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Nutramigen vs Alimentum: What’s Best for Your Baby

Happy babies are the prettiest babies! Having a baby is a privilege and you must consider it as a blessing. The little angel has made his/her way into your home and it is your duty to take special care of them.

As a new parent, you may have innumerable queries in your mind. Since your baby cannot communicate with you, you need to understand the different signs and symptoms.

Most new parents get scared when there is a sudden reflux. The infant may cry or refuse to drink milk. If you forcefully make the baby drink the milk, he/she may vomit or spit the milk.

You do not have to panic because it is common in infants! All these are signs of reflux in babies. Your baby may have different allergies, reflux, or colic.

The key is to choose between Nutremigen and Alimentum. What are these? You may have heard about these formulas from your friends, who have experienced the joy of parenting.

Nutramigen vs Alimentum

When your baby is facing an allergy or reflux, you may look for a formula which controls these symptoms. Nutramigen and Alimentum are the formulas which are available in the arcade. These are hypoallergenic formulas which are recommended by pediatricians.

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The pediatrician will recommend these formulas to manage colic which is caused by cow’s milk allergy. Yes, as a parent, you need to understand what these formulas are, their benefits and which one is better!

Making a wise decision is difficult because there are a number of reviews across the World Wide Web which may be misleading and it will make the situation worse! You would get confused and will never be able to make an informed choice.

You have landed on the right page because we are going to cover each and every aspect! The mission is to alleviate the pain caused by cow’s milk allergy.

Which is the best formula? The battle is between Nutramigen and Alimentum. Milk allergies may be mild or could become serious. Well, the little one needs immediate attention and in this case, your best bet is either Alimentum or Nutramigen.

Before comparing both the formulas, let us take a quick look at the definition and symptoms of cow’s milk allergy. It is important to understand the root of the problem.

Nutramigen vs Alimentum

What is Cow’s Milk Allergy?

What happens when a baby is feeling uncomfortable? They will communicate through crying and getting irritable. Do note that they cannot communicate through words and you need to understand the reason for crying. When the baby has cow’s milk allergy, they are not able to tolerate a certain type of protein which is present in the milk.

The baby’s immune system overreacts and it causes an allergic reaction. Children below 3 years of age can get cow’s milk allergy and the good news is that there is a fix for it. Most will grow out of it as they grow older.

What are the symptoms?

The most common symptoms would be itching, swelling, rashes, hives, wheezing or even difficulty in breathing. This may not sound pleasant to you but think of the baby, who is actually experiencing it and cannot explain it to you in words.

The tummy rumbling song may be cute for you but when your baby’s tummy rumbles due to cow’s milk allergy, it will be extremely painful!

Milk allergies have to be taken seriously because it is not a joke. The baby could become unconscious after they develop cow’s milk allergy.

In case your baby is lactose intolerant, it could make their stomach gassy, painful and bloated. This is an extremely uncomfortable situation to be in! The cries of your baby will break your heart but the key is to find a solution and not panic!

Do note that there is a difference between lactose intolerance and cow’s milk allergy. What is the difference? Let us find out!

Cow’s Milk Allergy

Cow’s milk is made up of different components which include milk sugar, proteins, and fat. The immune system of the baby mistakes the protein in the milk to be a risk. This is not the case because it should be harmless for the baby. The immune system starts releasing histamines (chemical) and other chemicals which cause the symptoms of the allergic reaction.

Lactose Intolerance

This is triggered by the lactose sugar which is present in the cow’s milk. When the baby is lactose intolerant, his/her digestive system cannot digest milk sugar. It releases gases and acids which are not pleasant inside the gut of the baby. Lactose intolerance may develop when the gut gets damaged through an illness, medications or a particular surgery.


You must speak to your doctor and tell them all the symptoms that are visible to you.  The doctor will decide as to which tests the baby should undergo. If your baby has cow’s milk allergy, then the doctor will recommend an allergy test which includes blood or skin prick test. The doctor would recommend eliminating cow’s milk protein from your baby’s diet.

Let us cut to the chase! It is Nutramigen V/s Alimentum. We have reviewed both the formulas which will help you to make an informed decision. Since it is about your baby’s health, you must read it thoroughly. Read on to find out more about the formulas!

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The Battle between Nutramigen and Alimentum

It all boils down to one question – Which formula is better? Well, we have mentioned the features, ingredients, and drawbacks of both the formulas. You will not find such detailed and structured information anywhere else. Once you have gone through the details of both the formulas, you will find the conclusion and some recommended products which are easily available online.

What is best for your baby? You will find that out by reading the next two sections!

