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Difference Between Lemonade And Pink Lemonade

If there were a brother and sister drink, then it would be the pink lemonade and the regular lemonade.

You are probably wondering about pink lemonade. Isn’t lemonade yellow? You might be wondering. What’s up with the pink lemonade? The truth is the lemonade is pink in color hence the name pink lemonade. Of course, there are no pink lemons but there is pink lemonade whose origins are quite interesting to note.

There are various differences between the pink lemonade and the normal lemonade. The obvious difference is that the pink lemonade is pink in color while the normal lemonade is yellow.

There has to be something responsible for the color pink and we will look at that further below.

Pink Lemonade Facts

To understand pink lemonade here are some facts about it that you will find interesting.

The history of the pink lemonade

The pink lemonade first came to be around the 1800s.  It was at first sold at circuses and carnivals only. However, because of its popularity, the drink moved and began selling on the street stands of New York.

There were instances when this drink was colored with cranberry juice or crushed strawberries to give it that pink hue. The cranberry and crushed strawberries not only give it the pink color but also make it sweet.

This is why the pink lemonade tastes sweeter than the regular lemonade. However, here is the real story about how the pink lemonade came to be.

Josh Chetwynd, an author of the book, “How the hot Dog Found Its Bun” gives two accounts of how the pink lemonade came to be. The two accounts are as follows:

The Pete Conklin Discovery

Pete Conklin was a man selling concession at a circus. During one of his shifts in 1857, he happens to run out of the water to make his lemonade and he didn’t have access to a nearby source of water.

Instead of losing out on business, Pete went into the dressing tent to find water and instead found Fannie Jamieson, one of the show’s bareback riders.

She just happened to have cleaned her pink tights in water and left the liquid looking a deep pink color.  Pete went ahead and used the water without thinking twice and passed it off as “fine strawberry lemonade.”

pink Lemonade

It is said that Pete got double the sales compared to the ordinary lemonade refreshment that he sold earlier and this mistake resulted to the popular new style of the lemonade which is the pink lemonade.

But today, it has undergone improvements to make it healthier thanks to the use of crushed strawberry or cranberry.

The Henry E. Allot Account

The second account to pink-lemonade fame also came to be because of a lemonade mishap.

According to a New York Times article, Henry E. Allot who was a circus promoter, a salon-keeper and gambler was responsible for the popularity of the pink lemonade.

While mixing a tub full of the regular lemonade he accidentally dropped red cinnamon candies in the liquid. This resulted to this beautiful rose-tinted mixture that sold very well

For that reason Henry continued to create this version on lemonade. To date it is a popular summer drink.

These accounts of the pink lemonade discovery are quite hilarious and accidental. We can say that the pink lemonade is just one of those things that just had to come about.

Once the pink lemonade hit the market people have made various versions of their pink lemonades and this has led to a very impressive list of pink lemonades mix with certain fruits to create this amazing drink that is centuries old.

What makes pink lemonade pink?

Crushed strawberries and cranberries are not the only things used to make the lemonade pink; a pink food dye has also been used to color it.

However, many food experts advice against using food dye because they believe it can have a negative impact on someone’s health.

According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, food dye can cause harmful effects like cancer and hyperactivity in children.  This is why the best option here is the pink lemonade which crushed strawberries.

The calories of pink lemonade

Pink lemonade has calories too and a 20 ounce bottle of pink lemonade is 260calories and contains 67grams of sugar.

It might sound unbelievable but the 20 ounce pink lemonade bottle contains more grams of sugar than the 2 liter bottle. Which is why the 20 ounce bottle has 67 grams and the 2 liter bottle contains only 27 grams of calories.

Too much will make you sick

It feels great seeping a chilled pink lemonade during summer but the problem is that too much of it will probably cause you to feel sick for some time. This is why instead of taking pink lemonade every day; just reserve it as a summer drink.

The Regular Lemonade

You probably know the regular lemonade squeezed from the yellow lemons that you know and you might have made this drink yourself.

You are probably thinking that you know all about the regular lemonade because you know it is the color that makes it different from the pink lemonade.  However, you will be surprised about some facts about it which you don’t know.

 The history of the regular lemonade

It is common belief that the regular lemonade was first made in Egypt around 1000AD. It was at first used as an ornamental plant in the Islamic gardens. Later on it was then squeezed for its liquid which was added sugar to make the sweet regular lemonade.

The lemons later became popular in China and by 1600’s in France, the vendors there monopolized the drink and it started selling through backpack tanks.

Since then its popularity spread around the world and especially in the United States, the Americans even made their own version of the regular lemonade which is known as the “cloudy” lemonade which come to be because of its appearance that is as a result of a mixture of real lemon fruit juice and water.

Today the regular lemonade is many people’s favorite summer drink.

Calories in a regular lemonade

You might be surprised but the regular lemonade has calories too. You might have thought that it is only the pink lemonade that has a large number of calories but the truth is both lemonades have the same number of calories.

As much as the regular lemonade is not as sweet as the pink one, it is also healthy when too much of it is taken. The good thing about the regular lemonade is that food dye can’t be added to it unlike the pink lemonade.

 Regular lemonade content

Most lemonade is usually only 15% lemon juice and the rest of it water and sugar. It can be said that lemonade is like soda but if you would like a healthier alternative consider trying iced tea.

It is actually one of the best summer drinks but taking too much of it could pose a risk to your teeth and your sugar levels. This is why you will need to be careful about how much you drink.

Why Should You Drink Both Lemonades?

Apart from the fact that both pink and regular lemonades are delicious beverages there are more reasons why you should drink them and they are as follows:

Lemons are a superfood

Both beverages come from lemons and lemons come with plenty of health benefits. Drinking lemonade is one of the easy ways to get a healthy dose of lemon.

Lemon contains Vitamin C, B6 and A just to mention a few of the various vitamins, minerals and healthy compounds that can be found in a single lemon.

Lemonade is great for digestive assistance, prevention of kidney stones, weight loss support, a fever treatment option, cancer prevention and regulation of high blood pressure.

Will it be Pink Lemonade or Regular Lemonade?

So which is better? Is it the pink lemonade or the regular lemonade? Both beverages taste great and have a very interesting history.

Both beverages except for the pink lemonade with a food dye are quite healthy to take but shouldn’t be taken excessively. If you love a beautiful-looking drink to look at while sipping and experience additional flavors then you should go for the pink lemonade.

If you love a natural drink and lemonade at its best then the regular lemonade should be your first choice.

Both drinks have lemon fruit juice in common but they are different in their own ways as we have seen above. Choose the drink that makes you happy whether regular lemonade or pink lemonade, but remember, just like with all good things, moderation is key.

Now that you have understood what these drinks are and where they come from lookup some helpful lemonade recipes and make your very own version of homemade lemonade.

It could be pink lemonade or a regular one. You never know, it might be the next popular lemonade version.

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