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Difference In Clothing Size Of Newborn VS 0-3 Months? 

Looking after a baby is tough but choosing their clothing size is even hard. You don’t want them to be wearing extra baggy clothes. Neither do we wish to wrap our chubsters into extremely tight-fitting clothes which makes them irritated.

Newborn baby’s clothes are the ones that will fit a baby who weighs around six to nine pounds and an approximate height of around 55 cm. However, the clothing size for a zero to three-month-old baby refers to the size which would fit a baby of around 12 pounds.   

Although the clothing sizes may all seem similar, they aren’t. Sometimes it is better to get a size larger but other times you might want to get the exact fitting clothes. So how do you get the perfect clothes for your toddler? Here’s a quick guide to fix this.

Is It Better To Buy Newborn Or 0-3 Months Clothing Sizes?

Buying clothes for babies can turn into a daunting task when you hold zero experience in buying clothes. With different brands launching different sizes this process becomes even crazier. Before we select any clothing size you must understand the type of clothing your baby is comfortable in.

After all, no matter how cute those bling and shiny clothes appear, very few kids tend to put up such clothes without creating a ruckus. Therefore, you should be well aware of the type of clothes your baby loves to wear.

Once you know the answer to this question, you can move to the next part, the fabric of the clothing. If we talk about girls, there are dozens of options to choose from. Some dresses might be airy for summers like that of cotton, while others can be a mix of georgette and net ruffles. In such cases, the baby might get annoyed after some time.

Thus, size should be the one that keeps your neonate comfortable. Therefore, we can understand that the clothing type and fabric type play an essential role in determining the clothing size of a baby.

Most importantly, you can’t forget the age of your baby. For a newborn baby, you need a clothing size that will be the right fit for your baby. It is because oversized clothes might turn into overwhelming ones for the baby. To avoid situations like these, you should find clothes that are suitable for infants and newborn babies.

However, once your baby starts to grow older, around 1 month or so. At that time you can start opting for clothes with a sizing range of zero to three months old baby. At this time the babies tend to grow in their limbs and overall body fat.

Thus, you might feel the need to get clothes that can be used even after your baby turns 3 months old. Yes, it is true, that 0-3-month-old clothing might look heavy at first. But, eventually, the baby will adapt to these clothing sizes and they’ll fit him/her appropriately.

Thus, starting days can be filled with newborn baby clothes, followed by a zero to the three-month clothing size range.

What Is The Size Difference Between Newborns And 0 To 3 Months Babies?

When you enter the market for shopping for clothes for your infant, there are one hundred percent chances that you’ll end up spending more than you plan your budget. The reason for this is the confusion about the clothing sizes of the baby.

The feeling of getting a size larger so that your munchkin fits into it the next year is inevitable. Every parent goes through these emotions and it’s natural to feel so. Nevertheless, spending an extra dollar every time you go on a shopping spree for your baby is a waste of money.

Therefore, you must understand the basic size difference between the clothes of a newborn baby and a zero to a three-month-old child. Here’s a quick guide for the size difference between the two.

A newborn baby’s clothing size is perfect for an infant weighing around five to nine lbs. These clothes are made keeping in mind the average size and height of a newborn baby. Although you might notice some change in the length of the clothes from different brands. A three to four-inch difference is common in the newborn baby’s clothes size.

In a way this might be beneficial to you because to your surprise, your baby will grow quickly in the initial days. At such time you might be overwhelmed by the number of clothes you’ll need to buy.

On the contrary, clothes for a zero to three-month-old baby include clothes that will easily fit a baby weighing eight to twelve pounds. Again as per different brands, you might witness a slight modification in the length of the clothes. These clothes are perfect for babies up to three months after which you’ll need to buy new ones.

Do Newborn Babies Wear 0-3 Month Clothing Sizes?

Yes, they can if you wish to. It is because eventually after a few weeks of your baby’s birth, you’ll need to get them new clothes as they’ll grow soon. Therefore, you can wrap up your kid in these clothes from the beginning as well. Although they might look and appear a little heavy and baggy. But, they’ll save you your future expenses.

In terms of baggy looks, you can fix them by rolling up the sleeves of your baby for a few weeks. In the meantime, you will notice visible changes in the physique of your baby boy/baby girl. This change will slowly make your baby comfortable in their previous clothing and eventually, the need for rolling up sleeves will be gone.

Thus, if you are aware of your baby’s health status you can opt for a zero to three-month-old clothing size rather than a newborn one.

How Long Do Babies Stay In Newborn Clothes?

This criterion depends on the baby’s overall physique. It means if your baby is either a preemie (premature baby) or weighs somewhere less than five lbs, then the newborn clothing will suffice for a month or so.

However, if your baby is a bit chubbier and weighs more than nine pounds then these clothes might be of use to you for a week or two. It happens so because babies tend to grow faster at the natal stage. Thus, if your baby is already weighing more than nine pounds then it will be better for you to opt for a 0-3 month baby clothing size.

Are Three-month-old Clothes The Same As 0-3 Months Old?

Some stores have launched dedicated ranges of clothes for a baby of different ages across the months. They might give you clothes for a month-old baby separately and for a three-month baby as well. This might seem more perplexing to the parents as there isn’t much difference in the sizes.

Speaking of which, no there isn’t any difference in a three-month baby’s clothing size and a 0-3 month one. They both have the same logic of manufacturing, i.e., they are made for three-month-old babies. Thus, even if you buy clothes separately which have a tag saying for a three-month baby, it is still the same size.

How Long Can Babies Wear 0-3-month-old Clothes?

Moreover, a baby can wear these clothes only till he is of three-months. After which he/she will have to get new clothes that will be in the range of three to six months. As the baby’s growth rate is in the log stage in the initial years, you’ll notice the increasing expenses in the baby’s clothing zone.

Should I Pack A Newborn Or 0-3 Clothing Size Clothes For The Hospital?

So, the packing for the hospital should be precise and accurate. You don’t want to carry heavy bags along with you. But, you don’t wish to leave the essential stuff at home as well. Therefore, care should be taken that you bring every crucial thing to the hospital and avoid extra goodies.

What Other Things Should Be Taken To The Hospital?

Some important things to carry to the hospital for your baby include:

  • A tiny warmer, blankets
  • Pair of extra socks
  • One or two caps
  • Diapers
  • Five to six underwear
  • Two to three pieces of clothing
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Tissues

Apart from these, you’ll need other stuff that’s essential for your wife or the pregnant woman. Since you’ll be staying at the hospital for a day or so after the delivery period. It will be okay if you carry clothes of the newborn clothing size. Also, if you haven’t purchased any clothes for your baby then you can go buy new ones according to your baby’s body type.

When you know the exact weight of your baby you can easily get them the perfect clothes for their size. Thus, the clothing size relies on your baby’s body type. Avoid buying excessive clothes from the beginning as it might be disappointing if your baby won’t be able to wear them due to some or other reasons.

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