Dr. Brown vs. Avent Bottles & Sterilizer


Nothing makes a mother happier than seeing her child in good health. According to genetics, it is known that the child will take after the mother. So you can conclude the baby is a part of her.

To that end, it is only natural for the mother to have unconditional love for her baby. She will go through every length to keep her baby safe from all kinds of harm and sickness.

Although, There are some hazards that can still get a child sick despite the mother’s effort. These hazards usually come through the meal of the baby. Most especially the milk. It could have bacteria, which are quite hard to notice, its because they are too tiny for the human eyes to see.

For a mother to ensure her baby drinks safe, it is recommended for her to buy a feeding kit. This feeding kit consists of a set of feeding bottles (either of 4-oz or 8-oz) and a bottle sterilizer. The feeding kit makes feeding both safe and hygienic for the baby.

These feeding kits are usually manufactured by companies that deal in baby products.

In this article, we are going to discuss and compare two brands according to their feeding kit. These brands are known as Dr. Brown’s and Philip avent.

Dr. Brown and Philip avent are great competitors on the market. They have differences but there are similarities between their features. The main feature they share is to ensure the health of your baby and to improve his/her feeding to be more hygienic.

Let’s have a short description of each brand.

Dr. Brown’s bottles

Buying a Dr. Brown bottle means you’ve just made a crucial and beneficial choice which is sure to maintain the happiness and health of your baby.

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The reason why Dr. Brown’s bottles stand out is because the bottles are designed in such a way that they redefine bottle feeding, with their developed internal venting system that prevents air from contacting the milk.

The air could cause bacteria which will lead to ailments like colic(stomach pain), burping, gas, and spit-ups.

Many competitors have made an attempt to design bottles with venting, but it does not match the fully-vented Dr. Brown’s bottle. The fact that it is fully vented makes it easy for your baby to feed comfortably at his/her own pace.

In addition to Dr. Brown’s bottles, there is an options bottle for those who wish to have a choice between implementing the internal venting or removing it. The reason why removing it is an option is because it simplifies feeding your baby as feeding him/her becomes developed over time.

The nipples are of two types, one for the narrow neck and wide neck. They are super-soft, its made of high-grade silicone which is suitable for your baby to suck on. There are several levels of nipples with different flow rate you could choose from depending on how you want to feed him/her.

Dr. Brown’s bottle’s internal venting mechanism

Dr. Brown’s bottles are manufactured in such a way, it has a two-piece internal vent mechanism for positive pressure flow feeding which is similar to breastfeeding. As air channels from the teat collar through the vent system and finally to the back of the bottle.

It circumvents the extracted milk or formula and reduces oxidation in the process. In addition, important nutrients like vitamin A, C, and E are preserved so your baby won’t have to struggle with ingestion of air bubbles which is quite discomforting. Feeding is longer and much easier.

Avent bottles

If you don’t want to deal with extra accessories but you still need an anti-colic bottle, the Avent bottle is your fit. Avent bottles are one of the most popular feeding bottles on the market and Its fame is mainly due to their ease of use and unique Airfree vent.

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Avent bottles Airfree vent mechanism

The Airfree vent is designed to help your baby swallow less air and more of drink, by removing air away from the nipple. Once the air is excavated, there will be less feeding problems for the baby, such as colic, gas, and reflux.

Dr. Brown’s vs Avent bottle features

When it comes to choosing the best feeding bottle for a baby, there are factors to consider other than the age bracket, as the health conditions, materials used and its durability.

Both Dr. Brown’s bottles and Philip Avent bottles share features that benefit your baby. One of them could be better at a feature than the other and again both could be great at it. At the end of the day, the choice is up to you.

Dr. Brown vs Avent Bottles

Here are their best features:


A colic is a form of stomach pain that can be experienced by babies. Both Dr. Brown and Philip aven help prevent or fight against the colic problems. They are also known to work against burping, fussing, gas, spit-ups and other types of stomach pains.

