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How to Get Urine Smell Out of Clothes Easily

Sooner or later most of us become parents. It is a big happiness to have a little miracle at home. Your baby is funny and interesting, and you learn this world in a completely new way with him or her. It is a fantastic feeling. However, despite these life beauties of parenting, you will for sure face some problems and difficult situations.

They are right upbringing, father’s and mother’s responsibilities in this new life, health and lifestyle of your little one. All these things influence your mood, way of life and well-being. You always try to find correct answers on some controversial questions. And sometimes it is not an easy ride.

One of such important and complicated issues in child’s care is accustoming your baby to go potty. There are many articles, books and various tips about how to do it correctly and at a proper age. Still a lot of parents have many problems with this uneasy task.

First, you need to break your kids of wearing diapers, although it is comfortable for all parents especially during some walks, traveling or visiting somebody. Then, you have to explain your lovely son or daughter that he or she is getting older now and must go potty, but not pee everywhere where they want.

This process is challenging for both parents and children and takes some time to accustom kids to go potty. Nevertheless, on the way to this desirable goal, you can meet some difficulties, one of which is urine smell.

Obviously, you will not teach your children to go potty for one day so they can pee on the pieces of furniture, carpets and their clothes. If they pee on some things several times, then you can feel an unpleasant urine smell. But do not upset. There is a way out. You can easily get rid of this urine smell using some tricks and special materials.

How to Get Strong Urine Odor Out of Clothes

Stain and smell removers.

First, if you feel some urine smell on a piece of clothes, it is better to define if there is a spot on it. If yes, you need to use a stain remover with an extra function of getting rid of smell. Put this remover of a necessary area and wait some time. Its active components must liquidate a spot, a smell and bacteria.

After that, you need to wash this thing and be glad about the results. The most essential point here is not to confuse a stain remover with a bleacher. Otherwise, you will have a faded color or a hole in your piece of clothes. Now you wonder what stain remover to choose and where to buy it.

There is a big variety of these spot removers on Amazon. They are of different brands, and some of them have extra functions. For example, you can use Vanish stain removers. They are popular and have different characteristics, so you can choose the best one.

Dr. Beckmann is also of a good quality, and you can use it not only as a spot and smell remover, but also as a pre-wash component. As this responsible business concerns your child’s clothes and baby’s skin health, then it is better to choose natural spot removers.

For instance, Bambino Mio can be used from the very beginning, because it is perfect and delicate for baby’s skin and free from unhealthy ingredients.

Ecoegg is comfortable, because it is a spray that can be easily put on spots. Besides, it is a multi-purpose stain remover, so you can use it not only with urine spots or smells.

One more useful stain remover for you is a Bunch Farmers stick. It is 100% natural and has a lemon scent, which can be helpful with urine smell. As you can see, you have a big choice of stain removers on Amazon: from sticks and sprays to powders and liquids.


One more variant to get rid of urine smell out of clothes is rinsing, especially if the smell is fresh. If you put clothes at once to the washing machine, clothes will be washed in urine mixed with water and you hardly eliminate urine smell.

So, it is a good idea to rinse such clothes in a plastic wash basin or in a washing machine with a short rinsing regime. What is surprising, you do not need to add a chemical. Just water will easily cope with this task. However, after rinsing you can wash clothes with the usage of powder.

Antibacterial chemicals.

If you still feel urine smell, then you can add more powder and use pre-wash regime. As well, antibacterial powders and liquids or special chemicals for baby’s clothes are useful in such situations. They usually contain such components that can remove any unpleasant odors. Be attentive with proportion.

baby clothes

Household methods.

Sometimes natural remedies are the best variant to get rid of urine smell. The big advantages of such means are price and availability. They are not expensive, and every woman has them at home. You need to put them on the very spot.

  • Kitchen salt. You can prepare a kitchen salt mixture. Use one table spoon of kitchen salt and a glass of water.
  • Vinegar or lemon juice. This mixture is also helpful in eliminating of urine smell. Just mix a glass of water with one teaspoon of vinegar or lemon juice.

After putting these means on a problematic area, you need to wait 10-15 minutes and then wash them with the usage of soap.

Get Urine Smell Out of Clothes Baking Soda

Baking soda. Now, you can be a little bit surprised that baking soda is used not only during baking, but also in washing. Baking soda has such elements that can easily deal with urine smell.  Baking soda is perfect for white clothes. It eliminates urine smell and does not spoil the color and quality.

