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Luvs and Pampers: Which is Better?

Have you recently become parents? Then this article is for you. Every couple has usual life, rules and routine until they become parents. After the birth of a little man, everything changes and becomes more wonderful, interesting and happier.

At the same time, new parents face many worries, connected with baby care and upbringing. In addition, they try to buy best clothes, toys and other things.

Here you can smile, because you recognize yourself as a person, who wants to give your baby only best stuffs in the world. It is obvious, because every mother and father want their baby to be healthy and happy.

One of the most popular questions about a baby concerns a diaper. Many parents try to find out useful information about this necessary attribute. Some of them are doubtful about necessity of it.

Nevertheless, because of the hustle and bustle of modern life, all parents decide to use diapers. It is convenient and easy. Pediatricians also approve the usage of diapers.

There is a big variety of diapers nowadays. They are of different sizes, brands and designs. They all look perfect. However, the question is what diapers are better for your baby. All mothers worry about baby’s skin, comfort and quality sleep.

Luvs vs. Pampers

Diapers play a direct role in these aspects. If diapers of a high quality and comfortable, then a baby feels good and has no health problems. If diapers are terrible and not professionally made, then your baby will show this by crying and being anxious. So, it is not surprising that mothers are willing to know everything about diapers.

Well, now sit comfort and be ready to learn all details about most popular diapers. They are Luvs and Pampers.


These diapers have 4th size and are aimed at babies of 22-37lb (10-17kg). You will find 160 diapers in one packing. They also have ultra leakguards that are very helpful during night. They can lock wetness, that is why a baby sleeps well, and a mother is not worried.

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An absorption area is excellent, so you do not need to worry about soaking at night or during a walk. As well, leakguards and an absorption area help to keep clothes dry and you do not need to change them all the time.

Moreover, these diapers are comfortable and have great fitting countered shape, so your baby can move easily and feel good.

As well, the material of Luvs diapers is soft and not harmful, they consist of such ingredients: petrolatum, stearyl alcohol, aloe barbadensis leaf extract. They do not cause any skin irritations or rash. In addition, they have any specific and unpleasant smell.

Luvs diapers have big stretch tabs that you can refasten and a wide fastening zone that make easier to change diapers when it is needed. Besides, Luvs diapers have side flaps that make easier and more convenient to put them on.

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With all these features these diapers cope with any wetness and keep your baby dry for a long period.

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers

These diapers are of the 5th size and can be used for babies with 27+lb (12+kg). There are 132 diapers in the packing. This kind of diapers has a great absorbent function and 12 hours of protection, so it is perfect for a good night sleep.

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Pampers are very comfortable. They have twice softer material and heart quilts that enable easily to pull wetness. This material is also eco-friendly, that is why they are perfect for sensitive skin.

Outer material is blankie soft, so it is pleasant to touch a diaper. Moreover, such diapers are designed with air channels that allows baby’s skin to breathe and stay dry. They are spacious inside. All these aspects give a baby an opportunity to play easy and comfortable.

Pampers are easy to use. They have belly button cutout, so it is not hard to fasten them. Stretchy sides are ideal for comfortable wearing. You will find a wetness indicator as a blue line that will help you to understand when it is time for a change.

Having an elastic contoured fit, they do not do harm to baby’s delicate belly. The smell of Pampers is flowery and pleasant, so it does not irritate a mother and a baby.

Pampers diapers are also examined and recommended by professionals: hospitals and nurses. They give more confidence to use these diapers without doubts.

Now you know all details about these two brands, but I am sure you are doubtful what diapers to choose. They all seem qualitative, comfortable and perfect for your baby. Do not worry. You have a chance to read a detailed comparison and choose the best one.

First, you need to know types of diapers. They can be:

  • Usual single-used: they have stickers used for fastening. This kind is the most popular.
  • Single-used pull up diaper: they look like usual diapers but instead of fasteners have a waistband. They are aimed at older children.
  • Re-used diapers: they consist of two parts. It is a pantie with exchangeable sheets.
  • Diapers that used for swimming.

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Luvs and Pampers are classified as usual single-used diapers. They have these sticky fasteners, and every time should be changed.

All excellent diapers must meet some significant demands:

Comfort and softness. A baby has an extremely gentle skin, so it is important that diapers consist of soft materials not to injure baby’s skin. It is not hard to check the quality of material.

Just touch the inner side of a diaper. If it is soft, gentle and silky, then you do not need to worry about skin health. By the way, it is better that diapers have light material as well.

If they are bulky, it will disturb a baby all the time. Let us see Luvs and Pampers according to this feature. They are both soft and comfortable, but Pampers has twice softer material than Luvs.

