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Similac VS Gerber: All You Need to Know!

When you are choosing the best formula for your little one, you might get confused and even overwhelmed fast. The market offers so many options that it seems hard to choose.

There are formulas of all kinds and for all tastes. Plus, you will have to consider the medical needs of your child when you pick the best formula for them. 

Two of the most appreciated formulas that you will find on the market are Similac and Gerber.

Even if opinions are split when it comes to which baby formula is best, these two brand names manage to remain on top of the preferences.

In this article, we will discuss why Gerber and Similar are so popular and which one should you opt for your baby!

Is Gerber Baby Formula as Good as Similac?

Generally speaking, both Gerber and Similac are top quality baby formulas that you can rely on. In order to understand how these formulas work, we will have to address each one of them. 

Why is Similac formula a good choice?

Similac is recommended by doctors as well as lactation consultants. It is used to feed babies that are not breastfed from the first day they are born.

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The brand uses high-quality ingredients that support the baby’s development.

Similac recipe for all their formulas helps eye and brain development, immune system growth as well as bone strength in babies for the first months of their life. 

Among the long list of vitamins and minerals in Similac formulas, you will find DHA and Luthien.

These two ingredients are also present in breast milk. Plus, you can find Similac formulas for all kinds of babies with different needs. They have organic formulas, sensitive formulas as well as lactose intolerant formulas. 

An important downfall of Similac is that they don’t offer so many soy-based formulas.

There is one version though that contains soy if your baby doesn’t like the taste of it or refuses to drink it, you will have to switch to another brand.

Their formulas meant for babies that have a sensitivity to lactose still contain milk protein only that the lactose comes in a much smaller quantity. So, sensitive to lactose baby will not be affected by such a formula. 

You can find Similac for premature babies as well, which is a great advantage. These babies need special support and Similac understands that fully. 

Why is Gerber Formula a Good Choice?

Gerber baby formula is just as good as Similac, with slight differences worth to consider. Check Gerber formula on Amazon.

The ingredients are similar in terms of vitamins and minerals. However, Gerber has more formula options that contain both DHA and ARA which support brain and eye development.

You can find these two ingredients on the Gerber Good Start Protect line. This line also contains the probiotic Bifidul BL which is important for the development of the immune system. 

Some formulas from the range of Good Start Gentle also offer DHA and ARA but they contain extra prebiotics.

Prebiotics support a healthy digestive system and are essential for sensitive babies. It is important to mention that Gerber uses hydrolyzed whey protein which supports the digestive system. 

Gerber formulas come in more soy-based options which is definitely a plus. They also offer special formulas for premature babies to help them catch up on their development and stay healthy. 

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Which One Should You Choose?

The criteria of choosing your baby’s formula should include different factors. Let’s go through all of them to help you pick up the best formula!

Your baby’s needs

Is your little one lactose intolerant? Or even more serious, are they allergic to lactose or cow milk protein?

These are important questions you need to find answers to before choosing their formula. Luckily, both Gerber and Similac have options for such special needs and sensitivity. 

However, if you need a vegan formula that is soy-based, you will most likely have more options within Gerber brand. Almost all their formulas have a soy-based version so you can choose the one that will be best for your baby. 

Hypoallergenic formula

If your baby is a preemie or if they have unidentified sensitivities yet, you might want to choose a hypoallergenic formula. Both Similac and Gerber offer such options. Gere again, Gerber offers a hypoallergenic formula that is enriched with Iron while Similac has a version with vitamin E. Both of them contain DHA and protein. 

Gassy babies

Even if both formula brands offer options for gassy babies or those who have colic episodes, Gerber seems to be more efficient. The reason for that is that Gerber contains completely whey protein that is partially hydrolyzed. The brand considers these protein to be “comfort” protein as they are easier to digest for babies. Thanks to these protein, your baby will digest the formula in a similar way to digesting breast milk. 

What your baby likes

Not all babies are the same. They tend to have different preferences and tastes. Even if the formula you choose for them has all the nutrients they need, they might not like it. In this case, you will have to try several formulas before you find the one that your baby likes as well.  

  Gerber  Similac
Nutrients Minerals, vitamins, whey protein, DHA, ARA Vitamins, minerals, DHA, ARA, protein
Options for sensitive babies yes yes
Vegan formulas  Several soy-based formulas One soy-based formula
NON-GMO ingredients yes yes
Price Gerber formulas tend to be slightly pricier than Similac formulas

Switching From Similac Pro Advance to Gerber Gentle

If your baby is used to the Similac pro advance formula but you want to switch to Gerber gentle, you shouldn’t have any problems doing so. Both formulas are similar in ingredients and taste. 

They support baby’s development such as their brain and eyes development but also their immune system. However, with Gerber gentle you get the “comfort” protein that are easier to digest by sensitive babies. 

Here is how to switch from Similac pro advance to gerber gentle with no hassle:

  • Start by mixing one measure of the Gerber formula with the Similac formula in the same bottle. This will help your baby adapt to the new taste step by step and accept it easier. You will have to increase the quantity of Gerber formula as you decrease the quantity of Similac formula in the same bottle gradually. Your goal is to get to a bottle that is made of 100% Gerber formula within one week.
  • If your baby refuses the new formula, you can try to delay the feeding time. Sometimes, getting them a little more hungry will facilitate this process. You will not have to do this every time you need to feed them. But you will have to do this trick until your baby doesn’t refuse the bottle anymore.

What Gerber Formula is Similar to Similac Pro Advance?

When it comes to the best equivalent for Similac pro advance, Gerber Good Start Gentle is the best option. Let’s see why these two formulas are so similar and you can count on both of them for your little one!

They both contain ingredients that are NON-GMO. As for vitamins, minerals and DHA, as well as protein, you can find them in both formulas as well.

Simlac is rich in DHA, Lutein and vitamin E but also HMO which is similar to breast milk. At the same time, Gerber contains HMO as well as vitamin E but it contains comfort protein for more digestive support. 

Both formulas help babies digest better and stay away from gas.

They are made especially for sensitive babies who wake up during the night and have fussy episodes. If your baby has such a digestive sensitivity, both Gerber Good Start Gentle and Similac pro advance are great options. 

The price is similar for both these formulas too.

You should find them everywhere on the market even if Gerber might be a bit more challenging to find in certain stores. Thanks to the “comfort” protein found in Gerber formulas, this brand might be a better choice for babies with severe digestive sensitivity.

But the ultimate word should be of your doctor. Your pediatrician will help you choose which one from these two formulas is best for your baby. However, ultimately, you will not fail with either of them as they are very similar and efficient.


It might be challenging to decide which Similac or Gerber formula is best for your little one. But with the information in this guide you will find all the information you need to choose right.

Bottom line is that the differences between these two brands are very small and none of them puts your baby to any risk. Ultimately, what your baby prefers is also important. Not all babies will like both of these brands so you might have to experiment with them before you discover what your little one likes. 

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