A big welcome to all The Little Style File readers. We are very excited to announce that we, at Mummy’s Busy World, have acquired The Little Style File

Are you a new parent or a caregiver in search of a reliable information bank for different resources on parenting? You may have just landed at the right place. We, at Mummy’s Busy World, are here to help parents and caregivers alike. We share everything there is to know about parenting and caring for your little one. 

We’ve put together and continue to set up comprehensive, expert-backed guides on all baby-related resources, whether you want to learn more about pregnancy, baby proofing, or baby gear. Currently, at Mummy’s Busy World, we’ve dedicated our time to exploring and sharing gems in areas such as pregnancy, baby proofing, first years, breastfeeding, baby sleep, and baby gear. 

But, this is not the end of it. As an all-around, comprehensive all stop station for everything baby and parenting, we are continuing to grow daily and sharing our expertise to help you navigate parenthood and caregiving much more effortlessly and more pleasantly. 

So, put down those thick, unrealistic parenting books and let us take you on a whirlwind, knowledge-packed journey on how to make your parenting and caregiving experience smoother. Join a community of similar folks who just want to make their baby-rearing experience pleasant for them and their little ones.

What is Mummy’s Busy World?

Mummy’s Busy World is a rich library of baby-related content and resources that cover everything you need to know about baby rearing. The resource library covers key stages from pregnancy all the way through your child’s toddler years. 

Mummy’s Busy World’s versatile design allows you to access various types of information about babies and parenting. You can find everything from comfortable clothing for pregnant women to ideal blankets for newborns or the best baby beds.

My name is Monica and I’m a single mother raising two beautiful angels. I launched Mummy’s busy World to help fellow mothers, particularly busy, multitasking mothers, to make their lives a lot easier. However, this rich library is also useful to other parents and caregivers. 

With this abundantly rich resource library, we aim to be a trusted source and community of information about babies and parenting. So, we’ve loaded the site with a wide range of useful reviews, guides, practical tips, and advice from testing for pregnancy to identifying the right undergarments for a growing baby

Mummy’s Busy World hopes to help parents find happiness, joy, and excitement in raising their children and kick off exhaustion or lack of knowledge. Further, we provide the best information and knowledge to parents and caregivers to help them bring up the next generation of happy, kind, and confident individuals. 

On Mummy’s Busy World, you will find information divided into categories. These include pregnancy, baby proofing, first year, baby sleep, and baby gear, to name a few. After all, the purpose is to ensure you find the information you are looking for and to make the process as easy as possible.

Your One-Stop Resource Spot For Everything Baby

Mummy’s Busy World makes it easier for parents and caregivers to find everything they want to learn about babies. The site packs a rich arsenal of informational pieces, guides, tips, hacks, and advice for navigating baby-related issues. 

To easily pinpoint what you are looking for, the site is divided into several key sections. The Mummy’s Busy World site’s focus on everything baby is reflected in how we have arranged and included the key sections. 

Instead of generalizing different areas of the topic, we’ve given each area a separate section. This allows us to share with readers sufficient information about the section. For example, you will find dedicated sections on areas such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, and baby sleep, to mention a few.


The site’s first section is the Pregnancy section, an intuitive symbolism to the start of a baby’s life. This setup also reflects the site’s resource rich design. So, an expectant mother can use the resources on this site throughout her journey, from conception to when their child reaches toddler/school age. 

The pregnancy section offers invaluable information for expectant mothers and even those who anticipate getting pregnant. This unique section covers everything from basic information to resources you didn’t know you needed. It offers information on the basics, such as determining the gender of your child and even what to eat/drink during this period. 

You will also find information on the dos and don’ts during pregnancy. As a bonus, we also offer useful resources on how to prepare for your baby’s coming, including prepping for clothes and other key resources.

Baby Proofing

This section focuses on baby proofing as you transition to a new member of your family and household. This section covers in-depth resources on how to keep your baby safe. The section covers every bit of information, from simple tips like baby-proofing doors to more complex tips for keeping your child safe.

First Year

The first year section takes a more comprehensive look into the everyday needs of children. The section covers everything from choosing names for girls and boys to different milestones, changes, and mannerisms. It even covers what many parents and caregivers dread, such as baby syndrome. 

Yet, these resources come in pretty handy in helping you identify problems quickly and even how to prevent some problems. These include maintaining proper hygiene to mitigate possible infections and other [possible preventable issues. 

