Cough Drops During Pregnancy (Is it Safe?)

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Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in every woman’s life. The phase when one has to be a little too cautious, as there is a new life inside the womb. That delicate life needs to be tendered well and needs to be nurtured well to have a hale and hearty welcome in this world.

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, a journey which needs to be traveled well with proper care and extra diligence.

During these nine months, the woman should be extra careful. The body during this time is a little too vulnerable to viruses and catches them a little too quickly; and these viruses cause severe damage to the woman’s body and that of the unborn too. No matter how much extra effort you take, there are chances that the body might get affected by the viruses. And cold is something that the body catches too swiftly.

Now, the dilemma is: Is it safe to take medicines for cold during pregnancy? Will it hamper the unborn? What medicines to take?

There are a lot of dilemmas, which are very evident.

Cough in general is a very common condition, caused by viruses and anybody can get hampered by it. Well, one need not worry much regarding the same as it resolves easily within a few days with the intake of proper medicines and care.

But, if you suffer with cough during pregnancy, then it is a little bothersome. As, during pregnancy the body and the immune system is as is little weak and the expecting mothers can affected by the cough causing viruses a little too frequently.  

Does Cough Affect the Baby?

During pregnancy, the mother’s body is little weak and more vulnerable to viruses. The fetus although is very resilient and it acts an amazing shield; yet one needs to be extra careful. Too much of coughing is also worrisome; as it means that one is too stressed out because as coughing weakens the body physically and it might also interfere the appetite.

During stress, the woman’s body releases a hormone called cortisol, which in it has the ability to penetrate inside the placenta and it drastically impact the unborn’s growth. So, to have the best for the baby it is always advisable to consult the gynecologist to have the best for the newborn and also to avoid any trouble for future.

Because of coughing, the stomach muscle undergoes a rigorous movement; and the muscle has an upside down movement. But, there is nothing to worry about as it does not hamper and cause any harm to the baby. Because of the extreme movement while coughing, the woman might experience few leaks of fluids; but thankfully there’s nothing to worry. The flow of the fluids is just a sign that one needs to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and this can be easily achieved by exercise.

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What medicines one can take to recover cough during pregnancy?

During pregnancy in the woman’s body there definitely are two lives in one body. So, extra caution needs to be taken while doing anything and everything. So, before taking any medicine it is always advised to consult the doctor. The medicines you were taking previously might not be completely safe for the baby. The first trimester i.e. the first three months of pregnancy are the one’s which are very crucial for the development of the unborn; so, one should consult the doctor before taking any medicine.

Cough Drops During Pregnancy

Here is a handpicked list of a few cough medicines which are medically proven to be safe for consumption during pregnancy; and these medicines are easily available at the next door pharmacy and are an instant solution to cough:

  • Paracetamol: The most sought after medicine. But it is always advisable to consume it in recommended doses.
  • Lozenges: This medicine has ginger, menthol and honey content to it. All these ingredients are the best remedies to every mother’s kitchen and these have been used since ages to treat cough naturally. So this medicine is a sure shot remedy to treat cough.
  • Basic cough syrups like Vicks always work wonders.
  • Tylenol: For the consumption of this medicine it is always advisable to follow the dosage intake from the packet.

Cough Drops During PregnancyHome Remedies to cure cough

There is nothing better than going the natural way. Natural remedies ensures that will be no side effects to its consumption. And to add more to it; it won’t harm the baby at all. Here are a few things which one can do to cure cough naturally:

1. Fluids: One should consume plenty of fluids. As it helps cleans the body system and helps in proper functioning of the body mechanism as well. As water hydrates the human body and also helps washing out the toxins from the system. The intake of water works wonder under every physical condition.

During the delicate state of pregnancy this elixir is the ultimate solution to everything. If one gets bored of the intake of this tasteless fluid, one can certainly turn it into any beverage as well. Though, over beverages it is advisable to consume fresh fruits and vegetable juices.

2.The inhalation of steam mixed with a few drops of eucalyptus oil helps one cure cough instantly.

3. Drink hot water mixed well with some quantity of honey to it.

4. To ease down congested nose; it is always advised to sleep with an elevated pillow as it helps resolve congestion of nose and also helps one breathe easily.

5. Gargle out with a solution made out of water mixed well with salt. Gargling has been an age old trick to relieve the sore throat and also constant coughing. Also, sipping up of warm water throughout the days is also pretty effective remedy. This helps reduce the pain significantly.

6. One should consume orange juice as it is a plethora of Vitamin C.

7. Consumption of hot soups helps one cure if cough is accompanied with congestion. Humidifier mixed with Vicks also helps one cure it.

8. Congested oils can be relieved by the usage of saline drops.

9. Consume a lot of prenatal vitamins and healthy foods. These are a better substitute over cough medicines. As prenatal vitamin is a good source of vitamin C and Zinc, which helps one fight off the bacteria and improve the immune system.   The consumption of organic food is also advisable as these are a rich source of numerous vitamins and minerals.  The intake of fish or other sea food at least twice every week is also recommended as it eventually helps one build a stronger immune system.

10. The intake of protein as well should be increased. Protein is found in abundance in things like egg, fish and chicken.  Also, one should consume a good amount of Omega-3 fat acids. It is a well known booster for the immune system. Apart from immunity; it also reduces the infection process in the body.

This wonder intake also increases the development of white blood cells; and the white blood cell helps engulf the bad bacteria from the blood. Green leafy vegetables are a good source of Vitamin D; the vitamin which is also coined as the “Guard” of the immune system. Apart from everything else one must not forget the intake of garlic. This wonder vegetable the helps kill numerous viruses and bacteria.

