37 Gift Ideas for 11-Year-Old Boys ( Tech, Fun, Outdoors)

gift for 11 year boys

With four boys, I became very adept at searching for unique gift ideas for birthdays and Christmas. Eleven is a fun age, not quite at the angst of the teen years, they are independent and have clear ideas of what they like.

I loved this age because they still wanted me to buy them clothing and were willing to try new things. Despite this, it can be difficult to narrow down the possibilities when faced with a massive store like Amazon.com.

This buyer’s guide will help you narrow down the possibilities. There are nine categories so if your guy isn’t a sports buff you will find other options.

Special Gifting

This category is for those boys who show an aptitude in special skills other than sports. Perhaps he is an artist, a chef or has some musical abilities. Even if the exact item doesn’t quite fit, Amazon lists related items that might be a better fit. These gifts will show him you support his aspirations.

LEGO Architecture New York City

Lego is a great gift for boys who like to design and build. Lego has done an amazing job of scaling their projects to increase the difficulty as your boy grows. This set will provide not only the building activity but some architecture experience.

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It includes a collectible booklet with information about the design, architecture, and history of the buildings. He can look at his creation of the New York skyline and envision touring the great city one day.

How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way

Your budding artist can learn from the master of comics, Stan Lee. He will learn the secrets of creating his own comic strip and how to draw heroic characters. The book also discusses comic-creators tools and methods.

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With the surge in popularity of Marvel in the last decade, your boy can learn how to draw the characters he has grown to love.

Master Chef Junior Cookbook

My son loved to cook at this age and the more unique the project the better. This cookbook, created for young chefs, boasts 100 recipes inspired by dishes that the contestants served in the first five seasons, as well as timeless techniques, tips, and advice.

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The step-by-step instructions with color photos will support him to learn simple and complex cooking techniques. This makes a great gift to inspire a joint activity with you or the whole family.

Remote Controlled Light-up Crystal Growing Kit Clock

Science and artistic ability combine to create this unique gift. The 16-page instruction book explains the science behind crystals. After mixing the unique ingredients, your young scientist can sit back and watch the crystals grow.

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The fun doesn’t stop there. Once the crystals are complete, they can be added to a light-up display clock. The remote provided controls lights making the crystals glow different colours. What starts as a science experiment, turns into art he can use every day.

How to Code: A Step-By-Step Guide to Computer Coding

Is your eleven-year-old a computer whiz? Does he spend his free time learning about the internet and computers? This great manual teaches the basics of computer code.

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He will learn how basic computer code can be used to create websites, games and more. This book starts with beginners but has advanced methods for progressing as he gets older. Soon he will be fluent in a language most have yet to master.

Art Supply 82 Piece Deluxe Art Creativity Set in Wooden Case

My boys started drawing very early but began to show some real talent at this age. Yours may have been content with pencils and loose-leaf paper but to grow in their skill they will need some artist tools.

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This kit includes colored pencils, pastels, watercolor paints, 15 brushes, and mixing trays. There is a sketchbook, watercolor paper, and drawing paper. The whole set packs up for car trips and visits to grandma’s. This kit will assist him to grow and expand his artistic ability.

61-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard Piano

Music ability shows up early in children. Encouraging this gift is easy with this keyboard. This goes beyond a child keyboard with 61 keys, similar to a full-size piano or organ. He can add a drum rhythm in the background. Each instrument can be recorded individually, allowing him to create more sophisticated pieces.

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He can add vocals using the microphone. The headphones will allow for lower noise levels for the rest of the house. This is a compact unit that can be easily added to his bedroom and will support his musical journey.

Name A Star Custom Star Kit

Is your boy into space, planets and stars? What a great lifetime gift to name a star after him. You register his star name with Star Registry.

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It also includes a book on astronomy. He can locate his star and remember that he is important enough to immortalize.

Techno Gifts

This would not be a complete list if it did not include some options for technology gifts. Your eleven-year-old is likely more advanced in his technology products than you. These are techno gifts that will please any boy.

Premium Wireless Headphones | Built-in Microphone & Controls

Boys who are avid computer game players will enjoy these headphones. So will the family, as it eliminates the repetitive music for others.