The reason why they are anti-colic is due to both bottles being designed with an anti-colic valve in each of the nipples in order to prevent gas build-up, which happens to be one of the best biggest problems for both newborn babies and also the babies that are a few months older.

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Colic usually happens when the baby sucks too much air and it leads to the formation of air bubbles in the baby’s stomach, thereby causing him/her discomfort. Like the dr. brown and the Avent bottles, the baby’s bottle should have air vents so as to reduce or avoid the build-up of gas in the baby. Both of the brands are great at these particular features.


BPA stands for bisphenol A and they are used in making plastic or resins since the year 1960. But BPA is discovered to be why babies get mental development issues. Both dr. brown and Philip Avent bottles are BPA-free which makes them super safe to work with. Both brands are best at this feature.


Easily cleaned set of baby nipples and bottles is very important for parents that maybe like you, who are always busy at work and can’t afford to be late.

Both Dr. Brown and Philip Avent bottles ate dishwasher-safe, cleaning either of them are quite easy with no hassles at all. They could even be placed in a microwave if you wish to did infect them. You should now worry, for the plastic is microwave proof.

Invest more on the quality set of baby bottles for your baby, is the best bid. So you will be able to clean it easily and it will last longer.

Both Avent and Dr. Brown’s bottles are equally the best in this feature.

For breast milk

If you are a nursing mother that breastfeeds her child, then you should know that both Dr. Brown and Philip avent gives you the chance and choice to either supplement with formulas or pump milk into the two bottles in case you are on the goal and you need to feed the baby urgently. It is a supportive set to the nursing mother.

The reason why both Dr. Brown and Philip Avent bottles stand out is due to the fact other bottles do not have that natural design a baby would love. the nipples of the bottle should mimic that of the mother, so the baby should find it easy to suck on the bottle like it is the mother’s teat.

Both brand products are best at this feature.


When it comes to the price of either bottle, Philip is the most Budget friendly feeding bottle. This could probably be due to it being very common on the market, unlike the Dr. Brown bottle.

The price of a baby bottle or product is a very important factor for first-time parents with budget issues. They could be expensive but it is smart to invest in them so your baby will be strong, comfortable and healthy throughout the developing stage of the baby.

It is okay and smart to invest in quality, but people are used to buying cheap. Most especially if they are on a very thin budget. To that end, you can conclude that Avent bottles are the best products to buy if you want to save money.

Philip Avent bottles are best in this feature.

Leak prevention

Having the leak-resistant baby bottle is important for a mother who is really busy to even clean up after her baby. Another advantage is it saves you from the stress and the expense of having to refill the bottle with Brest milk or formula.

Both Dr. Brown bottles and Philip Avent bottles are supposed to prevent leakages effectively, but it seems more like a trial and error process. In the case of Dr. Brown’s bottles, you could get a batch of defective bottles which is very frustrating. Although some of the defective products could still be used.

In the case of Philip Avent bottles, it is much better at preventing leaks than Dr. Brown’s bottles. And this is due to their seal located around the nipples. It is not that easy for the bottles to leak unless you misuse it or get defective batches. To reviews, the Avent bottles have the upper hand when it comes to preventing leakages.

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Selecting a suitable bottle size for baby is very essential. This is so you can prevent feed your baby too much or too little. With the right size of the bottle, you can prevent your baby from getting uncomfortable or gassy.

Dr. Brown’s bottles come in four sizes, that is the 2ounce, 4ounce, 8ounce and one more for the premature babies. Dr. Brown’s bottles offer a wider variety of options to choose from. There is a higher chance of finding the right size suitable for your baby. Due to their variety of small sizes, you can say its meant for newborns and younger babies.

As for the Philip Avent bottles, there are only three choices so far. Such as 4ounce, 9ounce, and 11ounce bottle. There are only a few you can select from compared to that of Dr. Brown’s bottles. The sizes of the bottles suggest it is suitable for older babies.

Dr. Brown’s is the best at this feature.

The best bottle between these two according to me is Philip Avent bottles. They are cheap and they have better leak protection while you feed your baby.  Although the choice is up to you.

