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How Many Baby Bottles Do You Need?

When you are expecting a baby, the one thing that you might think is easy is to purchase baby bottles. What can be hard about it? Until you start purchasing it.

Then you will realize that there are so many other things that you need to know. The type of bottle that you should purchase, the size of the bottles and then the number of bottles that you need to have. 

How many baby bottles do you need? This is a very good question and it can be hard to answer. It depends from mother to mother. However, it is recommended that you have between 4 and 12 bottles of different sizes. Depending on your budget and if you are a working mom or a stay at home mom.

To make it easier to know the number of baby bottles that you need to have, the size of the bottles and the best brand, this will make it easier. 

Is the size of the baby bottle important?

Is the size of the baby bottle important? There are so many different sizes available. It is a great idea to have different size bottles. This will make sure that you don’t need to purchase larger bottles as the baby is growing.

A newborn doesn’t need a large bottle, the smaller one is good enough. But, as the baby is getting older, so the amount of milk that the baby is drinking will increase.

Most mothers prefer to purchase the larger bottle for the milk and the smaller one for juice and water. At the end of the day, it depends on you, but having different size bottles can be making things a little easier when you need to give them a smaller amount of milk, or water. 

How many bottles do I need to buy for baby?

As we said earlier the normal number of bottles that a baby should have is between 4 and 12 bottles. Most of the time, mothers prefer to have rather more bottles than running out of bottles before they could sterilize it again. 

However, there are a couple of things that you should consider before you can decide what number of bottles will work for you. If you are working and aren’t able to wash and sterilize the bottles during the day, it is best to purchase more bottles.

To ensure that you have enough bottles for a period of 24 hours. For mothers that are staying at home, it is easier to clean the bottles and then you don’t have as many bottles. It just depends on how you are cleaning and sterilizing the bottles. 

Most mothers are recommending that you have 4 bottles of each size. Making sure that you have enough as the baby is growing. 

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How many bottles does a baby need a day?

How many bottles does a baby need in one day? This depends on a couple of things. How many feedings does your baby have for one day? And, is the baby drinking water during feedings as well?

The number of feedings that your baby has during the day, is the number of bottles that you will need during the day, plus one or two extras for water or juice.

Normal feeding babies have 6 feedings in 24 hours. And with the extra bottles, it is making it 8 bottles in total that you will need per day. This is for bottled fed babies. For breastfeeding babies, the number of bottles needed per day is just two or three for water or added feedings. 

How many 8 oz bottles do I need?

For a newborn baby, you don’t really need to have any 8oz bottles. But, because their milk increases rapidly, it is a good idea to have 8oz bottles at hand.

Mothers that are purchasing the 4oz bottles for newborns are just purchasing a couple of the larger bottles, as the amount of milk is increasing. In general, you will need to have 8-12 of the larger baby bottles if you don’t start using the smaller size bottles. 

However, those mothers that are on a tight budget, are purchasing the 8oz bottles right from the start. To save money on purchasing them later.

They just purchase one or two 4oz bottles for water or juice. This can assist mothers on a tight budget to save a lot of money in purchasing bottles twice. 

How many baby bottles do I need if breastfeeding?

You should be careful not to make the same mistakes as so many other new mothers that are breastfeeding. They think that they don’t need to have any baby bottles. This is because experts are saying that they don’t need any additional feedings or drinks in between. 

However, you should still have bottles for water, or if you want to store some of your milk for when you are in town, or when you are starting to work again.

It is recommended that you have the same amount of baby bottles as those mothers that aren’t breastfeeding.

At some point, you will need to use the baby bottles, and then you already have it. Making it just easier. However, if you are on a tight budget, purchasing three to four baby bottles if you are breastfeeding is enough at first. 

How many baby bottles for twins?

When it comes to having twins, you will always need two of everything. But what about when it comes to baby bottles? Will you have twice as many as well? 

This is, unfortunately, the truth. You will need to have double the normal number of bottles. Meaning that you will need to have between 16 and 20 different size bottles.

However, if you are dedicated to wash and to sterilize the bottles as they are using it, you won’t need as much. Then, you might get away with 10 bottles for the twins. But, this is only if you are staying at home, and always available to wash the bottles as they are done with feeding. 

Choosing the best bottles for a baby

Now, that you know the number of bottles that a baby will need, now you might be wondering about the type of bottle that you should consider purchasing. 

