When do you Start Showing in Pregnancy?

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“A baby is a little bit of heaven which is sent down to earth by God.”

“The moment a child is born, a mother is born.”

How do you feel when you read these quotes? It is a heart-warming feeling. If you are reading this, you are probably expecting a baby. As a woman, you have mixed feelings. Trust us when we say this, it is a blessing to be pregnant. The days of being wild and free have come to an end because you have a new life inside your body and you need to take special care of it. It is a privilege to be a mother because not everyone gets the pleasure of having a baby!

Firstly, we would like to congratulate you because it is truly a blessing to be pregnant! However, you may be curious as well as anxious about what’s coming your way!

Most women have common queries regarding pregnancy. “When will my pregnancy start to show?” Now that is a million dollar question which needs a valid answer!

Every woman is different as they have a different body structure. The belly may start showing early or very late. It depends on the woman. However, you do want an answer to your question because you have a worrisome mind. You ask your relatives/folks and they start off with vague statements.


In a nutshell, we will cover every query that is playing in a mommy-to-be’s mind!

When do you Start showing in Pregnancy

What are you waiting for? Read on to find out more! Discover motherhood through this post.

Let’s keep it a secret (The FIRST Trimester)

For first-time moms, it becomes impossible to tell whether they are pregnant or not. If you do not tell your co-workers or family members about your pregnancy, they would never come to know! Basically you can keep a secret and let the baby bump show in few months. The first trimester is going to be easy and there will be no sign of bump. The only sign would be the smile on your face! However, do not hide it from your hubby dear because he would be overjoyed when he hears the news!

When do you Start showing in PregnancyEven though the signs are not showing that you are going to be a mommy, your body is working at top speed. Your baby would start growing in no time!

A lot is happening to your body during pregnancy! Do you wish to know? Read on!

  • Your uterus expands and turns into a size of melon in just 14 weeks.
  • Your breasts would start getting sore. Do not start worrying if your breasts get swollen! It is a part of being pregnant and everyone goes through it.
  • Women start experiencing morning sickness. It is not a pleasant feeling but it shall pass. Certain foods or pungent smells can make you feel sick and you may want to vomit. It is a common symptom!
  • Your skin would either get oily or drier.
  • The hormones inside your body are changing. They are getting prepared for breastfeeding.
  • Lethargy is one of the most common signs of early pregnancy. You may feel extremely tired all the time. Your body is getting used to being pregnant. It is a new phase! You can take short naps during the day to get energized.
  • Women may start feeling moody during this time. You would go through ten emotions all of a sudden! It is best to relax and take naps during the day. Do things that make you feel happy!

When do you start showing with your first baby?

Do note that every woman is different. Some women start showing with their first baby in just 10 weeks and some may even take 15 months to show. According to sources, women who have been pregnant before, start showing their bump earlier. For first time mothers, it will not be noticeable in the first trimester.

You must be prepared with the maternity clothing because there is no definite time that your bump may start showing. Many of the first time mothers start developing a bump in the belly when they are 12-16 weeks. As for the women, who have been pregnant before, they start showing early because their abdominal muscles and uterus are already stretched from the earlier pregnancies.

You must know that there isn’t a fixed time for showing! During early pregnancy, the uterus is like the shape of a pear. It grows bigger and turns into melon! When the pear-shaped uterus starts growing and turns into a grape-fruit, the belly starts showing. When you enter 16 weeks, the bump starts showing prominently.

Age can play an important role of how soon you are going to start showing! Sources say that older moms start showing earlier than younger mothers. Why is that so? It is because the younger mothers have stronger abdominal muscles. Genetics can also play an important role here! You can ask your relatives or even your mother as to when she started showing the first bump! You can get an idea as to when would you get yours!

Do note that weight of the mother also plays an important role here! Do you wish to know more? We shall cover that in the next section.

Do you show sooner if you are overweight?

If you are overweight, you have good chances of hiding the baby bump for longer. When a woman is thin, the bump is even more visible. If a woman is carrying a little extra weight, she may start showing her bump in her second trimester. If you have strong abdominal muscles, your bump would show later. In most cases, people would not be able to make out the difference whether you are getting fat or you are actually pregnant. This is not directed towards body shaming but people have a certain view which one cannot change.