Breathing material. If diapers contain some synthetical stuff, then they will not provide your baby with comfort, especially in summer. You should pay your attention to ability of a diaper to conduct air.

We do not have any information about Luvs’ breathing material. However, pampers diapers have special air channels that allow baby’s skin to breath and stay dry. One more benefit that they are spacious inside. It means that they will not steam out.

Reliable fasteners. Fasteners must be strong and wide. If they are made of not qualitative material, then they can be easily unfastened, and it will be not comfortable for your baby to move and play.

Fasteners must be fixed and manage to be fastened several times. What about Luvs and Pampers? We can see that Luvs have big stretch tabs that can be refastened several times.

As well, they have a wide fastening zone which is not less important for an easy change. Side flaps are present here too. Pampers has only belly button cutout and stretchy sides, so it is hard to say about good ability to refasten them.

Using of innovative technologies. Modern diapers must be made of special material that can soak up wetness and keep your baby dry. Excellent absorption helps to avoid skin irritations and rottenness.

Both Luvs and Pampers diapers have this special absorption area. Luvs have extra ultra leakquards, and a Pampers’ absorbent function lasts 12 hours that is perfect for a night sleep or a walk.

Besides, Pampers diapers has heart quilts that can pull wetness. And they are also designed with a wetness indicator. This extra function will help you to change a diaper at once as you see and keep your baby dry as long as possible. This wetness indicator is helpful, because you do not need to bother your baby especially during sleep to check if he or she is dry or wet.

Comfort for a belly and legs. If the upper side of a diaper is too tight, then it can negatively influence baby’s health and well-being. A baby can become nervous, can cry all the time, because some parts of the belly are rubbed.

Tight ribbons can do some harm to legs. Both brands almost meet this instruction. However, Luvs has only a fitting countered shape. If to speak about Pampers, they have more advantages in this case.

You will find an elastic countered fit, perfect for a delicate belly, and stretchy sides that provide easy movements of a baby. As well, they are baggy, that is good for legs.

Size. The size of diapers should be perfect for your baby. If a diaper is too small or too big, then it is not comfortable for a baby and can cause some problems and irritations. So, be sure you choose a correct size that is correspondent to the weight of your baby.

If some diapers do not have any information about size, it is better not to buy them. Two of given diapers have information about size. You can see that Luvs diapers are of the 4th size for 22-37lb (10-17kg) and Pampers ones are of the 5th for babies with 27+lb (12+kg).

An important point is that sizes of various brands do not coincide like in this case. So, if you buy Luvs of 4th size, it does not mean that you need the same size taking Pampers.

An interesting design. All children should develop and learn something new every day. So, diapers also play an important role in this. Some pictures or ornaments can motivate little kids to be interested in the world. Try to find diapers with bright colored animals or figures.

Both given brands are good according to this point. Luvs diapers have a little blue man in front, and Pampers ones are designed with a little yellow heart. I think a yellow color looks brighter and more interesting, so it can stimulate a baby to activities and movements more than a blue one. However, it is great that both kinds have little pictures.

Smell. A good diaper does not need to have any specific and unpleasant smells. On the other hand, a pleasant and strongly marked smell is also not great, because it means that it consists of some perfume that can negatively influences baby’s health.

Luvs diapers have no specific smells only little extract of aloe while Pampers ones have a light flowery smell. It is up to what is better. Some parents prefer more natural things without any smells, some of them would like to have a little scent. Just be sure that this scent is not harmful for your baby and does not cause any allergy to skin.

Easy utilization. One more essential moment is utilization. Every mother or father wants to throw away a diaper without any problems, because you need to change diapers not only at home but during a walk, in hospital or visiting some friends.

So, it is perfect if you can roll up a diaper and fix it with a sticker and just get rid of it. Both Luvs and Pampers have stickers for fastening, so we can suppose that using the same stickers you can easily utilize dirty diapers.

Single-used or re-used. Many have an issue with the number of using one diaper. Some diapers can be used several times; you need just to wash them well.

However, most of them are single-used. Pediatricians tend to the last variant, because it is healthier and easier to use one diaper only one time. Let us review Pampers and Luvs.

They are intended to be used only one time, and it is perfect. In this case, you are sure that every time when you put on a new diaper, it is clean and non-bacterial. Plus, you do not need to waste your time on washing and drying.

Now you know how to choose a good diaper, what qualities and aspects you need to consider. You have learnt a lot of useful information about two popular brands: Luvs and Pampers. And I am sure that after looking through all details and comparisons one more time, you will choose the best one for your lovely baby.

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