Nutramigen – Features and Drawbacks

Nutramigen or Enfamil Natramigen is made with iron. It is a hypoallergenic formula which is meant for babies, who have allergies, stomach upset, and reflux or cow milk or lactose intolerances. Although you would find an infant formula at a much-discounted rate most pediatricians recommend Nutramigen. The formula comes in ready-to-feed bottle forms or powdered forms.

Recommend Product: Enfamil Nutramigen Infant Formula (Link to Amazon)

It is specially made for infants, who are facing colic, gas, or allergies. The formula has nutrients which are found in breast milk. This helps the baby to have a healthy gut and immune system.

Features of Nutramigen

  • It is a trust-worthy formula. Most parents are conscious about giving their baby different products from the market. The formula has been made carefully and it is from a well-known brand as well.
  • The formulation is dairy-free. Since your baby got the allergy from cow’s milk or due to lactose intolerance, you would be happy to know that this formulation does not have dairy. Most infants get a reaction from dairy products. It causes fussiness and gas. Nutramigen helps in alleviating the pain, gas and other symptoms.
  • It is soy-free as well. Some kids have milk-soy intolerances and so, the brand has not added any soy in this. It is absolutely safe for infants.
  • You would be glad to know that it works very quickly. Most formulations take time to work but Nutramigen is excellent. Baby’s tummy condition will improve within 48 hours. If you want your baby’s tummy pain to go away quickly, you can trust Nutramigen.
  • It is a nutritionally sound formula. When your baby is ill, you want to make sure that he/she is getting all the required nutrients. Nutramigen is very close to breast milk which means that your baby gets all the necessary nutrients. It has proteins, carbohydrates, fat, water, vitamins, and minerals.


  • The formula is expensive. It is not the standard can formula which you get in the market. Since you would be using it to improve the baby’s condition, you can invest in it. There is not much difference in the cost. If we compare Alimentum and Nutramigen then the cost is approximately the same. The good news about the online world is that you can get the formula at a discounted price! Check for offers and coupons before you buy the product.
  • The taste may not be pleasant for the baby. He/she may refuse to taste it because it has a funny taste. The good thing is that it is effective and that is what matters for a parent!

Cow’s Milk Allergy

Alimentum – Features, and Drawbacks

Alimentum or Similac Alimentum is a hypoallergenic formula. Just like Nutramigen, it is a formula which is used for treating the condition of gas, colic, and allergies in babies. You will find a ready-to-feed formula and a powdered form in this.

Recommended Product: Alimentum Hypoallergenic Infant Formula (Link to Amazon)

Features of Alimentum

  • The formula is available in two forms. You can find it in ready-to-feed forms and powdered forms. Once your baby gets used to the taste of the formula, they would not mind any of the forms.
  • This is a pre-digested formula which may not sound pleasant to your ears! The product has broken-down proteins and can be easily digested by your baby’s sensitive digestive system. If your baby has allergies then this is the safest bet because they will not throw up or have gas once they switch to this formula.
  • It is a popular brand and is recommended by most pediatricians. If you have a sensitive baby then you can trust this brand as it is a favorite among mommies around the world. When a brand is well-known, you can buy it without second thoughts.
  • When your baby cries, you feel helpless and hopeless. You want to alleviate the pain in the fastest way possible! Well, the good news is that Alimentum is quick and it can alleviate the pain and you would see improvement in the condition of your baby. Within 48 hours, your baby will be happy again!


  • Just like Nutramigen, Alimentum is also expensive. The cost may not be affordable for some families and they would opt for Nutramigen. However, most infants require the hypoallergenic formula and this is the safest bet.
  • The formula is pre-digested and does not have a great taste. If your baby is used to breast milk or the traditional formula then they would not like this at all!

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Who wins the battle?

If you compare the two products, you would not see much difference because both the products are available online and the price is almost the same. Both formulas include DHA and iron. Parents do not need a prescription to buy these formulas. They are easily available online.

While both the formulas are similar in a number of ways, Nutramigen has probiotic which Alimentum does not. Probiotics are good for health because they help in healing the gut.

In general, probiotics are good for your baby’s gut. As a new parent, you must start with Nutramigen because most mothers used the formula and they were satisfied with the effects.

In case Nutramigen does not work well for your baby, you can switch to Alimentum. There are some formulas which do not work for an infant and you must switch to another formula.

In a nutshell, you have to do what is right for your baby! If you are confused between the two products, you must consider the above-mentioned features and drawbacks. While the drawbacks are much the same, Alimentum lacks probiotics.

Also, the presence of DHA is higher in Nutramigen. In the end, you need to choose what you think is right for your little one! As a parent, we would start with Nutramigen and if it does not work, we would try Alimentum. You must check whether it has a positive result or not. It all boils down to whether your baby is reacting positively after the intake of the formula.

The only difference between the two products is that Nutramigen has twice as much DHA as the popular Alimentum. Nutramigen has corn syrup and Alimentum is free of corn.