If you are on the heavier side, the baby bump would not be as prominent as on the smaller framed women. You would definitely need to shop for some maternity clothing because the bump would start getting bigger and clothes would feel tighter.

When would you feel the joy of seeing your bump? By the time it is 17 weeks, your bump should start showing. Till then, people would notice you and they would keep it to themselves because they may assume that you are getting healthier. Is that a good thing? Take it in your stride and enjoy the feeling of being pregnant.

What if you are carrying twins?

You are carrying two little angels inside your belly and the most common thought is that you may have a bigger belly than the rest of the people. If you are carrying twins inside your body, then it is evident that you would start showing early. You should expect your bump to show in just 7 weeks.

Most women felt that it gets difficult to fit into their clothes. Having twins inside your body means bump starts growing bigger sooner! As we said that all women are different, you may not start showing till week 16!

In case you have a bigger-than-you-expected kind of belly in just few weeks, it is a sign that you may have twins inside. You are probably GOOGLING to find an answer whether you will have twins or not. We cannot give you the exact answer because the ultrasound would be the right way to diagnose! However, there are some signs and symptoms that you may be having twins!

What are the signs that you may twins?

  • Get the ultrasound done! Ultrasound confirmation would give you the good news.
  • There would be excessive morning sickness. The condition is called hyperemesis gravidarum.
  • The AFP test results would be abnormal.
  • You would gain excessive weight. Check with a doctor to confirm.
  • You would experience extreme fatigue.
  • Some women would start seeing the bump earlier than expected.

Lately a woman went to the pool in her bikini and she was 4 months pregnant. Someone noticed her and said that she has a bigger bump just for 4 months. She was pregnant with twins. However, you cannot assume that you have twins just because you have a bigger bump. The ultrasound is the only way to confirm it. In a nutshell, you need to visit the doctor and check whether you are having twins or not.

When do you start showing with second pregnancy?

You cannot compare the second pregnancy with the first one because it is a completely different position to be in! A woman, who has been pregnant before, has already given birth and her body has been through the different changes. Being pregnant the second time is a different experience for a woman. The first time you get pregnant, you get the special treatment. People treat your body like a magical vessel and you are told to rest as much as possible. Your friends and family tell you that you have a glow on your face! Ah! Those are magical times! When you are going to have your first baby, you feel like a princess.

When it is time for baby number 2, you become an experienced soldier, who has fought the battle. You have to take care of the first baby while you are taking special care of the second baby inside you! You have done that before and you are going to do it all over again!

Here are some things you need to know about your second pregnancy. The symptoms are different than the first pregnancy. We have listed them below! These will help you to understand all the good as well as not-so-good things which come with second pregnancy.

You start showing sooner!

This is not the first time for you and your uterus has stretched quite a bit. It does not shrink back to the same size after the first pregnancy. Your uterus has experienced this before and now you would start showing sooner! Do you need to worry too much about that? We do not think so!

What about your third pregnancy? Sources tell us that you would need maternity clothing a lot sooner!

Something is moving inside!

Of course it is your baby which is moving inside but this time, it will happen sooner. You may start feeling a movement inside your belly. Most women think that they have gas. The real deal is that second pregnancy means that the movement would be felt earlier. This is called the fetal movement.

You feel extremely lethargic

You already have a small child and another one is inside your body. It is not an easy task to handle a small kid and take special care of the baby inside you. It is a tough task and you need to be a fighter! You would start feeling lethargic and your energy level would be down. This happens during the second pregnancy! It is a common sign of second pregnancy. You would probably need a helper to chase the first kid and make him eat!

The Labour Gets Shorter

The first time mothers would have a tough time here! The first time mothers would be in labour for eight hours and the average pushing would be for an hour. For the second time mums, the labour would last for six hours and half hour of pushing. How does that sound? Do note that there would be strong after pains as well!

To sum it up, the answer to your query is that you would start showing baby #2 sooner than you thought! You should keep your maternity clothes ready because this time, you would start showing in just 6-7 weeks.

