you exceptional durability; you get to use it way longer than sprinklers made from regular material.


  • A bit bulky to handle when inflated; the rainbow arch

OVERALL: The splashin’kid is a sprinkler that would be hard-pressed to lose to most other sprinklers; with high durability and a wide rainbow arch, you’ll be getting something for your kid that will keep him at play for hours to come.


Sprinklers come in different shapes and sizes, and this one is a hydrant named Henry. This is a great sprinkler to help your kid beat the summer heat.

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It’s shaped exactly like a real hydrant with roughly the same size in dimension. It measures about 10.75 inches in length and about 7 inches in width.

It is fixed by attaching to any hose around the yard and can spray water over 10 feet high and 16 feet wide; everyone gets to have a feel of water.

Due to its simple construct, it is effortless to set up and get connected to the hose. It also doesn’t take up much time to fix, thanks to its structure and overall design. The material used is a heavy-duty plastic that is capable of standing the test of time with regular use. Matty’s top stop is so good at helping your kids have fun; they would never want to have fun anyway else.


  • A perfect sprinkler as it is incredibly easy to use and set up.
  • Attaches well to a standard garden hose and can spray well over feet wide and ten feet high
  • Very safe and child-friendly


  • The look-alike hydrant tends to fall to its side
  • Takes a longer time to fill with water; it’s larger than an average kid sprinkler

OVERALL: The design and look make the sprinkler a winner, coupled with its user-friendly setup. A great collection to the kid’s toy store, it’ll come in handy during the other times of the year.


Probably the most sophisticated kid sprinkler around, the Borbor trampoline is a collection of trampoline sprinklers, water hose, cable ties, and a water pipe interface, all this combines to create a large trampoline that covers so much ground while still cooling the environment within the sphere of the trampoline.

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After completing the setup, you have access to great control of your sprinkler, like adjusting the water flow switch, ability to withstand high water pressure, reducing the possibility of leaks in the pipes.

Parts are also made from very durable material; water hose length is about 39feet and 0.79 inches in diameter. The product also has a lot of versatility in that it can be used for more than play; it could be used for watering the garden, as an outdoor cooling system, etc.


  • The Borbor, after complete setup, covers a relatively large area of the ground; this allows for more than 2 and even 3 children the opportunity to play at any given time.
  • You have great control over various factors that contributes to the level of fun your kids get.
  • There is enough room for you as the parent to take active parts in your child’s play


  • Maybe cumbersome or bulky when handling after set up
  • Due to so many parts, it may take a little longer to install compared to other less encumbered kid sprinklers successfully.
  • Needs constant monitoring as kids could easily displace a body part during play.

OVERALL: The Borbor isn’t your regular kid sprinkler, it hosts a lot of significant fun features and can contain lots of kids easily. This is a significant boost in my opinion, as there are lots of kids who would rather play with each other than play alone.


  • Do not approach with sharp objects when handling
  • Always rinse with clean water after use and ensure to dry completely.
  • Tie the hose to the outside of the trampoline net
  • Connect the hose to the appropriate garden hose

This is another great kid sprinkler, and it has a super wide mat of about 68” in diameter; this is enough space for the whole family and friends to have fun in.

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It has great design and is equipped with a lot of fun water toys. It is also very easy to set up; all it takes is to plug it into a garden hose then adjust the water pressure to increase or decrease the spray height.

It is crafted from durable environmental friendly, non-toxic PVC, and dielectric welding to give robust joints/seams.

There is no harmful chemicals leftover from the item; the mat went through multiple tests at certified laboratories before launching for public use.

Also, the Jasonwell is designed in such a way that water pools in the center so your kid could sit an splash around in.


  • Very easy setup with just about three steps to take before your kids begin having fun
  • The Jasonwell is made with longevity in mind, high quality, and durability.
  • Comes with some exclusive designs and fun water toys to keep your kid busy for hours.


  •  Packaging problems and torn seams on the arrival of the product, some products also come with a strong chemical smell that comes from the sprinkler after unboxing.

OVERALL: The Jasonwell is a great kid sprinkler that s very durable. With it, you’re sure your kid has the best time playing outdoor.