There are the cheap bottles on the market that don’t cost too much and that is making it easier to purchase a large number of bottles if you are on a budget.

There are also the more expensive bottles that are higher in quality and that will decrease the chances of colic. With this large variety of bottles, it is hard to know the type of bottle that you should consider. 

You should consider your budget and your baby’s needs. For example, a premature baby will need a specialized bottle that will reduce the risk of reflux and colic.

There are also baby bottles that are great for breast pumps to make it easier to store your milk for later use. These are all things that you should consider when purchasing a baby bottle.

What bottles should I buy for my newborn? 

It will make it a lot easier to know what type of bottles you should buy for a newborn if you know some of the best newborn baby bottles. There are many different brands, but only some are recommended for a newborn. These are the top brand baby bottles for a newborn baby.

Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle 

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The bottle comes with a natural, large nipple shape that is making it more natural and similar to breastfeeding. Great for mothers that are both breastfeeding and bottle feeding. The bottle is designed to reduce the risk of normal feeding issues that parents have with bottle feedings, like colic. 

With the Philips avent, you are getting two different size bottles. In this set, you are getting both the sizes and some other essentials to start with bottle feedings.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle

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Another great bottle that mothers are considering for their newborn baby is the tommee tippee closer to nature baby bottle. This is because of the benefits that this bottle has for newborn babies. It has nipples like breastfeeding, and it reduces the risk like colic and winds while drinking.

These bottles only come in one size, with one type of nipple, but perfect for a newborn baby.

Lansinoh Breastfeeding Bottles for Baby

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The lansinoh bottles are designed for breastfeeding babies to prevent confusion when drinking on the breast and bottle. The nipple is designed to provide low airflow. Limiting the colic and cramps that newborns are struggling with.

The baby bottle comes in the 8oz. Making it great for newborn and toddler. These bottles are easy to clean from the nipple to the bottle. Ensuring that the bottle is always clean correctly. And, because it comes in a pack of three bottles, it is affordable as well.

NUK Simply Natural Baby Bottle Newborn

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The NUK simply baby bottle for a newborn comes in the 5-ounce and 9-ounce bottle. Great for a newborn, because of slow flow nipple and nipple design the same as breast. You can purchase the NUK Simply pacifiers as well, to ensure that baby keep the same type of sucking feeling.

These bottles are of high quality, and design to keep in good condition, even if it falls. Ensures to make mom and baby more comfortable and relaxed. 

Playtex Baby VentAire Bottle, Helps Prevent Colic and Reflux

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Not the normal baby bottle that moms are used to. However, the shape of the bottle is designed for preventing colic and reflux. It is curved so that air doesn’t cause pain and discomfort to the baby. And, the curves are making it easier and more comfortable for the mother to feed the baby.

The bottle comes in the 6-ounce size, making great for newborns and for older babies. The nipples are of high quality and ensure the same suction method as breastfeeding babies. It is bottles that are easy to clean and sterilized. 


How many baby bottles do you need for your newborn baby? And how many will you need if you have twins? These are really common questions that new mothers to be are asking. This is hard to know exactly how many you need if you never had children before. 

Most experts are saying that the best number of bottles that you can have is between 4 and 12 bottles. But, with research, we found that 8 bottles will be more than enough if you are on a tight budget.

Getting different size bottles is also recommended, even if you are breastfeeding. You’ll never know when you will need to have a smaller size bottle.

Mothers that are breastfeeding should consider having at least four bottles. Even newborns need water sometimes, or when you need to take milk in a bottle for them for a bottle feed when breastfeeding isn’t possible. 

Another thing that you should also make sure about, is that you are purchasing the right type of baby bottle. With our technology that is improving all the time, it is important to consider to purchase the newer type of bottles that have more benefits.

This is why we have listed the top 5 baby bottles for newborns for you. To make your choices a bit easier. With your budget in mind and the needs of your baby priority, you will find the best baby bottle that will work for you both.

It might sound ridiculous, but if you are a working mom, you should have at least 8 or 10 baby bottles at hand. Different sizes preferred.

You need to make sure that you have enough bottles and milk for during the day when the baby is at the daycare. At home, you don’t need as much, but it is still recommended that you have rather too much than not enough. Making life easier for yourself. 

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