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50 Amazing Middle Names for Charlotte

Charlotte is an amazing female name that you can call your child, however, finding a middle name with a nice ring to it could be difficult.  To make it easier for you, here are name suggestions that you should consider. These are the 50 amazing middle names for Charlotte.  

French Middle Names for Charlotte 

Root Word: Panache

  1. Panucchi
  2. Panoche 
  3. Panachael
  4. Panach
  5. Panachey

Panache is a French word that literally translates to plume, which refers to something that is worn on a helmet or a hat. Also, the name refers to King Henry IV of France, whose cynicism and hedonic lifestyle is the meaning behind the word.

He used to wear a white plume on his helmet and call upon his followers to follow it on the battlefield. In modern times, panache means flair, style, verve, a flamboyant or grand manner.

Panache was not a particularly good quality in France but Rostand popularized it in his depiction of Cyrano de Bergerac in a play. The word has since become a common word known in France and all over the world, including the U.S., which has a fascination with all things French.

In some parts of the world, such as in Quebec, the word refers to antlers. There is a Panache River in the same region. The English dialect has appropriated the word from the French to mean flamboyant and confident.

So far, it has not been a popular naming convention but it has a good fit with Charlotte, which also has a French root. The name will be popular to most people, especially in the urban areas because of its popularity.

It could even give the bearer a certain French exuberance and associate her with a dash of French style and flamboyance. 

Root Word: Cyrano

  1. Cyranou
  2. Cyranus
  3. Cyraney
  4. Cyrani
  5. Cyran
  6. McCyran

The word Cyrano is a proper noun referring to the French play Cyrano de Bergerac. Americans love literature and French literature is part of the menu, particularly from the 19th century when modernity was beginning to flourish across the western world.

The name refers to a soldier, Cyrano, who is a poet and soldier that loves his cousin Roxane (another popular American name borrowed from France).

Cyrano thinks he has a protruding nose, which makes him nervous that Roxane will not accept his advances. Therefore, he chooses an intermediary, Christian, to send her love letters he has poetically written himself.

The love story is a typical French love story comprising of unrequited love, hidden lusts and a broken heart. The name Cyrano is emblematic of the American love of the romantic. The name has a romantic tone in the way it rolls off the tongue. 

Popular Culture Middle Names for Charlotte

Root word: Jaws

  1. Jawsette
  2. Jawsy
  3. Jawsburg
  4. Jawselline
  5. Jawsay
  6. McJaws 

Jaws was a popular film that excited the popular imagination in the U.S. during the 1970s. Its influence continues to reverberate five decades after its first release.

Steven Spielberg made the film in 1975. It was about a Great White shark (Jaws) that was ravaging the U.S. coastline. The film created Jaws-mania across the U.S., becoming a popular culture icon that sparked an interest in similar features.

It is an example of American inventiveness and a symbol of the California-driven obsession with Hollywood characters. Also, it is a symbol of the U.S.’s far-reaching cultural impact because of its ability to evoke imagination in audiences.

The film was set in the bleak era of the Cold War, a troubled time in which people were anxious about the threat caused by nuclear war.

Jaws was a relief from the cold realities of life and gave respite from the constant threat of human annihilation. Some of the cultural spawns of Jaws influence include TV sketches, joke books and disco records.

Middle names with a reference to Jaws would excite instant recognition in the U.S. public. Most people would most likely recognize the cultural reference in the name’s root word.

Root Word: Morpheus

  1. Morphire
  2. Morphburg
  3. McMorphy
  4. Morphey
  5. Morphive

Morpheus is a well known character in the movie The Matrix, which was a cult classic that sparked significant interest in metaphysics and the nature of reality. Morpheus had the coolest name.

Most people do not know that the name comes from Ovid’s Metamorphones, which is a Greek treatise Ovid wrote during the classical era. The name refers to the Greek god of dreams.

Therefore, it is original and makes for a great root word that American audiences can appreciate. Morpheus offers Neo (a character in the film), the option of choosing the red or blue pill, or the world or dreams and reality respectively.

