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What Are The 2-T And 3-T Clothing Sizes?

Managing clothes for babies never seems easy. If they are too young you might get stuck in size-related issues. If they are above a year’s age group then they’ll try to interfere with your decision. This chaos leads to a confused state while shopping and a huge ruckus as well. 

2-T refers to a kid who is two years old and 3-T refers to a kid whose age is three years. This is the literal definition of the terms 2-T and 3-T. The clothes in the size range of 2-T are best-suited for kids who weigh more than 22 pounds and are below 27 pounds. 

On the contrary, kids who are in the weight range of 28 lbs to 32 lbs belong to the 3-T group. These groups specify the type of clothing size for a two-year-old baby and a three-year-old one as well.

One thing that you might want to consider while buying clothes for your toddler is that they are designed in a way that makes your baby feel at ease. Therefore, always check the quality of the fabric before putting your baby into it. 

Babies have excruciatingly delicate skin and some fabrics might be allergic to them. Therefore, it is better to try and find whether or not the baby feels comfortable in the clothes. If he/she gets irritated easily, it is better to avoid such fabrics instantly. 

If you provide your toddler with heavily accessorized attires, within no time, they will get annoyed with their clothing and might want to throw them away.

Therefore, the clothes for toddlers are designed keeping a sturdy design in mind. Plus, you must check the room for the diaper section as well. If your baby feels good after wearing a dress over a diaper, then you should get them one.  

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Want to know more about the difference between these two clothing sizes? Here are a few answers for the same.  


What Age Is 2T And 3T? 

2-T age refers to babies who are two-year-old while, on the other hand, 3-T stands for a three-year-old kid. A two-year-old baby has certain criteria for their weight and height which makes them suitable for a 2-T clothing range. Similar is the case with a three-year-old baby. 

Thus, a baby whose age is two years has these physical attributes mostly. He/she will weigh somewhere around 22 pounds to 27 pounds.

The height range for a baby girl/baby boy who is around two years of age may be around 31 inches to 34 inches. However, there can be a slight change in these dimensions by an inch or two. 

On the contrary, a baby who is more than 24 months belongs to the group of three-year-old kids. These babies will weigh approximately more than 27 pounds and less than 33 pounds. They can have a height somewhere in the range of 34 inches to 38 inches. 

At What Age Does A Child Wear 3T?

Any child who is above 24 months can be eligible for wearing 3-T clothes. The baby boy/ baby girl can easily fit into 3-T clothing size if they have got a normal growth rate.

If your baby is growing healthily without a trace of any abnormalities then, you will notice a definite growth in their weight and height.

The reverse is also true. If due to any circumstances or bodily conditions your baby boy/baby girl can’t meet the standards of a three-year-old baby then these clothing sizes might look baggier on them. 

Is A 3-Year-Old A 3-T? Is 3T The Same As Size 3?

The answer to the first part of the question is a yes. However, the second part of the question is false. Yes, a 3-year-old is regarded as size 3-T. However, you can’t call three as 3-T. There’s a difference between the two. 

As mentioned earlier, 3-T depicts clothing size range for kids in the three-year-old range. On the contrary, the simple whole number three doesn’t signify anything.

It is because the alphabet T in the clothing size range specifies that these sizes are for toddlers and not for grown-up kids. Therefore, every clothing size range of a toddler has a T in it. 

Moreover, a T specifies that the baby’s clothes have sufficient space for the diaper region as well. It is mandatory as getting excessively tight-fitting clothes for babies might seem gruesome.

To fix this you must be aware that you are getting your toddlers the correct clothes with the correct sizing range. 

2-T Size Meaning 

Two toddler is the exact meaning of the term 2-T. The meaning is quite understandable itself. When you start making purchases in this size range you should be aware that now you’ll need more space for wrapping your baby into a diaper. 

Thus, you cannot merely get any fitting clothes. The clothes should be breathable enough for your toddler to play in and spacious enough so that they don’t create a compact environment for your baby. 

Therefore, when you make a purchase for your toddler try to observe other factors as well. You can’t simply purchase bear-shaped or other cute attires for your toddler if they don’t have these basic structural changes in them. 

Again you might get perplexed between a two and a 2-T. You might be wondering if they are any different? Well, 2-T is more to be found in the United States. However, on the other hand, a two is used to refer to the same clothing size outside the US. 

Weight Of A Baby Who Fits Into 2-T Clothing

Apparently, a baby who is more than 12 months weighs greater than 12 pounds. Therefore, a baby in the weighing range of 22 to 27 pounds is considered to be a toddler who is two years old.

The height of a 2-year-old toddler can be around 36 inches to the most. Thus, if your toddler finds himself/herself in this size and height range then, you can be assured that their physical growth is happening properly. 

Weight Of A Baby Who Wears 3-T Clothing 

Again, do not get confused between a three and a 3-T. A three refers to a clothing size greater than 3-T and for babies who are above three years of age.

Therefore, if you are looking for clothes for your toddler who has just crossed the bar of two years of age then, you should be looking for 3-T clothing sizes. 

Talking about the physical attributes of a baby girl/baby boy who is past 24 months and is now around three years of age. These babies will weigh around 34 pounds to 39 pounds.

There might be a significant increase in their size as well. Not much, but a significant change in some inches might be visible. 

Therefore, the clothes for 3-T babies are designed in a way that they fit the baby easily and feel comfier than anything else. Since three-year babies tend to walk and run quickly, they must be provided with free-flowing and soft fabric clothes for faster grip and safety. 

Which Size Of Clothing Is Better For Kids Who Are Above 24 Months?

This query might seem a bit confusing but, no, it isn’t. So if your toddler is above 24 months of age then you’ll need clothes in the clothing size range of 2-T. It is because these clothes are designed to fit babies who are somewhere above 24 months of age but below three years. 

As you start buying these kinds of clothing sizes you will witness changing patterns in the design of the dresses and changes in fabric selectivity as well.

This happens because kids above 24 months of age are capable of standing and running in all places. Therefore, they need lightweight clothes that are easy to wear and easy to clean as well. 

2T-3T Pull-ups

If you are confused between diapers and pull-up pants, then we will recommend you to pick pull-up pants equally. It is because as the kids start to grow up they need to be trained for potty and toilet use. You can’t be keeping them in diapers all the time. 

Therefore, to make your baby independent you should get them a set of few pull-up pants. Again, the issues regarding the pull-up pants size may arise. Here’s a quick guide for the same.

Different brands offer different size charts. Still, you can keep a rough idea if your baby is in the range of 22 pounds to 36 pounds, i.e., somewhere around two years of age to three years of age. Then, you should get them a size 2-T or 3-T. 

This is similar to the clothing sizes of other dresses. But, you must be aware of the fact that pull-up pants sizes may vary significantly.

Also, sometimes the toddler might not be overweight but has a height more than others. In such cases, the size ratio of the pull-up pants may vary. 

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