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Similac Sensitive Vs Enfamil Gentlease: Showdown

One of the reasons you would consider reading this article is to know which of these products is the best for your child or it could be because your child is suffering from a case of lactose/protein intolerance or you are just tired of breastfeeding.

Picking the suitable formula for your child is a tricky one. The reason for me saying that is because of the uncertainty behind which formula is best and what your infant sensitive to.

Mothers/guardians should take this aspect really serious because lack of care can affect your child’s growth and development. Although formulas are not natural, they are really effective.

If you are a mother and you have problems lactating or you don’t want to feed your baby with your breast. Then both similar sensitive and Enfamil gentlease are perfect for you. It is your choice to make.

if your child is lactose intolerant/protein, any intake of milk with lactose will cause your infant to gas up which will then lead to fuzziness.  

And if you wish to stop your child from feeling fussy, read this article to the end. I will be providing you with relevant information about these products, it will also include some important ingredients you should take notice of.

Similac Sensitive Vs Enfamil Gentlease

Both of the Similac sensitive and Enfamil gentlease have the ingredients necessary ingredients for reducing the effect of gas build up and fuzziness due to lactose/protein intolerance. But the difference to preference between this product is the response of a child to the any of the formulas is different from the other.

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The child at the end of the day will determine the formula suitable for him.

Before we compare these products let talk a bit about each of them. So you can get a good overview of each of them.

The sensitive similac is one of the perfect infant formula but it is not the only of its kind. on the market. We also have the:

Setting aside the list of nutrients, both Enfamil and similac do share a common goal.

Goal – their aim is to bring up innovative ideas that will give your lactose intolerant baby more important vitamins, mineral, and nutrients.

The current formulas are able to perform effectively. Mainly due to the presence of essential ingredients like DHA and the idea of replicating breast milk. Yes, breast milk.

Both of these companies have given the advice of using their recipe within the first year since your baby was born. To ensure perfect health with regular vitamins, nutrients, and minerals.

Similac sensitive

With so many infant formulas available on the market. It is quite tasking and yet confusing when you are searching for the best formula for your child. The similac sensitive. It was developed by Alfred Bosworthy. Its first release into the market happened in 1920. Right now they are distributed to 96 countries. This shows that it is trusted.

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What are the qualities of similac sensitive alone?

As said earlier, they are made to ease the pain of a lactose intolerant infants. Kids are quite sensitive, especially to what they eat or drink. Similac made its formula with these facts in mind. They put a lot of work into the sensitivity of the formula while working on the nutrients essential to your infant.

Features of similac sensitive formulas

They are as follows:

Its nearness to breast milk – similac boasts of its premise that their formula is near to the breast milk of a woman. This nearness is possible with the presence of “OptiGro” in their formula. OptiGRO is a special blend of important of essential vitamins and nutrients suitable for your infant.

Such essentials include DHA, vitamin E and, lutein. These are all found in breast milk. Another plus is, the blend helps to improve your child’s brain and eyesight development.

Gentile to the stomach – similac sensitive formulas has milk protein instead of milk. The reason for this is to remove the lactose present in the milk. Thereby making the Similac sensitive formula to be easy on the lactose intolerant infant’s stomach.

Forms of formula – similac offer you a variety of their formula. Either in powder form or liquid. It’s up to you. Obviously, the powdered form of this formula will have to mix with water before feeding. The ready to feed liquid will not need such, it is convenient, just too expensive. Personally, I would rather mix the formula with water.

Similac sensitive provides you with different sizes of their products for sale. The small size is available but it is advisable to purchase a large set of products.

Another great feature is the ease of use. similac sensitive provides you directions and information of the formula so you can both know what to do and what is in the formula in order to feed your infant the best way possible.

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Here are some relevant ingredients: corn syrup, milk protein isolate, soil oil,  coconut oil,k salt flower oil, milk protein isolate. and galactooligosaccharides. These ingredients are sure to nourish and develop the growth of your child.

While comparing Enfamil gentlease and similac sensitive in gradient list, you will discover that similac’s standards for their formula are mostly non-fat, milk and lactose.

A bit about the ingredients

Lactose – this is natural sugar that is normally found in milk.

Corn syrup – this ingredient is used to replace the lactose that had to be excluded from the milk. Corn syrup is 100% glucose, which is the perfect source of energy for the infants’ body. This is one of the key ingredients to make similac sensitive milk in order to achieve breast like milk.

Milk protein isolate – it is just milk without the natural sugar.

Please note that, all infants are might react differently to similac sensitive formula.

Now that we are done with the first product. Let’s talk about the competitor.

Enfamil gentlease

This is the formula designed to ease the pain of your infant who happens to be protein intolerant by decreasing the gas in his/her tummy. It really helps to keep your child sleeping soundly all night.

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It works within the time of 24hrs after feeding the baby the formula. Protein is present in the formula to enable easy digestion the infant. Enfamil gentlease is available in both powder form and ready to feed liquid.

Features of Enfamil gentlease

For achieving the aim of being a gentler formula to the infant’s tummy. The Enfamil gentlease replaced the milk with a partially hydrolyzed milk (the milk has gone through the hydrolysis process). The process has broken the protein and lactose into smaller pieces, in order to make digestion easy for the infant.


This includes vegetable oil, low-fat milk, corn syrup, and whey protein. Al these ingredients

Enfamil gentlease is a blend of DHA, fatty acids, non-fat milk, and whey protein. Vegetable oil is used as a source of fat and the lactose is used as a source of carbohydrate.

The level of vitamin D in the Enfamil is quite higher than what you would probably find in common infant formula. This vitamin will improve the bones of your child and increase he/she’s calcium and phosphorus input.

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Both similac sensitive and Enfamil gentlease provide you with formulas that treat stomach pains caused by excessive gases in the digestive system. The difference between these formulas is the type of intolerance they can respond to.

It is known that Enfamil gentlease uses hydrolyzed milk to break down protein in the infant’s system into smaller digestive parts. While, similac sensitive makes use of milk protein isolate to lessen fussiness caused by lactose intolerance, experienced by the infant.

Before making a decision on which one to choose, you must first understand the kind of intolerance your infant has. If you can’t tell by yourself, then you should seek the expertise of your child’s pediatrician for information. While you are unaware of the formula, you should use hypoallergenic formulas.


With the information above, I recommend the similac sensitive only for infants that suffer from lactose intolerance and the Enfamil gentlease for infants suffering from protein intolerance other products you can get buy these two are the best formula companies you can come across with. They existed for years, it is obvious they they are doing and how to do it.

As time goes on, both companies have been coming up with ways to make perfect the formulas to enable good health, brain developments and happiness of the baby.

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