It is not applicable for all since there are different factors which come into play! Your weight matters and every woman have a different structure and body, you may show early or it may get late. If you are thin, it would start showing early because you have a smaller frame and it gets visible.

When do you get a belly during pregnancy?

When will my belly begin to show? When will I start looking pregnant? Well, there are women, who are too worried as to why their belly is not showing and some women wish to keep it a secret. Some women do not like flaunting the big belly and some women are waiting to show it to the world!

Some women start feeling that their clothes are getting tighter. Now do note that it may not be the bump and just the bloating during pregnancy. This happens due to the pregnancy hormones! It is normal for a pregnant mommy! Every woman and their pregnancies are different – it really depends on how many times you have been pregnant before and how much weight you are carrying.

During the first trimester, you would not be able to make out the difference whether you are really pregnant or you have gained some extra pounds. For most of the women, the belly starts showing at 18 weeks which is just four and a half months. The full protruding belly starts showing after you complete 6 months!

The second trimester is a great phase because all the morning sickness and tiredness reduces! You feel a lot better and you have more energy than before. Do not mistake your bloating to a protruding belly. During early pregnancy, you may feel that your bump has started showing and then after few days, it would vanish. You do not need to start panicking because it could just be bloating! Check with your doctor to feel at ease!

Is it normal to start showing early with the third baby?

You have done it twice before and now you must be a warrior! You have been through the pain, blood, and sweat! When you are about to have the third baby, it is evident that your baby would start showing earlier. Women have experienced their belly getting bigger at just 5 weeks! They start feeling anxious and the confidence goes down because they cannot fit into their normal clothing anymore!

Some people may notice your belly in your 11th week and they may presume that you are carrying twins. The belly would be more prominent and you would start showing early.

During your first pregnancy, you book flight tickets and cross borders to tell your family about who’s joining the clan! When it is your second baby, you post pictures on Facebook and you are happy that your baby # 1 is getting a companion soon! By the time your third baby comes, you have won two battles and you are ready for the third one. You are experienced and you do not bother about the pain!

During your first pregnancy, you buy the book, “What to expect when you’re expecting?’ and you read it all day long like a Bible. The next time, you are prepared for everything and you know how to take care! As a bigger woman, you may not show the signs of being third time pregnant but if you have a smaller frame, it may start showing early.

When do you start showing with triplets?

Looks like you are getting three little angels in your home! It would be surprising for you to know that the possibility of having triplets is there. You could have twins or you could have triplets as well. The question is – When do you start showing with triplets? If the uterus is tilted at the back then the chances are that it would start showing at about 12 weeks. If you have a retroverted uterus, it would start showing as early as 5 weeks. As we said, all women are different and there are other factors which play an important role. Some women may start showing at 8 weeks and some would start showing at 14 weeks! It depends on different factors.

What if your belly is expanding earlier than you expected?

There are many possible reasons for the same. It could be bloating during the early pregnancy. Water retention is another factor which may be the cause for expanded belly. You could be pregnant with twins! You may be having triplets. Isn’t it a fabulous feeling?

You could have a retroverted uterus. What does that mean? It basically means that your uterus is tilting more towards the back and not at the front. There are some women, who have a retroverted uterus due to which they start showing early.

If you have any concerns regarding the belly and why it is growing bigger sooner then you must get an ultrasound done. A visit to the doctor is a must! Over thinking and getting anxious could be harmful for the baby. It is best to visit the doctor and clear the air.

Your baby is on its way and you should be prepared! Being pregnant is a wonderful feeling. Do not listen to the false stories of how pregnant women have to face a lot of hardship. We are sure that your husband would take good care of you! Once your baby is out in the world and in your arms, you would feel like the luckiest woman in the world.

The first step is to shop for your maternity clothing because there is no fixed timeline. You could show early or later. It really depends on your weight, genetics, age and even the structure of your uterus. If you have any doubts and worries, you must speak to your doctor. When you are four weeks pregnant, you start suspecting that you are pregnant. As a first time mom, you would see a bump later at about 8-12 weeks. Give yourself a break and get prepared for the motherhood phase! Trust us when we say this – you would love it!


Hi there, I am Monica mother of one and this is my blog. I share some useful tips about pregnancy and specially parenting. xoxo

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