What are the severe symptoms of cough during pregnancy?

  • Extreme Chest pain and wheezing
  • Spitting of mucus which at times is green or yellow or even blood during severity
  • Extreme difficulty in breathing
  • Severe fever which doesn’t subside down even after the consumption of paracetamols.
  • Dizziness
  • .Vaginal Bleeding

It is always not to ignore the prolonged symptoms as it might be an indication for an upcoming pneumonia or bronchitis or maybe sinusitis. So, one must pay proper attention to it.

Tips to prevent develop cough during Pregnancy:

A pregnant woman tends to have a weaker immune system compared to others. And this makes her more susceptible to common cold and cough. So, extra care should be taken to keep the body immune and strong enough to withhold the attack of foreign bacteria and viruses.

Here are a few precautions every pregnant woman should take to prevent the development of cough:

1.One should practice hygiene diligently. It is advisable to wash hands thoroughly with soap and quite often this should be done.

2.The expecting mothers should stay at a distance from people or children who are already suffering from cough and cold.

3.Proper rest is undoubtedly the best aid. One should ensure the take of proper rest and sleep.

4.A healthy and clean surrounding certainly keeps all the viruses and bacteria at bay. So, one should keep the surroundings clean as dirty areas are the breeding ground for bacteria.

5.The best way to avoid cough is to keep the immunity system strong and boosted. And, the best way to develop a healthy immunity system is by the consumption of a balanced diet combined with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, stay hydrated as it will help the body get rid of unwanted fluids.

6.Exercise enough to strengthen the immune system.

cough drops while pregnantMore on Cough

A cough is a common reflex action of muscles that clears out the throat of mucus or any other foreign irritants. A coughing to clear the throat is typically an infrequent action, although a number of conditions can rather cause more frequent bout of coughing. Below mentioned are the different types of cough one might suffer from:

Acute cough: the most generic one, of which there is nothing to worry about. This type of cough lasts for less than three weeks and can be cured easily with proper medication and prevention.

Sub Acute cough: this type of cough usually last somewhat between three and eight weeks, improving by the end of that period. It is advisable to consult a physician and take proper medication.

Chronic cough: the scariest of all, this type of cough is persistent and it lasts for more than eight weeks. One should not hesitate in making a immediate rush to the doctor as this type of cough might cause some serious issues like asthma, TB, pneumonia.

What causes a cough?

A cough can be caused by numerous conditions both temporary and permanent.

  1. Clearing the throat: to clear out the throat the standard way is to cough. When the breathing passage gets clogged because of mucus or other foreign particles like dirt, dust or smog, a cough is the human reflex reaction which attempts to clear these particles out and thus help an individual have easier breathing. It is a relatively uncommon type of coughing, but coughing may increase with an exposure to other irritants such as smoke.
  2. Viruses and bacteria: it is the most obvious and common cause of cough. It is a respiratory tract infection caused usually by the attack of virus. This cough lasts for a few days to a week. The infection which is caused by the flu may take a little longer to clear up and may sometime even require some antibiotic to fight against the infection.
  3. Smoking: this cough is caused because of excessive smoking and is a chronic cough with a very distinctive sound. This cough is also coined as smoker’s cough. Not just the active, the passive smokers might also get traces of this cough.
  4. Asthma: the most common cause of coughing found in young children is asthma. An asthmatic coughing usually involves a lot of wheezing, which makes it easily identified from the rest. Asthma exacerbations should receive their treatment with the help of an inhaler. It is possible for children to grow out of asthma as they get older.

The human body is very prone to the virus causing cough. Be it any age group, no one is spared by this terrifying virus. But with proper medication and rest, it can be cured of within a short span of time. The cough drop which helps combat this virus is made up of perfect blend of few ingredients.

Below mentioned is a lift of some of the active ingredients present in a cough drop which are advisable for a pregnant woman. Cough medicine generally alleviate the pain but at the same time it might potentially harm the unborn baby. It is always advised to avoid the dosage of any stronger medicine or drug, and regular consultation with the doctor is advised.

  1. Expectorants: If an individual is suffering from acute cough with phlegm then it is advisable to consume medicines like guaifenesin. This ingredient is one and the only expectorant available in the U. S. This drug helps in thinning the drainage and thus providing an easy move out. The only side effect this medicine might have are nausea and vomiting.
  2. Suppressant: One of the best aids to help reduce the amount of a number of time one cough by blocking it. Dextromethorphan is the most common ingredient of this category and it can be easily traced down on the bottle or package of any cough syrup. One should note that the cough with mucus cannot be treated by this type of medication.

It is advisable to not to use cough suppressant if any individual has developed cough because of smoking, emphysema, pneumonia, asthma or chronic bronchitis as coughing helps one to clear our the lungs.

Other cough suppressant include camphor, menthol and eucalyptus oil.

Combination cough product: It is evident from the name itself that is a combination of the expectorants i.e guaifenesin and the suppressant i.e Dextromethorphan. It also contains some ingredients which help coat and sooth the throat. This combination product is generally used to treat more than just one symptom which include decongestant for the stuffy nose, antihistamines for allergies or a running nose or pain killers. The only down side of a combination product is that one might get medicine which they don’t need.

Benzocaine:It is generally used as a tropical pain reliever ; it is also a key ingredient of cough drops. It is used to treat a variety of pain related condition and is advisable to be used for; soar throat, mouth ulcer, and cold soar, surgical or procedural anesthesia.


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