UPPAbaby Cruz vs Vista: Which is Better?


If you are going to give birth to your little kid very soon, then it is time to think of a good pram for your baby. I understand that you are a little bit superstitious and do not want to buy things for a baby in advance.

However, here is another situation concerning a stroller. It is not easy to choose the right one for your baby. It takes some time and effort, so it is not a great idea to leave this purchase after birth.

Then you will have many other problems to solve and will have not so much time for it. If you choose and buy a stroller right now, it will simplify your life. And after appearing of your little baby, you will devote all your time to her or him. It is the most important thing.

Well, now it is time to understand how to choose a good stroller that will suit your baby and will be qualitative. It is not an easy question, because there is a big variety of strollers nowadays.

You can see classic prams, umbrella-strollers, strollers 3 in 1 and others. Every pram is beautiful and has many accessories. But do not buy the first available.

UPPAbaby Cruz vs Vista

Cruz Stroller

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This is a new model that has excellent features and functions. The frame of this stroller is narrow that allows you to maneuver through all doorways and city sidewalks with any difficulties.

The seat here is multifunctional. It can be a full-size front and rare facing. Besides, there is a one-handed and multi-position reclining. The stroller also consists of an adjustable canopy that has a viewing window and a comfortable basket that holds up to 25 lbs.

The material is aluminum with magnesium for lightweight and durable usage. You have an opportunity to fold the stroller without any effort doesn’t matter with or without seat attached.

The stroller includes a toddler seat, rain, and bug shields. You will find here an infant car seat with a direct attachment. The fabric is strong enough with full-grain leather detailed on the handle and bumpers. One more function is UPF 50 + sunshade.

Vista Stroller

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The Vista Stroller is a great model for a big family with several children because it has multiple configurations. With the Vista Stroller you can transport up to 3 children.

The stroller is very stylish with luxurious fabrics and full-grain leather details. This stroller has a longer mattress that provides your baby with more comfort. It also contains a toddler seat, rain and bug shields and an infant car seat with direct attachment.

You will find a mattress pad with ventilation function for more breathability. There is also a boot cover that can be easily removed and used for machine washing. A toddler seat can be full-size front and rear-facing.

The Vista Stroller has a one-handed and multi-position reclining. One more thing is an adjustable canopy with a viewing window. Bumpers are with full-grain cover that makes them more solid and durable.

The handle of this stroller is convenient and adjustable to any person. The stroller also has both front and rear suspension that gives a smooth ride. The basket down is huge that holds up to 30 lbs.

The material of the stroller is firm, combining aluminum with magnesium, which provides a light performance. You can easily fold a stroller with or without seat attached. Besides, Vista has UPF 50 + sunshade that will be helpful on hot and sunny days.

What’s the Difference Between the UPPAbaby Cruz and Vista?

Now, you have learned all characteristics of these two strollers, and it seems that they are similar and equally perfect. Nevertheless, they have some differences that can be critical during your purchase. Let us discover them.


Both Vista and Cruz Strollers are compact and light, so you can easily use them in the city and through narrow doorways. But the Vista Stroller is more functional.

It has multiple configurations that allow you to transport up to 3 children. You can also use this pram longer than Cruz Stroller because it has a bassinet, which you can change with a toddler seat for walking.

The Cruz Stroller has only a toddler seat. You have no opportunity to use this pram for very little babies who cannot seat. However, both strollers have an infant car seat with direct attachment. It is great news for those who have a car. Concerning the style, two variants are fashionable and have full-grain leather details.


Both kinds are compact and easy to use everywhere. Such size enables you to take strollers to the city, on the plane, and in the car.

Only if you use a bassinet in the Vista stroller, it will be more problematic to use it wherever you want, because it is bigger and heavier. The size of a bassinet is 30.25 ” L X 16.6″ W X 24.75″ H. A toddler seat of both strollers can be full-size front and rear-facing.

Wheels. The wheels of both strollers are small, so it is easy to maneuver with them and use even through narrow doorways and in the city. But there can be some problems with using such wheels during winter time, especially if you live outside the city.

Carriage frame

The material of the Cruz and Vista Strollers is the same: aluminum with magnesium. It provides a light and easy performance. Besides, you can carefully fold and unfold both strollers with one hand even with a seat attached. Such functions of strollers give you an opportunity to be mobile.


Bumpers of two variants are with full-grain leather details, so they are more solid and will function longer.