First, you need to soap stains and leave them for some time (1 hour will be enough). At the end, wash white clothes in the washing mashing with adding one teaspoon of baking soda. The result will be great: you will not see stains, and urine smell will go away.

All parents know that there is not only problem in liquidating urine smell out of clothes. Sometimes we can have urine smell on different fabrics of many attributes at home such as sofas, mattresses and bed clothes. It is a normal fact, because your child is active and can be everywhere. Do not worry. With this kind of clothes some other tips are proposed to you. In addition, you can get urine smell out of fabrics without washing.

If it concerns carpets, mattresses and sofas, you can use simple soap (even a child’s soap will be good) and vinegar. First, you need to get soaked a wet zone with a dry napkin or a piece of newspaper. After that, your task is to lather this area with simple soap.

To be sure that there will not be any urine smell, it is better to clean this place with a vinegar mixture (one-two tablespoons of vinegar per a bucket of water). And the last thing is to iron this already clean area through a sheet. In such a way, you will be glad to have clean fabrics without any urine smell.

One more cheap and harmless way to get rid of urine smell out of different fabrics is baking soda. Yes, here you can also use it as during processing your child’s clothes but a bit in a different way. So, now you understand why this thing is one of the must-haves at home of every housewife.

It has many functions and helpful in baking, washing and eliminating of unpleasant odors.

Actions are following:

1) take some baking soda (the measure depends on the size of place with urine smell) and put it in a problematic zone,

2) soak this place with a wet sponge and put one more layer of baking soda,

3) wait some time until soda dries and carefully take away it from the place. After this algorithm your fabrics will be like new ones.

You can also mix baking soda with hydrogen peroxide. I am pretty sure that this stuff is present in every medicine box. Just process a necessary zone with this mixture, leave it for some time and then take away with wet towels or napkins.

Lemon juice as well can come to the rescue. It also deals with urine smell perfectly. You just need one lemon for this procedure. Squeeze out one lemon and put this juice to a spray bottle (in such a way, it will be easier for you to put the juice on the necessary area).

You can add some water to this liquid, but to receive better results it is better to use just lemon juice. Spray a lemon concentrate on a problematic zone and half an hour later do this action one more time. After that, clean the area with water-wet towels. So, instead of urine smell you will get a pleasant lemon sent. It is amazing, isn’t it?

Do not forget about natural means such as the sun, air and water. These three elements are the best ones in coping with urine smell. Just hang out all child’s clothes, carpets, mattresses and any other fabrics outside on a sunny day or a frosty weather. Fresh air or sunlight will help you not only dry your clothes naturally, but also to keep them fresh and free from urine smell.

If you have no time to do all these manipulations at once, because soon you wait for some guests, you have another way out. A scent of different herbs will help you for a moment and kill this terrible urine smell. You just need to prepare little sacks with herbs and put them on the fabrics with a problem.

You can also spray a couple of ethereal oil drops on towels, sheets or upholstery material. Now you are concerned what herb or oil to choose? Take it easy. There are many variants. You can use any scent that appeals to you. However, the most powerful one is lavender odor.

With this smell you will be confident that all your guests feel comfortable at your home. But do not forget to cope with urine smell immediately when you have time for it. It is much easier to get rid of fresh urine smell. Old urine smell involves more effort and methods and sometimes your cloth can be spoiled in such a way.

I know before reading these all tips you were worried a lot about the quality and freshness of your child’s clothes and other fabrics. Now you can be relaxed. There exist several easy and available ways to cope with this delicate problem. If one variant does not help, do not lose your nerves.

You can try many other methods. One of these things will help you for sure. Just remember few points. First, with urine smell and stains it is better to take actions immediately. Second, it is a good idea to define the type and color of cloth and the size of a problematic zone. Third, check what materials and means you lack, then you need to buy them as soon as possible. And the last, but important.

Do not make panic and do not be angry at your child. Of course, a situation is not pleasant, but try to understand and help your little one. It is not easy to learn to go potty at once when you want it.

Every child is different and discovers this world step by step. Some children learn to go potty faster, some of them need more time for it. It is a normal thing. Just arm yourself with patience and be a good life teacher for your lovable funny, but at the same time naughty and restless kid.

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