7. Jasonwell Unicorn Sprinkler Inflatable Unicorn Water Toy

Jasonwell is quite the authority when it comes to kid sprinklers, with a lot of sprinkler iteration out there, it could difficult to find the best sprinkler for your kid.

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This particular iteration comes with a unique design and structure. It was made in the shape of a unicorn, with the horn being the part of the unicorn that sprinkles the water.

The figure is 5 feet tall, meaning you get more distance on the height of sprinkled water, ergo more drops falling on your kid. Because of its height, it is equipped with 4 free stakes that are used to help hold it to the ground on windy days.

The inflation valves are a large double bed type that allows you to inflate the unicorn 5 times faster than normal, efficiently cutting down the time taken for a complete setup.

The unicorn is made of the very thick quality and tested material that is perfect for the harsh conditions of outdoor use.


  • Unique design that will appeal to your kid’s sense of play
  • Easy to set up and very user-friendly.
  • It is made from high-quality material that ensures durability and longevity even in harsh conditions.
  • Comes with 4 stakes to help with stability during windy conditions


  • Unicorn structure may be too talk as younger kids love to measure with heights of sprinklers

OVERALL: The Jasonwell Unicorn sprinkler is a must love for everyone, the tall figure of the unicorn spouting cool water around and cooling the environment is a sure-fire way of getting your kids to have lots of fun.

8. Epoch Air Sprinkler Pad & Splash Play Mat, 67″

This is a gorgeous looking set of sprinklers that comes with very bright colors and distinctive images of aquatic animals.

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The mat is quite spacious at 67 inches; gives enough room for the family to come to have some swimming pool fun. It is also effortless to set up as only just required to inflate and plug the hose to a garden hose.

The splash pad and sprinkler are made from heavy-duty PVC, BPA free material, and they are also environmentally friendly and non-toxic. With high-quality materials, there will be no breaks or leaks in the product, and you can rest assured that it’ll serve or quite some time with proper care.


  • Very durable product due to the high-quality material used in its production.
  • Easy to set up and spares extra precious moments
  • Unique design and aesthetic where your kid can sit and have fun with the images of the aquatic animals all around him.


  • Keep away from fire or any source of extreme heat as well as corrosive materials.
  • Keep sharp objects away from pad and splash mat.
  • Always be in attendance to supervise your kid during play
  • Avoid lifting the mat when it is filled with water. It may rupture otherwise.

OVERALL: The Epoch air sprinkler pad and mat is one product that can never do wrong in terms of entertaining your kid. Very durable with unique designs that’ll keep your kids happy, this sure is one you don’t want to overlook.

9. Tidal Storm Hydro Swirl Spinning Sprinkler 

Playing time just got more fun kids as the Tidal Storm Sprinkler promises something delightful.

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Bright and colorful, the sprinkler comes with the option of allowing kids to twirl in an attempt to give it a spin, the design is such that for each spin attempted, water sprinkled would also take a spinning form as it shoots into the air.

For your kid, the sight can be truly glorious. It is made from plastic and is very easy to use as all the steps needed is to connect to a regular garden hose. It is small and circular, made from very durable plastic material and will bring your children immeasurable happiness as they twirl in motion with the sprinkled water.

Due to the nature of its design, it comes with various detachable components that may be dangerous to your kids; hence, it is strongly advised that parents pay attention to choking hazards.


  • Very innovative and catchy spin that is sure to mesmerize your kid and enhance their fun experience
  • Extremely easy to use and setup; takes only a moment to setup.


  • Some products tend to leak water after using them a few times.
  • The spin quality tends to stop working after a few moments of use.


  • Keep dismantled parts safely tucked away out of the reach of your kids!

OVERALL: Tidal Storm sprinkler is undoubtedly among the most entertaining of water sprinklers, it gives great joy to your kids and helps them have fun while staying cool.

10. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Sprinkler

A very sophisticated piece of entertainment, the Melissa & Doug sprinkler is one of a kind. Branded as “whimsical” by its producers, and designed to stimulate as the mind of your children, helping them to understand appreciate nature better as well as have fun in the process.

