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  • Swaddlers vs Baby Dry

    Pampers Swaddlers vs Pampers Baby Dry

    New mums and dads get to make exciting decisions for their little ones. They discuss a whole bunch of topics before their baby is born: where will they find the best pram, the best car seat, the best walker, the best blanket, the best shoes, the best toys… All of these are very reasonable discussions […]

  • Best Baby Jumper

    8 Best Baby Jumpers and Activity Centers

    The first few months with a newborn are fairly routine.  You feed change, bathe them, and put them down for naps or the night.  Hopefully, they’ll sleep for at least a few hours. During that time, you do as much as you can. You try to catch up on the laundry, cook a few meals, […]

  • Best Mini Crib

    8 Best Mini Cribs & Mattress for 2019

    When you initially learned you were expecting your first child, regardless of whether it was a pregnancy or an adoption, your immediate thoughts were undoubtedly what you should do next. You probably jumped up and down, squealed, and/or ran around the room. Perhaps you stopped and panicked for a moment. Then, you probably jumped up […]