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Huggies Little Snugglers VS Pampers Swaddlers

Huggies and Pampers represent two of the most popular brands of diapers on the market. They’re both very similar which makes it hard for parents to decide which one to choose.

After hours of research, I have come to the conclusion that Huggies make a better choice for nighttime. Pampers, on the other hand, make the perfect choice for the daytime.

Still, I decided to review both brands in detail to help you choose the right diapers for your baby.

No matter if you’re an experienced or a first-time parent, you probably doubt your choice because what works for one baby may not work for another.

Luckily for you, I will make your purchase easier by reviewing Pampers and Huggies diapers thoroughly. Without any further ado, let’s jump into my review.

What is the Difference Between Pampers and Huggies?

Huggies and Pampers are very similar which means that either will work for your child.

However, people claim that Pampers are better due to the fewer rashes and great absorbency. Based on the customer reviews by parents, Pampers make a better choice than Huggies.

Instead of jumping into conclusions, let’s review both brands and which one has better products. Below, you will find a comparison chart that contains all the main features of both brands.

Diaper Box

My first impression of these brands appeared while I was in the market walking down the baby section. The first thing I noticed was the color of Huggies.

I also noticed the image, font, and box in Huggies. You just can’t walk down the diaper’s section without noticing Huggies. And the other features also contribute to their look.

They’re vibrant and catchy. Pampers, on the other hand, come in different boxes. They’re a lot softer. In general, they look better than Huggies because they feature soft colors and babies.

Huggies feature toddlers and babies being content and active in their diapers. That’s also a catchy design but I personally like the Pamper’s design better.

I don’t know about you but I can clearly see why parents choose Pampers over Huggies. Not that they’re better. They just look better and suitable for babies.

Huggies could use improvement in their colors and design. I suggest that they focus on softer colors, and try to make their diapers not only feel but also look comfortable.

Look and Material Quality

Now, let’s check out some of the products that both brands have to offer and review them in full detail.


Diapers Size 2 – Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Baby Diapers

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They were made of super soft material that would make you buy them immediately.

Once you feel their softness, you will not think twice about buying them for your baby and putting them on their skin. They have a high back and wide legs for extra physical coverage.

The side parts used to keep the diaper together are super stretchy but also ripped easily. They make the perfect choice for babies between 12 and 18 pounds.

They’re two times softer with up to 12 h of coverage. If you’re looking for diapers that will pull wetness and mess away, look no further than this product.

They will keep your baby comfortable and dry.

Diapers Newborn / Size 1 Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Baby Diapers

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These diapers make the number 1 choice of hospitals and parents.

They’re perfect for babies between 8 and 14 pounds. Two times softer with up to 12 h of coverage, they will also pull the mess and wetness away leaving your baby comfortable and dry.


Huggies Little Snugglers Baby Diapers, Size 1

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Although the material of Huggies is not as soft as the material of Pampers, it still feels like a high-quality material. Overall, Huggies feel sturdy and thick.

It’s like they can handle anything a child could put them through. I like how the legs and waistband make the diaper fit perfectly on the baby’s body. 

If you choose this product, you will get 1 pack of 198 sizes 1 supplies for children up to 14 pounds. What I like most about these diapers is their absorber liner.

It keeps the skin well-protected by pulling the wetness and mess away. The pocketed back waistband, on the other hand, keeps the mess and prevents blowouts.

The best feature about these diapers is the Huggies Leak Lock System.

It eliminates leaks for up to 12 h of coverage. They also feature a wetness indicator that changes color when you need to change your baby’s diaper.

If you were wondering why people cannot decide which brand to choose, I just gave you one reason that is more than enough to choose Huggies over Pampers.

Huggies Little Snugglers Baby Diapers, Size Newborn

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These diapers make the perfect choice for newborn babies up to 10 pounds.

Their absorb liner will keep your baby’s skin protected by pulling the mess and wetness away, while the pocketed back waistband, on the other hand, will keep the mess and prevent blowouts.

Little Snugglers also feature the Leak Lock System that eliminates leaks for up to 12 h of coverage.

Also, who can resist the wetness indicator that changes color to notify you when the diaper is supposed to be changed? Overall, both brands have excellent products.

Features of Other Pampers and Huggies Products

Both brands offer exceptional features such as the wetness indicators. They also provide great comfort, long-lasting coverage, and softness.

Pampers Baby-Dry and Pampers Overnights

They both provide long-lasting coverage. However, the design of these diapers is better than the design of Huggies. It will keep your precious leak-free and dry all night long.

Huggies Little Movers

One small but significant feature that these diapers have that other brands of diapers don’t deliver is the easy determination of type and size you’re using.

I know that this might sound stupid to some people. However, when you have to choose from different brands or just types of the same brands, it is useful to easily determine the size of the diaper. 

I also absolutely adore the stretchy waistband, wetness indicator, double grip strips, and contoured legs of these diapers.  If your baby is moving a lot, they make the perfect choice for you.

No matter how much your baby moves, the diaper will never dislocate thanks to the double grip strips.

Huggies OverNites

These diapers include the same features of the previous ones I just reviewed. However, they have extra absorbency. They make the perfect choice for a nighttime application.

Which Brand is Better for Daytime?

In my opinion, the Pampers Baby-Dry makes the ideal choice for the daytime. They offer great physical coverage and keep the skin dry and comfortable longer than Huggies.

Which Brand is Better for Nightime?

Despite the fact that Pampers Overnight provides better physical coverage, the Huggies OverNites make a better choice for nighttime.

They have extra absorbency and will keep your baby dry and comfortable even during the wettest and longest night’s thanks to the waistband and contoured legs.

If you’re looking for something that will keep your child dry and comfortable during the nights, look no further than Huggies. Pampers make a better choice for daytime when your baby is active.

Which Diapers Are Cheaper Huggies or Pampers?

Another factor you need to consider when buying diapers is the price.

For example, a pack of 16 Huggies Little movers costs around $9. The Pampers Baby-Dry has the same price.  However, you get 17 diapers instead of 16 which is not that big of a deal.

If you’re planning to buy a big package, choose Huggies because it makes a better choice. They’re more cost-efficient. A pack of 48 diapers by Huggies will cost you around $24.

Pampers Swaddlers Overnights, on the other hand, contain 42 diapers for $24. As you can see, you will get 6 extra diapers if you choose Huggies for the same price as Pampers.

Finding the right diapers for your baby is important but also very difficult if you’re a first-time parent. You probably don’t know where to look.

My advice is to choose between Huggies and Pampers. They’re both popular and well-trusted by parents around the world. Pampers make a better choice for the daytime.

However, if you’re looking for the best diapers for nighttime, look no further than Huggies. My personal advice is to buy from both brands and choose the one that fits your baby best.

Hopefully, my comparison chart and detailed reviews of both brands can help you make the right choice.

Have you used Huggies or Pampers so far? What are your thoughts and experiences? Which one would you recommend for first-time parents and why?

Monica Lawrence

I’m Monica, a single mother who’s raising two beautiful angels. Here, I share helpful and creative articles and how-to’s for all the busy, multitasking moms.