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This product has an elegant design, a combination of pink, fuchsia, and violet flowers that blends well with your garden and adds a soft sense of beauty to it as well. Made from plastic with a small roundish base and plastic pink flowers sprouting from the top (serve as sprinklers).

It can be connected to a standard garden hose and is also fitted with a mechanism to adjust the pressure and flow of water from the sprinklers. Due to its whimsical design, it has a lot of detachable/dangling parts, and it is advised to handle carefully to avoid unnecessary damage.


  • Beautiful design that blends perfectly with your garden, sprinkling water to the whims of the kids as well as watering the garden.
  • The design was tailored towards nurturing minds and hearts, inspiring kids who get to use them.


  • Choking hazard
  • Seems fragile from all the appendages
  • Depending on the location, the product may blend too much with the background, which may lead to kids accidentally stepping on it.


  • Beware small parts and always take supervisory positions during play.

OVERALL: With an awesome design and great attention paid to detail, the Melissa & Doug sprinkler is one of a kind and will help stimulate the mind of your child as well as help them have fun.

11. HALOFUN 67in-Diameter Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat 

Here is another great kid sprinkler; it is constructed with very durable PVC that promises stability as well as longevity; this is not a sprinkler that leaks the second time of use.

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It has an ultra-wide mat that doesn’t allow the fun to be limited to just you kid; it can take as much as 4 kids at a time. The setup is pretty simple and fast; all it takes is to inflate and fix to any standard garden hose.

You could also adjust the water pressure to increase or decrease the height of the sprayed water. Unlike many other kid sprinklers with mats, the Halofun Sprinkler’s mat doesn’t feel slippery; your child is totally safe in the pool.


  • Super attention was paid to durability to give this sprinkler one of the top scores for strength.
  • Extremely easy to set up and quite simple to use.
  • Very safe to use as there is no real detachable part that a child could swallow and choke on.


  • May feel too big to fit into a back on orders of two or more.

OVERALL: The Halofun sprinkler will make a marvelous addition to your kids’ toy store if you don’t already have a sprinkler for the coming summer, Halofun Sprinkler is an excellent choice for you.

12. KidPal Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat Splash Pad

Another sprinkler that helps to improve the learning process and cognitive abilities of your child. The importance of learning through play cannot be overemphasized, and parents should always try to grab the opportunity to make these processes more dominant in the lives of the kids.

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Kidpal splash pad is an educational pool filled with the letterings of the English alphabet in a manner that is easy for the kid to relate to. This A-Z learning for your kids will not only help to improve the learning process but also adapt learning styles towards “play-oriented learning.”


  • Great design and bright colors that grabs the child’s attention from the beginning of play till mom calls.
  • A-Z lesson outline that is sure to help boost your kid’s cognitive abilities.
  • Huge sized mat to accommodate more


  • Sun reflections reflecting off the bright colors may be uncomfortable for the kid.


  • Constant parental supervision
  • The material used to create the mat (PVC) may smell, ensure to place it in a well-ventilated environment for about two days; this will allow the smell to dissipate.
  • Avoid using or handling sharp objects when making use of the sprinkler; to avoid unnecessary damage.

OVERALL: Superb design and attention showed to your child’s cognitive development, the KidPal sprinkler is sure among the best options you have.

Related Questions

Will my kid have fun using sprinklers? ANS: Yes, sprinklers are toys that simulate aquatic locations, e.g., pools, etc.

Are sprinklers safe to use? ANS: Yes, sprinkles are mostly harmless. Although, every parent needs to take cognizance of any factor that may present danger.

At what age can my kid begin to use sprinklers? ANS: It all depends on the type of sprinkler and the instruction that comes with it, but generally, 18 months would be the minimum age.

When can my kid stop using sprinklers? ANS: There is no benchmark, but even parents can join their kids in the sprinkler, as long as it is safe and comfortable.

Are sprinklers multipurpose? ANS: Some sprinklers are made solely for the child’s entertainment, but a few are designed to act as actual garden sprinklers as well as toys.


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