If you’ve used the baby bottles, you should recognize the importance of sterilization. Also, you should be aware of the effort and time you put into ensuring a hygienic and safe bottle ready for use. Busy mothers would end up piling unsterilized bottles on the kitchen sink mainly due to their busy schedule.

To escape the burdens of manual sterilization, bottle sterilizers are the best option.

There several types of sterilizers, but we are only going to talk about one in particular and that is the bottle electric steam sterilizer.

Bottle Sterilizers

An electric steam sterilizer is pretty much self-descriptive. It uses hot steam to kill bacteria and germs from the bottle. Some of these sterilizers do not only sterilize them, but they also dry and deodorize them.

There are many sterilizers to choose from, but the two that are going to be mentioned is the Philips Avent 3-in-1 sterilizer and Dr. Brown’s electric steam sterilizer.

This device is actually easy to use all you are literally required to do is to just push a button and wait for the device to do its job. It is somewhat similar to a dishwasher.

These electric devices vary according to the number of bottles and their sizes it can hold. Some can hold more than the other. Some can hold also hold a wider variety of bottle sizes than another.

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All electric steam fertilizers share some advantages like

  • It’s ease of use
  • The striking process is faster, under the 10minutes
  • They can do more than just sterilizing, such as deodorizing and drying bottles

As they have advantages there are also disadvantages,

  • They can tasks up much room on your kitchen counter
  • They are not cheap

Philips Avent 3-in-1 Sterilizer

This sterilizer can wash exactly 6 wide-necked and narrow-necked Avent classic bottles at a time. It takes up to 5minutes to wash which is quite fast if you are in a hurry the Avent sterilizer is not a time waster. In case you won’t be around to take the sterilized bottle off, there is an auto shut off feature you can set.

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The device is so great it could be used separated or as a whole. At the top of the sterilizer, there is a detachable compartment for storing cutlery, pacifiers, nipples and so on. While the bottom is where the bottles are stored. This is quick-witted design what makes the system 3-in-1, with this you can use it in different ways so it suits your needs.

Dr. Brown’s Electric Steam Sterilizer

This is one of the most popular steam sterilizers on the market. It also happens to be one of the easiest to use with its one button push operation.

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It had room for 6 large bottles and other accessories like nipples, cutlery, and even breast pumps. Unfortunately, the device takes up to 12 minutes to wash which is long compared to that electrical steam sterilizer. It may slow, but its capacity compensates for it.

Dr. Brown’s sterilizer is designed also to hold and sterilize bottles of various sizes, but it can’t dry the bottles.

Compared to the Avent electric sterilizer, Dr. Brown’s sterilizer will take up much more space on your kitchen counter.

You are only required to use pure water in order to prevent mineral build up on the heating element in the device. A wash cycle will require one part of vinegar and two-part water.


Dr. Brown electric sterilizer vs Philip Avent electric sterilizer

  • When it comes to time for washing the Avent sterilizer is the best choice with only 5 minutes for a complete wash, unlike Dr. Brown’s slow 12 minutes.
  • Concerning room, Dr. Brown’s electric sterilizer is the best choice since it can contain 6 large bottles and other accessories like nipples, cutlery, and even breast pumps.
  • Another point is the space on the kitchen counter it can take. Philips is the best choice as it takes less space than Dr. Brown’s.
  • The avent electric sterilizer does not require any special liquid to wash the bottles.

The best electric sterilizer for convenience and portability is the Philip Avent bottles. They are lightweight, they take less space you could fit them in your bag while you travel and it does speedy sterilization of 5minutes.


As a mother or father, your love for your baby should be unconditional and unmatched. You have no choice but to get the best for your child. Especially feeding.

The most essential meal is milk and you have to provide the best, safe and hygienic milk. With the products reviewed above and their comparison, you should be able to enlighten or guide you on which is the best way to treat your baby’s milk.


I’m Monica, a single mother who’s raising two beautiful angels. Here, I share helpful and creative articles and how to’s along with product reviews. This blog is for all the busy, multitasking moms.

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