Therefore, in popular culture, Morpheus has become associated with the ‘woke’ movement. Most people have leaned towards the blue pill, which involves facing the cold facts of reality rather than attempting to flee from them.

The derivatives of the name Morpheus provide a strong name for Charlotte that is highly masculine. The names roll off the tongue well when paired with Charlotte and would be easily recognizable in U.S. social circles because of the popularity of The Matrix Trilogy and the current popularity of strong female names.

Root Word: Targaryen

  1. Targaria
  2. Targarice
  3. Targarine
  4. Targara
  5. Targarius

The root Targaryen comes from the famous character Daenerys Targaryen from the popular TV show Game of Thrones. She is a unique character in the series and the major driver of the show’s plot.

She is billed as a strong female character with ambitions to restore her family to the iron throne. She attempts to save a broken world with the help of her three dragons, hence her name “mother of dragons.”

She is one of the most popular and renowned characters in Game of Thrones. She is popular with audiences, both male and female.

She is the embodiment of a strong and beautiful young woman who thrives in a male-dominated world in which she takes a prominent position among other strong male characters.

She is a suitable role model for young girls growing up in a turbulent world in which male and female heroes are equally valuable in changing the world to become better.

The derivatives of her name would be popular with young girls around the world. The popularity of Game of Thrones and Targaryen’s Character will make her name popular. Almost anywhere around the world, people would be able to recognize the name from the ‘mother of dragons.’     

Spanish Middle Names for Charlotte     

Root Word: Te quiero

  1. Te Querine
  2. Te Querone
  3. Te Querona
  4. Te Quereney
  5. Te Quiere
  6. Te Querer

Te quiero is a Spanish expression used to express affection among friend in an unromantic and general way. It has seeped into the American popular consciousness through popular artists such as Jennifer Lopez and other personalities.

Most Americans have heard of it in one form or another because of songs and other popular media. The name’s association with “I love you” could be a major draw for female middle names because of the romantic association.

Root Word: El Lagarto

  1. Lagarta
  2. Lagarte

El Lagarto means the lizard and is the root word for alligator in American English. The derivative names and the alligator background reflect a Texan reverence for the wild outdoors.

Root Word: Barbacoa

  1. Barbacae
  2. Barbacau

Barbacoa is the origin of the word barbeque, which is an American staple and widely practiced as an outdoor activity. While it might appear a bit manly for a female middle name, even female Americans appreciate a good name and would appreciate the association.  

One Syllable Middle Names for Charlotte 

Root word: Te amo

  1. Teamy
  2. Teamu
  3. Teamay
  4. Teamo
  5. Teaburg

Te amo has a similar meaning to Te quiero. Rihanna popularized the word in the song “Te amo,” which has become a type of anthem for the popular crowd. Female’s popular fascination and adoration of Rihanna would be a major draw to the variants of Te amo.

Conceptual Middle Names for Charlotte

Root word: Quantum

  1. Quantay
  2. Quantburg
  3. McQuanta

Most people have heard of quantum theory and its significance to understanding human reality. While it is an unconventional choice for a middle name for Charlotte, it does reflect the western contribution to understanding the universe.

It is reflective of the entrepreneurship spirit that built the U.S. In addition, it reflects our lack of understanding of the material world and imposes limitations on the extent of what is possible in human understanding.

The name would suit science enthusiasts who want to embody the universe’s mysteries in their middle name.

Root Word: Borealis 

  1. Boreay
  2. Boreana
  3. Borealus
  4. Borealice
  5. Boreala

The aurora borealis is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena observable from the earth. It is caused by the interaction of solar wind with the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

The electromagnetic field is supposed to protect human beings from the adverse effects of radiation by deflecting the radiation particles in the solar wind.

There is poetry to the beautiful wisps of the aurora. It shows how much the Earth does to protect human beings from harm as a womb protects the fetus from the dangerous external world.

The name would suit a nurturing and loving personality. It has an Italian sound to it, which could be an added advantage. 

There you have them, the 50 amazing middle names for Charlotte. Choose the best one for your baby because they all have a nice ring to it. 

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