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How Many Crib Sheets Do You Need

Babies spend most of their time sleeping. Uninterrupted hours of deep sleep is essential for your baby’s growth. Babies rely on their parents for their hygiene and cleanliness as well and hence, as parents we must change the crib sheets frequently to keep their sleep spot neat and germ-free. 

How Many Crib Sheets Do You Need? If you are someone who does their laundry frequently, just 3 to 4 sheets will be sufficient. On the other hand, if you have a big family and it is difficult to assign that time on the washing machine schedule then you would need 6 to 7 sheets.

When it comes to the number of crib sheets you need for your baby, there is no set number and it varies according to the size of your family and your lifestyle.

Since it would be difficult for you to wash the sheets more than once a week. Also, if you don’t have a dryer in your house then you would need additional sheets.

There are many other factors to consider while deciding how many crib sheets you need. Keep reading this post to learn those factors and to know our recommendations on the best crib sheets for your baby.

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How Often Should You Change Crib Sheets?

It is the responsibility of a parent to maintain a hygienic environment for their baby. Like we change our bedsheets regularly, changing crib sheets is also important.

Babies make a lot of mess, they drool, sometimes pee, poop or puke in their cribs, and sweat; all this makes their sheets dirty pretty quickly as compared to ours. Hence, it is very important to keep some spare sheets with you, so that you can change them in case any such situation occurs. 

It is also necessary to keep a check on your baby’s crib sheets to make sure your little one stays in a clean, comfortable and safe bed.

Babies can encounter a lot of health-related issues if they sleep on a wet and dirty sheet– something that no parent would want for their child. Therefore, you must ensure that your baby’s crib sheets are checked, changed, and washed regularly.   

If your baby is sick, it becomes all the more important to increase the frequency with which you normally change the crib sheets. Babies are more susceptible to infections as they do not have an established immune system.

Bacteria and viruses can contaminate the crib sheets, this results in a lingering illness and can also increase the chances of reinfection. Hence, when your baby is ill, try to change the crib sheets daily. 

Taking the above factors into consideration, let’s see how many crib sheets do you actually need. If you wish to change the crib sheets on a daily basis then you would require at least 4 to 5 sheets.

However, if you plan to change the crib sheets only once or twice a week then you would require at least 2 sheets. If you have a big family and frequent laundry is an issue then stocking up a couple of sheets would be helpful. No matter how many sheets you have, it is important to clean and wash them regularly. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Crib Sheets

So, by now you would have figured out how many crib sheets you need, now it’s time to purchase the sheets. Buying the right sheets for your baby is a matter of concern for new or first-time parents. However, expert tips and suggestions are helpful even for experienced parents who want to purchase new sheets for their little ones.

Here are a few points to consider while purchasing the crib sheets for your baby:

  • Organic and breathable materials like cotton are always soft and gentle on babies’ sensitive skin. Mostly, parents keep their baby’s room warm and babies sleep in the same position for a considerable time. Breathable fabric like organic cotton is perfect for babies as it is also very absorbent. However, if budget is a constraint, you can just do fine with a regular cotton sheet. 
  • Babies move a lot and also love to wriggle around in their crib. An ill-fitted sheet not only restricts their movement but can also be dangerous for your baby. Always make sure the crib sheets are fitted properly. A well-fitted sheet is the most critical part of the crib-sheet science. Experts suggest that mattress and crib sheets should fit tightly inside the crib. A loose or extra fabric in the crib poses a serious threat to your baby’s safety. Hence, zip-on sheets are your sheets of choice both for the convenience as well as the safety they offer. 
  • Always buy sheets that are machine washable. Sheets that cannot be washed in a machine can be difficult to manage. Also, using a hypoallergenic and baby-friendly detergent is necessary to keep the sheets clean and safe to use. 

How Many Sheets & Blankets Should A Baby Have?

Most parents like to swaddle their babies, especially for younger infants. If you swaddle your baby for longer durations, your frequency to change the crib sheets reduces to just once every 3 to 4 days. 

Just like sheets, blankets also need regular checking and cleaning. It is more important to maintain the hygiene of your baby’s blankie as sometimes babies pull it up to their mouth to chew or suck on it. It is helpful to keep at least 3 blankets and change them every alternate day.

Like the sheets, blankets also get dirty and wet with your baby’s saliva, sweat, pee or poop, and when they throw up. Also, blankets are more prone to accumulate dust mites and hence, should be cleaned often to avoid allergies and respiratory infections. 

Best Crib Sheets to Buy

Aden + Anais classic crib sheet

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These are 100% cotton muslin sheets. Muslin cotton is a breathable and organic fabric that is suitable for all weather conditions. It is designed to fit a standard crib mattress and is also machine washable. 

QuickZip Crib Sheet Set 

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These are some of the best sheets in the market. They come with concealed zippers and are designed to withstand the movements of your baby.

These sheets are very easy to put and change and they can be easily washed in a washing machine. These are 100% cotton sheets and come in a variety of patterns and colors. 

Natemia Fitted Crib Sheets 

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These are 100% Turkish cotton crib sheets. These sheets fit securely around the crib mattress and have elastic bands around their entire edge to ensure a snug fit.

Deep pockets and elastic edges make changing these sheets easier for parents. Also, these sheets are lightweight and wrinkle-free. 

Little Unicorn Percale Crib Sheet

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These are well fitted, 100% cotton sheets and come in muslin too. These sheets are machine washable and come in fun designs. 

Premium Graco Pack N Play Mattress Sheet

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These sheets are designed for mini cribs or “pack and plays”. These sheets are ultra-soft and are GOTS (Global organic textile standard) certified. They have a deep and tightly sewn 6-inch pocket which makes fitting and changing these sheets pretty easy. They come prewashed and hence there is no chance of shrinkage on washing them. These are eco-friendly sheets and come two in a pack.   

TILLYOU Printed Hypoallergenic Sheets

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These sheets are made up of 100% organic cotton and have passed the CPSC’s test for children’s protection. This ensures that these sheets are made from safe material and is free from any harmful chemicals.

These sheets are exclusively weaved to offer a soft finish. It is recommended to wash these sheets in cold water and also allow them to tumble dry. These are best sheets for babies with sensitive skin as it is hypoallergenic and no pesticides were used for the cotton that makes them. 

Related Questions

What is the standard size of a crib mattress?

The standard size of a crib mattress is 28 inches wide and 52 inches long. The federal government recommends using a standard size mattress for your baby’s safety. Any standard mattress will fit snugly and securely to most cribs. 

Is it suitable to use polyester sheets?

Polyester is a synthetic fabric and therefore it comes cheaper than organic cotton and other natural fabrics. Polyester isn’t considered an ideal material for crib sheets as it is not a breathable fabric. You can use polyester sheets in winter. Also, polyester sheets won’t wrinkle like cotton sheets and are very easy to clean.

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