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Rock n Play vs Bouncer: What’s the Difference?

With appearing a baby, the life of parents is cardinally changing. First, they think about the baby’s needs, wishes, and problems. However, every mother and father do not want to forget about herself and himself as well. So, there are many things that can help parents to have time for everyday routines without any losses. There are rock and play and bouncer among them.

What is the difference between a rock n play and a bouncer? The rock n play rocks back and forth like a cradle. It can also play music. The bouncer just moves up and down. They both can have some extra functions such as toys and melodies.

You know the main difference now, but there are still many questions in your mind. These two attributes for babies look attractive and you want to discover other features of them. Here you will find the necessary information. Just go on reading.

Are bouncers safe?

Every parent worries about the safety of his baby. So, before buying a bouncer, it is better to know if it is safe or not. Bouncers are absolutely safe for babies. Nevertheless, you should not put them on a raised surface, because it can fall down or flop over.

Is it safe for a baby to sleep in a bouncer?

The best way to use a bouncer is when your baby is awakened and wants to play. If your baby falls asleep, it is better to put it into a crib or a bed. They are the safest places for sleeping as they are fixed and cannot fall. But you can use a bouncer for a short nap. Also Read about: How Long Can Baby Sleep in a Rock ‘n Play

Can a bouncer be used for feeding?

A bouncer is a good place for feeding your baby. It is comfortable for both parents and a baby. In addition, this place is known and secure for a baby, so he or she will enjoy eating food in it.

What age can a baby use a bouncer?

It is officially recommended to use this attribute from 6 to 12 months. However, many parents begin to put their babies earlier, from 4 months. It depends on your baby. If he or she can hold a head up, then you can use it. But it is better not to be in a hurry because you can do harm to your baby.

Are they good for a newborn?

You can find information that bouncers can be used for babies up to 11 kg and 18 months. What about newborns? You can use a bouncer for your newborn, but only for a short period.

Bouncers are perfect for babies at the age of 3-6 months. It will be not interesting for older babies to sit in a bouncer because they want to move and discover the world all the time.

How long can a baby stay in a bouncer?

Although bouncers are attractive and absolutely safe for your baby, you do not need to use it for a long time. The best time being in a bouncer is about 45 minutes. Then it is a good idea to change the place and position of the baby. In such a way, you will not have any problems with the baby’s health.

What is better a bouncer or an electric swing?

Nowadays, bouncers and electric swings are very popular. They help parents to leave their children in a safe place and do some other things. But what is better? Both bouncers and swings imitate rocking movements that comfort babies and make them happy.

In comparison with swings, bouncers have more natural and soft rocking. It has a more relaxing effect than a swing does. Besides, bouncers are lighter and more convenient. You can take them everywhere and move them from one location to another.

What Bouncer to buy?

There are many shops and online stores, where you can find wonderful bouncers for your baby. But the most popular and reliable place is Amazon. There is a big choice of different bouncers and rockers of various designs, brands, and colors. You will meet Fisher-Price Bouncers.

One more bouncer of this brand is Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy (Link to Amazon). It consists of a deep and plush seat that will be very comfortable for your baby. Babybjorn bouncers are also in the top of good baby’s attributes. Their design is more extraordinary.

You can choose a BabyBjorn Bouncer Balance Soft (Link to Amazon). It is perfect for fussy babies because it can quickly soothe him or her. One more excellent brand on Amazon is Disney Baby Bouncers. It will gladden you and your baby with various cartoon episodes.

Disney Baby Winnie The Pooh Bouncer (Link to Amazon)is one of them. It has 7 melodies and 3 playtime toys. You can also try Bright Starts Playful Pinwheels Bouncer (Link to Amazon). This type of bouncer includes a battery and has a relaxing effect.

How to Choose the Right Bouncer

When it comes to choosing a bouncer, a lot of parents are confused and in doubts about what bouncer will be perfect for their child. Here are some tips that will help you to choose a great bouncer.

Many bouncers have a weight up till 7-11 kg. But do not forget that your baby is growing all the time and can move by himself or herself a lot. So, it is better to stop using a bouncer to avoid pulling up and falling off your babies. Otherwise, you can buy a bouncer with an extra function of a chair for toddlers to the age of 2. Then you can use such a product longer.

When choosing a bouncer, pay your attention to a reclined position for the smallest babies and an upright position for older kids. Some bouncers offer even three positions, so you can use it for different ages.

Be aware that there are natural bouncers and electric swings. It is a good idea to have a natural one. Then you or your baby can make the bouncer rock with your own movements. This effect will be not only natural but relaxing and soothing.

Electric swings can include many settings, and you can choose the best movements for your baby. But if you select a wrong setting, then your baby will be unhappy, and it will be not comfortable to be in the swing.

Be sure that a bouncer is comfortable for your little one. A seating place should be soft enough. You need also to check possible hard edges or unfixed back position. The fabric should be soft, solid and not harmful for your baby’s skin. Everything must be fixed to avoid falling and flopping over.

One more important detail is a sling. It should strap a baby to be safe and sound. Check the firmness of the sling, because you need to use it all the time, even if you are close to your baby.

Make sure that the base of the bouncer is in good condition. It is good that the base is stable and wide enough. Then you will have no risks that some movements tip it over.

And the last but not less significant thing. You need to check if the product certified and tested. These facts guarantee safety standards and reliability of it. As well, pay your attention to the producer. In case of some problems, you know where to address and ask for help.

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Related questions

Does a bouncer develop a baby?

The seat of a bouncer is located low to the ground. In such a way, the legs of your baby become stronger and stronger. As well a bouncer stretches baby’s legs to be ready for crawling and walking.

One more advantage of a bouncer is that it gives a sense of balance. This is very important for further development of your baby.

Is vibration good for babies?

Everybody knows that the bouncer vibrates to make movements. Is it not harmful to a baby? It depends on how to use a bouncer. Of course, vibrations can lead to tipping over, causing some injuries to your child. If you always put a bouncer on a flat surface, not on a bed, table or chair, then these vibrations are safe for kids.

Is a jumper better than a bouncer?

You cannot say that a jumper or a bouncer is better because they are absolutely different and have not the same functions. A bouncer is made for just little babies.

It is a kind of chair that can comfort a baby thanks to soothing vibrations and movements. A jumper is for older children and created more for development.

Thanks to the jumper, a baby can balance and put his or her weight on the legs. It is necessary to use these two attributes according to the proper age of a baby. If you use them too early, they can do harm to your baby’s health.

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