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The built-in microphone allows him to talk to other players hands-free. He can also use these headphones for music playback. The sound cancellation can help him focus on homework time.

Professional 3D Printer Pen

This is the latest novelty gift for the boy who has everything. This pen creates 3D drawings. He may be familiar with 3D printers, but this will allow him to create with his own hands.

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Earlier versions used melted plastic which could cause burns, but this ink is cool to the touch. Just draw and create.

Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Beanie hats have become quite the rage. Not even just for the winter, the beanie hat is a great gift. Now with the latest technology, you can purchase a beanie hat with built-in headphones.

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The Bluetooth technology means no wires. He can walk to school with his own tunes in his ears.


Movies make for great family times. Grab the popcorn and make some memories together. These series offer great characters and storylines that will amuse him for years to come.

Harry Potter: Complete 8-Film Collection

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Our boys loved movies at this age, often watching the same movies over and over again. The Harry Potter series fits this age group well and if he enjoys it, you can introduce the book series. This series is a great family activity, even adults will enjoy Harry and his friends.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

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This was the age when my boys were looking for movies beyond Disney. This movie offers some more mature themes and the artwork is spectacular. This set contains a digital copy so he can add it to his phone, computer or tablet.

Star Wars The Complete Saga Episodes 1 – 8 DVD Set

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This series has captivated fans for 40 years. If your guy has loved the latest Star Wars movies, he may be interested in the original six movies. Go all the way back to Darth Vader as a child and see the whole story unfold. Great family watching.

Room Decor

Your eleven-year-old is trying in many ways to express his individuality. Helping him to decorate his own space will create a safe place for him through his teen years.

Custom Name Basketball Wall Decal

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Nothing makes a space more individual than displaying his name. There are many choices available for this removable wall decal. You can choose size and color in addition to personalizing the decal. He will love this special addition to his space.

Glow in The Dark Stars for Ceiling or Wall Stickers

You don’t have to be space buff to enjoy these adhesive backed stickers. They are glow in the dark to create a night-time spectacular.

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He can put them in any location in his room, making it personalized for him. This one gift might encourage him to pursue more knowledge on the galaxy.

Motivational Quote Workout Gym Posters

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Words are powerful. Fill his room with positive messages that will encourage him with all his endeavors. These posters can motivate him when things get difficult.

2pc Twin Size Teens/boys Sherpa Winter Blankets Super Soft

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This set is a step up from the Ninja Turtle sheets he has had since a toddler. This twin bed set is soft and cuddle-worthy. You might find the blanket follows him to the living room, car trips and camping.

3D Sports Basketball Bedding Set

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This bed set is comfortable and warm but that is not the selling feature. The 3D design will impress any boy. The sports theme and colors are more mature and could follow him through his teen years.

CapRack18 – Baseball Cap Holder

Baseball caps have turned into real fashion statements for boys. He will probably have a few favorites. As his collection increases, this Cap Rack will be indispensable.

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Keeping his collection organized and off the floor will please mom too. You can buy one rack that holds nine hats or double up. Two racks fit nicely on any bedroom door.


It is not long before your little man will want to choose his own style and clothing. At this age my boys were still accepting clothing by me if it suited their style and it was comfortable. With Amazon ensure you choose the right size.

Cute Superheroes Rubber Charms Flat Bill Snapback Hat

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This stylish black hat offers some boyhood fun with baby superhero characters. The adjustable snap back will allow him to wear it for years to come. The hat also comes in grey, navy, red and white.

Star Wars Boys’ Saber Rise T-shirt

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A comfortable t-shirt is a gift any boy will enjoy. There are multiple Star Wars themes available. It makes sense to get a few of these so he has some options.

NHL Youth Boy’s (8-20) Primary Logo Team Color Fleece Hoodie

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Our kids chose favorite NHL teams to follow at this time. It is usually not difficult to discover what team he follows. These sweatshirts are comfortable, easy to size, and have a wide range of team logos. Sports logo clothing is always a safe gift.

Novelty Cool Sweatshirt Hooded Pockets

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For those boys not into sports, this sweatshirt offers some fun fashion. The 3D effects on the front and back will draw attention. For that boy who wants to be his own statement and not join the crowd this is a great choice.