Slow-downing function

Only the Vista Stroller has the front and rear suspension that gives a smooth ride.

So, if you plan to travel off smooth surfaces or walk on really bumpy sidewalks, it is better to consider the Vista variant with suspension. The Cruz Stroller is ok but will not give such a smooth effect for example outside the city.

Handle. The Cruz and the Vista Strollers have an adjustable handle, so you can fix it to your height. The handle is with full-grain leather, so it will be durable.


Both strollers have many accessorizes that have different goals and will be in handy. Two kinds of strollers have an infant car seat, so you can travel with your baby in the car.

You will also find rain and bug shields in both Vista and Cruz Strollers for a toddler seat. However, you need to buy a bassinet rain cover for a Vista bassinet separately.

It is good that two strollers include an adjustable canopy with a viewing window, so parents will not worry about what their child is doing while sitting in the stroller. On a sunny day, you can use one more function: UPF 50 + sunshade.

It is also available in both strollers. Either Vista or Cruz has a basket down which you can use for storing baby’s clothes, toys or some products.

The difference is that the Cruz basket can hold up to 25 lbs, and the Vista one up to 30 lbs. So, with Vista basket you can take a little bit more things. The Vista Stroller also has other accessories that you do not find in the Cruz Stroller.

Vista Stroller has a mattress for a bassinet and a mattress pad with a ventilation function for a toddler seat. In addition, a toddler seat has a boot cover that you can easily remove and wash in the washing machine.

This boot cover in the Vista stroller is helpful on a cold winter day. As you can see, Vista Stroller has more advantages here.

baby stroller

Any given stroller does not have a travel bag that can be convenient for carrying some food and things for a baby. If you need this accessory, you should buy it separately.

In general, the Vista and Cruz Strollers are perfect for walking and travelling with your child. They have all functions that are necessary for a light performance and comfort for you and your baby.

The Vista Stroller just has more functions and accessories.

So, you need to define the goal of the using of the stroller and consider all pros and cons. And remember, a stroller is the first transport for your baby that you will use for some period.

You need to count the age and the weight of your baby, the place where you are going to use the stroller and the functions that will be useful during walking or traveling.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Pram

First, you need to know your demands, preferences, and goals about a pram. So, there are some criteria that help you to choose the best pram for your kid.


The choice of a pram design depends on your lifestyle and family situation. If you travel a lot, then it is better to choose a mobile one for easy movement.

If you live in a private house and the goal of a pram is for sleeping outside, then a classic baby carriage is a perfect variant for you. If you want to save your money and time, then you can select a pram-transformer.


Size also depends mostly on your lifestyle. If you have a big house and enough place, then size does not matter for you. But if you live in a little flat and have a lift in your building, you need to be sure that the size of a pram will be suitable for a doorway and a lift.

Parents who have a car also should pay attention to the size. It will be sad if your pram will not fit a trunk. Proper size is important regarding a bassinet.

You need to count times of the birth of your baby and periods that you want to use it. For example, if you have a spring baby, then a small bassinet in a pram will be enough only for half a year. Then during winter time you will wear your baby warmer and a bassinet can be tight.


Wheels define mobility and capability of a baby carriage. If wheels are small, it is easy to handle a pram. However, with small wheels you can face many problems during wintertime and if roads are in bad condition.

Big wheels are more reliable especially if you live outside the town. The material of wheels is also an essential thing. Plastic wheels are not so qualitative and durable as rubber ones. As well, pay your attention to wheels locks. They are very helpful.

Carriage frame

This stuff is one of the significant once. It should be not so heavy and easy to fold and unfold.


They influence the evenness and softness of a pram. These things have a big impact on the comfort of your baby. Usually, plastic springs and joints are used. They are better.

Slow-downing function

This function is necessary to fix your pram in one position. So, before buying a baby carriage, check this function. It is very important to fix a pram, especially when your baby sleeps.


You need to consider this moment as well. There are prams with fixed handles and two-way ones. The main thing here is the capability to change the handle position. It is convenient when people in a family are of different height.


There are many accessories for a pram. They are a mosquito net, a rain shield, a sunshade, a bag, a basket for things and many others. You need to decide what you really need and buy only necessary accessorizes.

I think that every parent needs to buy a mosquito net, a rain shield, and a bag. They will be helpful. Choose other things at your pleasure.

Now, we will examine two kinds of strollers and then you will choose the best one for your baby. They are Uppababy Cruz Stroller and Uppababy Vista Stroller.

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