During the first years of your baby’s life, you should expect to experience multiple changes in a short time and be met with unexpected demands. Whether it’s identifying what their behaviors represent or choosing the right tools for your child, this section covers it all. 

You will find the guides on picking the simplest items like diapers, burp clothes, and even baby formula to larger tools, such as bassinets. But, it’s not all serious stuff. Amongst the most exciting parts of picking items for your child is choosing their entertainment. 

When it comes to this stage, you will have a blast! Whether you are picking a bouncer, swing, or soothing pacifier for your child, this Mummy’s Busy World section has you covered.  In this section, well wishers can also find guides on gifts to get new parents, such as diapers, and even tips on how to choose these gifts.


Breastfeeding has been given a dedicated section to make it much easier for a breastfeeding mother to get access to relevant information. This section covers everything from items you need for successful breastfeeding to the dos and don’ts of breastfeeding. 

The section also covers alternatives for women who struggle with breastfeeding to help them find a healthier and nurturing alternative for their youngins. Unbeknownst to many people’s beliefs, being unable to breastfeed your child doesn’t make one an irresponsible mother. 

There are a plethora of health and psychological reasons why one may struggle to breastfeed – so, at Mummy’s Busy World, we share a selection of tips, hacks, and advice on how to navigate this hurdle.

Baby Sleep

Sleep time is amongst the most important parts of your baby’s everyday life. Therefore, it is only practical to dedicate a section to this area to sufficiently cover it. The section covers everything from equipment such as bay beds, cribs, blankets, and appliances like humidifiers for sleep comfort. 

Further, the section covers other essential information on baby sleep to help you understand mannerisms, behaviors, and even caring practices. For example, it’s essential to know how long your baby should wear the same diaper at night or why they sleep in a particular position. As baby experts, these are questions we can flawlessly address so you have a better understanding of babies when caring for yours.  

Baby Gear

Baby Gear is another interesting section for parents and caregivers. After all, this section perhaps covers a wide range of information for your baby’s everyday activities. This section doesn’t only recommend the best equipment, like the best diapers, diaper brands, baby swaddles, baby beds, and baby cribs, to name a few. 

It also serves as a buyer’s guide on what to look for when choosing tools for your child. For example, you will learn how to use wipes or baby oil, how often you should switch baby diaper sizes, how you choose diaper brands, and even, how many pacifiers your child needs. 

The section also offers detailed guides for parents and caregivers such as guides on baby clothing sizes. In fact, the section takes a deep dive into this area to ensure you get it right. New parents always struggle with various new things that come with a baby. 

Funny enough, cloth sizing is among the significant issues. So, getting your hands on resources dedicated to addressing this particular area is a lifesaver. You will learn everything from the difference in sizing labels such as months and T, what big sizes after 5T look like, and many more. 

Other useful guides you will find include the right sizing for additional clothing such as blankets, how to fit shoes for your toddlers, and even the number of baby items you may need, such as blanketssheets, washcloths, and onesies, to name a few.


If you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for in any of the particular sections, you can always head to our all-inclusive, comprehensive FAQ section. In this area, we take a more interdisciplinary approach to baby-related information. This is where you come if you don’t have information on a topic you need. 

Whether you want to understand the difference between the baby formula of the same brand or compare your child’s favorite fruit drink, this section comes to the rescue.  You will even find more information on your growing child, for example, when it’s time to decide if your child should go to daycare or preschool.

Keeps Growing

No doubt, Mummy’s Busy World offers a sufficient arsenal of resource-rich informational articles, guides, reviews, tips, hacks, and advice. Nonetheless, the site is still growing each day with more experts worthy resources being added every day. So, no matter the baby or parenting-related question or issue you’ll have, you can rest assured that we’ll always have you covered. 

Mummy’s Busy World Summary

Mummy’s Busy World is undoubtedly the Mecca of everything baby and parenting related. While the site is originally designed to help busy single mothers find it easier to navigate parenthood, its resources extend to help all parents and caregivers. 

No matter the queries you may have regarding this topic, our resource-rich library is always there to save the day. The main purpose is to ensure parents have a smoother, happier, and more fulfilling journey of raising their babies while ensuring their babies also become happy, kind, and confident future generations. 

Whether you are searching for solutions as simple as the best brand for diapers or more complex issues like what to avoid during pregnancy, Mummy’s Busy World is the ultimate destination.