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Best Places to Get Your Baby’s Ear Pierced

Ear piercing an infant for some people is a really controversial subject, everyone with their own opinions of whether or not ear-piercing babies is a right move. But, while ear piercing may be a thing of fashion, there exist other reasons for ear piercing babies.

For a lot of parents, it can be a tough decisions as well, mainly because many cannot bear to watch their babies in pain, but oftentimes, it is a necessary procedure and they as parents will have to deal with sight.

Medically, ear piercing isn’t dangerous or harmful to any extent if done right. Most common ear piercing complications happens if the procedure wasn’t done right.

Some complications include; bleeding, infection, tearing of the earlobe etc. All these can be avoided if the process of piercing the baby is done properly. Parents who are interested in ear piercing their babies should ensure to be careful when choosing experts for the job.

What Is The Best Place To Pierce My Baby’s Ears?

Baby ear piercing, by nature of its recipients, is a very delicate process, and as such, it should be done by experts or certified pediatricians. There are quite a number of places to go for ear piercings, but below is a list of some trusted places in the United States.

CLAIRE’S: Probably the most popular ear piercing location in the United States, Claire’s is a fashion accessories store that offers baby ear piercings as well, based in the United States of America. They’ve been around for a while (since 1978), having amassed a reputation for “clinically” and perfection.

They not only offer baby ear piercing services, but you’re also provided with a take-home kit specifically equipped to care for your piercings after you get them. They have outlets all across the country, which are all staffed with expert pediatricians who are willing to give your child the best ear piercing experience.

PIERCE PAGODA: Another great piercing outlet, pierce pagoda is located at Burbank, California, United States. They offer jewelry services as well as ear piercings.

DR SHARON WOLLASTON MEDICAL EAR PIERCING: Located in Los Angeles, California. Dr Sharon is a certified, highly rated pediatrician

Is It Safe To Pierce My Baby’s Ears At Claire’s?

Baby ear piercing isn’t one of those physical health-related undertakings that one can do lightly, so much of your baby’s comfort and well-being is at stake if not properly done. That is why it is strongly advised that only the best and most reputable piercing locations are used.

For ear piercings, it doesn’t get better than Claire’s, with fully trained ear piercing specialists who are readily available to help you with the process. Claire’s also guaranteed your baby a hundred percent safety plus a take-home kit to help care for the new piercings.

If it’s also an indication of their excellence in the art, they’ve been in business for over 40 years with no known lawsuits or major bad reviews as regards baby ear piercing. Nothing screams “consistent professionalism” louder than that.

With Claire’s reputation and overall attention to customer satisfaction, you can rest assured that your baby gets the best ear piercing procedures available in the United States.

When Should I Pierce My Baby’s Ears?

Ear piercing can be done at any point in time; there is no rule that specifically states a proper time or age when ear piercings should be done. Piercing of the ears is quite harmless (when done properly) and is usually a simple process.

Often times, many parents who are enamored of the piercing idea tend to do so for their babies as early as two weeks old, although the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that ear-piercing kids should wait long enough for them to be able to care for the pierced ears.

Most children are able to hear, interpret and carry out instructions on a minimal level at the age of two. This is not to say that piercing your baby’s ears while they are still infants is a no go, there is no danger in that if the piercings are done right, but waiting till the age of two or three comes with a few benefits.

At two years old, your children not only possess the ability to follow instructions and care for the piercings, their bodies are also stronger, making them less prone to allergies that may arise as a result of the piercings.

This is also the period when some of the more popular immunization treatments are administered, further helping to dampen any side effects of ear piercing that may occur.

Parents who make the choice of an early piercing for their kids wouldn’t be making a terrible decision; the important thing is to always go for the best and the most respected piercing experts to avoid any complications afterward.

Do Pediatricians Pierce Ears?

This is a very popular question among parents; pediatricians are those health workers that are certified to specifically perform medical care on infants, children, and adolescents.

It stands to reason that pediatricians are most qualified to pierce your kid’s ears right? Well, some parents believe this is not often true as there are saloon ear-piercing experts who are oftentimes better than pediatricians.

The logic behind their argument is that most pediatricians don’t perform enough ear piercings as compared to saloon experts. Some parents have commented that they’d prefer the expertise from experience over any gained from certification.

Many other parents aren’t even aware that their pediatrician performs ear-piercing duties. A few strongly recommend pediatricians mainly because they feel you’re rest assured that whatever ear piercing tools to be used would be well sterilized, this is more superficial than concrete as often times sterilization of the equipment isn’t performed in the presence of patients.

Plus it is also expected of saloon experts to sterilize whatever equipment used. The bottom line is: pediatricians perform ear piercings and they are also certified for it.

Although it would be erroneous to conclude which is better and safer at ear-piercing your children – saloon experts or pediatricians –  the choice is left with you as parents to research good sources for ear piercing before embarking.

How Can I Prepare My Baby For Ear?

No matter how good your pediatrician or your expert is, there are some factors they may not be able to prepare for, these factors should be considered by you and necessary precautions must be taken as regards those factors.

  • Health of the child: The health of your child plays a vital role in determining whether your child is ready for the piercing. A healthy child would face a lesser risk of irritation and have a generally strong tolerance for the ear piercing process. Parents should postpone the piercing procedure of the baby is ill or just recovering from an illness.
  • Make sure your baby is well-fed: For babies, hunger isn’t a good incentive to do anything except maybe cry for food. While the piercing process may not necessarily take up much time, it is advised that babies are well fed and feel satisfied before the actual piercing begins.
  • Get toys and souvenirs: Your baby may become grouchy during the piercing process, take some toys or pacifiers along to help distract them when during piercing.
  • Clothing: After piercing, your baby’s ears may be sore, you should dress them in buttoned cloths for easy undressing. Pulling their cloths overhead may accidentally tug at the newly pierced ears.

Precautions To Take After Ear Piercing

The estimated time for the newly pierced ears to heal completely is about 5 to 7 weeks, during this time, parents should care and pay close attention to the baby.

  • While tending the pierced ears, parents should ensure to wash the hands thoroughly, preferably with antiseptics, and dry the hands of clean cloths.
  • For the duration of 7 weeks, parents should apply disinfectants at least twice daily to the site of the piercing, to help prevent the spread of bacteria.
  • Always ensure to swap the baby’s earrings from one ear to the other at least once every week, and ensure to clean the earrings with disinfectants after removing and before replacing them.
  • Avoid the use of large, heavy, or dangling earrings for the newly pierced ears, your baby’s ears are still very soft and prone to tearing. Also, ensure to always prevent your baby from tugging the ears.
  • Sanitize the environment always and keep dust away from your baby.

Related Questions

What does it cost to get an ear piercing for my baby at Claire’s? Ear piercing at Claire’s is free, although you’ll be giving a starter care kit that starts around $18 and they include piercing earrings or studs.

Does ear piercing hurt? If done right and with the right piercing tools, ear piercing can be almost painless. Discomfort is minimal and some patients claim not to have felt any real discomfort during and after piercing.

What part of my baby’s ears can I pierce? The earlobes are the most preferred piercing locations for babies as they are very soft and delicate. It is strongly advised against to pierce any other parts of your baby’s ears or body. At least, not until they are much older.

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