Likely your young man has tried several sports and even settled on one to pursue at this age. Sports equipment comes in many styles and colors. Ensure when purchasing sports equipment that you choose the right size for their age.

Spalding NBA Street Phantom Outdoor Basketball

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This stylish basketball will be noticed on the court. The Spalding label ensures quality and durability. Whether he hits the court with friends or a family tournament, he will be able to show off his skills with this ball.

Performance MLS Glider Soccer Ball

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Indoor and outdoor soccer are becoming a popular choice for boys. Even if they do not belong to a team, they will love this stylish ball to play in the backyard. This ball will enable him to practice his skills on and off the pitch.

Inflatable Stress Punch Tower

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For those boys with endless energy, this may be the perfect gift. The base can be filled with sand or water and the durable covering will withstand many kicks and punches. Whether this is a new exercise routine you want to introduce or just a way to wear off some energy he will enjoy this tower.

Out Door Fun

The one thing your boy may not do individually is spending time outside. This is a great opportunity for family interactions or some 1 on 1 time.

Sports Combo Set: Badminton, Volleyball, Flip Toss, Horseshoes, Flying Disc

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Exercise in the great outdoors; what a great legacy to pass on to your children and grandchildren. This set offers equipment for several easy setup games for your backyard. Take it to the beach or camping for additional memory-building experiences.

2-Person Dome Tent

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Camping may be a new adventure for your family or a yearly event. This 2-person tent will allow your eleven-year-old to experience some independence as he leaves the family tent. He can even invite a friend along for more fun.

Sleeping Bag for Indoor & Outdoor Use

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To add to his own tent, you can upgrade his sleeping bag. Whether camping, sleepovers, or in his own room, this sleeping bag will be stylish and keep him warm.

Family Fun

Family fun nights are great relationship builders. If you haven’t started one yet these games can be a great start. This is an age where you can start to introduce more adult games to test his intelligence and strategy-building.

Clue Harry Potter Board Game

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A clue is a great strategy game, and this is the perfect age to introduce strategy games. The Harry Potter version offers a setting he may be more familiar with rather than Col. Mustard in the Billiards room.


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This may be a game you are not familiar with, but it has been a family game night staple for years. This is a great family game with even younger siblings able to participate.

The Jackbox Party Pack

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If your boy is more technologically wired, Jackbox has many family games you can play on your cell phone. Unlike games like Fortnite, Jackbox includes all family members and encourages discussion. The voice overs are funny and full of puns. With multiple games in each pack, you are sure to find many options for games night.


It is important to encourage reading at any age but with video games replacing books it is even more vital. Giving books as gifts tells your boy that books are valuable and fun.

At this age he may still enjoy you reading to him; my boys liked it when their sister read to them. These series will entertain and encourage him to continue reading.

Greyson Gray: Camp Legend (The Greyson Gray Series) (Volume 1)

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This is a great series if you are looking for good, clean fun. Greyson is an admirable protagonist who endeavors to do his best in any situation. Boys will relate to the struggles and decisions Greyson faces.

Summer of the Woods (The Virginia Mysteries)

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The Virginia Mystery series will capture your boy’s attention and keep him riveted to the last page. This is a great series to read together. He will keep asking for one more chapter.

Chronicles of Narnia Box Set

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This mystical series has entertained children for decades. There are many movies made from this series that you can watch in tandem with the books. The protagonists are all children. It offers great action paired with good moral stories.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians 5 Book

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This series highlights the Greek Gods and myths. Your son will follow Percy as he battles the legends of old. If your boy enjoys this series Rick Riordan is a prolific writer who will keep your boy entertained for years.


Choosing a gift for that special boy involves some sleuthing for his interests. At this age it can also be fun to search for something new he can try.

If he is big into technology, a crystal growing kit might also spark his interest in science. If he is an avid soccer player, maybe he would enjoy learning basketball from grandpa.

Many popular movies these days were created from books. Finding the book to match the movie fascination can expand his reading skills. This is a great age to continue to foster family activities such as camping, games, and sports.

Enjoy this age; his creativity, talents, and activities are revealing important facets of his personality and perhaps lifelong interests.


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