Both the products have the goodness of iron! Which one would you pick? You need to check as to what works for your baby! Start off with Nutramigen and if it does not work, you can switch to Alimentum. The choice is in your hands!

How do hypoallergenic formulas actually work?

We talked about hypoallergenic formulas but we did not tell you why it is prescribed to babies, who have allergic reactions after the intake of cow’s milk! Nutramigen and Alimentum are both hypoallergenic formulas. These are hydrolyzed formulas which is easy to digest. The formula breaks down into amino acids and gets absorbed easily.

It is the next best thing after breast milk. It has all the nutrients that breast milk has! These formulas are prescribed when the baby has a severe condition of colic or milk protein allergy. Studies show that at least 90% of the infants benefitted from the hypoallergenic formulas.

It keeps your baby’s gut healthy and it is easy to digest. If your baby is going through severe pain due to colic or cow’s milk allergy, you must buy Nutramigen or Alimentum. You can buy them without any prescription. Most mothers saw a major difference in the health of their babies after they gave these formulas to the little one.

Do note that these formulas are not to be given on a daily basis. This formula treats severe conditions and gives relief to the baby.

Availability of the Products

Both are famous brands and you will find them in pharmacies and grocery stores. The products are available in the United States of America. However, you can purchase the product on Amazon as well.

The positive thing about buying the product from Amazon is that you can get it at a discounted price. You can order the product online without a prescription! It is easily available and anybody can buy it. The price may be high but these two brands are the best for your baby’s gut!

You may feel that ready to feed forms are cheaper than powdered forms but it is not true. Powdered form comes in a larger quantity. This way, the ready-to-feed form is more expensive than the powdered form.

Products Available on Amazon

If your baby is not feeling too well, you can order the products online. Nutramigen and Alimentum are available on Amazon.

Enfamil Nutramigen with Enflora LGG Infant Formula

It comes in powdered form. It gives fast relief from pain and reduces the chances of future allergies. The good news is that your baby will show improvement within 48 hours.

Check Price on Amazon

It is best used for managing colic and other allergic conditions. If you want to bring back the smile on your baby’s face, you can start giving Enfamil Nutramigen with Enflora LGG to your baby.

You can find excellent deals on Amazon and other coupon sites. This will help you save more! The product can be bought without any prescription. Most of the reviewers and users found it helpful for their babies.

Nutramigen Ready to use Formula

It aims to reduce the symptoms within 48 hours. It is given to infants, who have allergic reactions due to lactose intolerance and cow’s milk. The protein found in the cow’s milk may not be digested easily and can cause allergic reactions!

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Bring the Nutramigen Ready to use Formula and bid adieu to pain and gassiness. Your child needs help and he cannot communicate through words. It is best to buy this product and feed him/her the formula immediately. You would notice a visible difference within 48 hours. The formula is specially made with Probiotic LGG which promotes a healthy gut.

Similac Alimentum Hypoallergenic Infant Formula

It is for babies with severe allergies. Most of the infants are allergic to the protein present in cow’s milk. This product will help in alleviating the pain and reducing symptoms in just 24 hours.

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The product includes DHA and iron. It is necessary for your baby’s healthy gut! It has a pre-digested milk protein which helps in eliminating allergic reactions in the baby’s gut. The product is easily available on Amazon. The product gets delivered to your home.

Similac Alimentum Ready to Feed

It is available in a case of 48. It eliminates the allergic reaction caused by cow’s milk or lactose intolerances. Parenting is a tough job and you find it heart-breaking when your baby cries and asks for help!

Check Price on Amazon

You can the hypoallergenic formula in ready-to-feed form. The Similac Alimentum Ready to feed formula comes at a discounted price on Amazon! However, it is more expensive than the powdered form because the powdered one comes at a larger quantity.

Words from the Wise

Was this post helpful for you? Show us some by liking it and sharing with mommies of the world. There is a lot of information regarding this topic on the World Wide Web but you will not find all this information on one single source!

Mothers keep their babies in the womb for 9 full months and only they would know the amount of blood, sweat and efforts it takes! When your baby cries, it breaks your heart and we understand your position! He/she cannot speak to you but their cries are a message for you.

It is advisable for you to give Nutramigen and Alimentum formulas to your child. Reflux, colic, cow’s milk allergy, and lactose intolerance are not pleasant for your baby!

If you wish to fix this problem, buy the best hypoallergenic formula and notice the difference within 48 hours. Yes, it burns a slight hole in your pocket but you must be ready for the expenses because nurturing a baby is not an easy task!

We are sure that you are an excellent parent and you will handle this situation flawlessly! Make sure you provide the best care for your baby. After all, they are our little world, aren’t they?

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