8 Best Nightlight For Babies For 2021

Nightlight for babies has been around for centuries. No one really knows when the tradition started. Perhaps all the way back in the days that our ancestors gathered around an old-fashioned fireplace. It is definitely a practice that is here to stay.

Over the past few decades, the use of a nightlight for babies has gradually increased with the introduction of new and modernized products. Today’s market has so many types of baby night light that it can be a seriously confusing process trying to hunt down the perfect one.  

The Benefits of Nightlight for Both Child and Parent

The number one benefit of having a nightlight is always going to be; it makes your child feel safe. The second major benefit of having a nightlight is that you, the parent, get to see what you’re doing at night. Whether your pass by the crib, changing a diaper, or simply checking in on your bambino.

You don’t have to turn on a bright light and take the risk of waking up your kid when you’re looking in on them. Likewise, when you’re changing a diaper or feeding them late in the night, you don’t need a light so bright that will wake them up more fully and make it harder to fall back asleep.

Either way you look at it, whether for you, your child, or a little bit of both, it is clear to see the bright side(pun intended) of having a nightlight for babies.

Quick List of Top Baby Nightlights

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  1. Hatch Baby Night Light Machine
  2. VAVA Bedside Baby Night Light
  3. Stary Sky Night Projector
  4. CPLA Lighting Brightness Night Light
  5. Skip Hop Moonlight Nightlight Soother Owl
  6. More

Things to Consider Before Buying a Nightlight for Nursery

Take your time when preparing to buy a nightlight for babies. You really are going to want to take a minute and shop around. More importantly, however, you are going to want to know what to look for. Things aren’t as simple as they used to be.

Today, there are way more options that come with nightlights than ever before. Make sure you compare the pros and cons of each item’s features and make sure that it is a good fit for you and your baby. Things to consider may include:

  • How bright is the light? is it going to keep the baby up?
  • How many settings and modes the light has? how hard is it to control?
  • Does it need to be plugged in, or does it take batteries or a charger?
  • Is it mobile or stationary, can I take it with me or use it in multiple rooms?
  • Does it have music or sound functions, will it help the baby fall asleep?
  • Does it come with a remote control, how easy is it to control?
  • Does it have a clock built in, will I be able to tell time with it?
  • Does it have any other unique features, what other cool features does it offer you?

Best Baby Nightlights

Continue on for in-depth reviews of the top baby night light of 2018.

1. Hatch Baby Night Light Machine

This amazing baby nightlight is a very easy product to work with. You can connect to it from a phone or tablet. It is multi-functional, combining features such as sound machine, nightlight, and time-to-rise alerts. There are separate settings for brightness, volume, and sound. Each family can set it up based completely their own unique sleeping schedule. Using Hatch Baby Rest App, your baby’s rest can be programmed to turn on automatically, can be adjusted remotely, and can also be tapped on manually.

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Everything depends on your own individual need. However your child grows, this nightlight is able to grow with it. Soft lights for your newborn, very comfortable for preschoolers, and convenient time rise settings for older children as well as parents. The light is made from a safe material which does not overheat during the night. Create the ideal environment for your baby by selecting sounds and colors recommended by experts for specific aged children. Increase your child’s level of comfort.

Features include:

  • Easy to use on smartphone or tablet
  • Multi-functional design and settings
  • Nightlight grows as your baby grows
  • Makes your baby’s sleeping environment more comfortable
  • Colors and sounds are soothing to your baby
  • Great for newborns, babies, preschoolers and older children as well

2. VAVA Bedside Baby Night Light

We can be thankful for toy-grade ABS and PP materials, anti-blue light which cannot hurt your baby’s eyes, and an all-around superior design. All of these things and more give you the perfect nightlight. Not just for your baby either, but for the whole time period of their childhood. This product is extremely easy to work with to boot!

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Touching the top of the nightlight for a half a second puts the light into breastfeeding mode. Tapping the top of the logo twice activates the put baby to sleep mode. VAVA Beside Baby Night Light has a truly convenient charging base. A micro-USB cable makes it perfect for powering on the go while you are out of the house.

This awesome nightlight for babies is also built to be waterproof which makes it great for camping, hiking, traveling, or simply spending time away from your babies sleeping area in general. SOS mode sends signals to your babies location and makes it an even better product. Its long lasting battery holds a charge for hours, lasting well through the night.

Features include:

  • Easy to use touch control
  • Made for indoor and outdoor use
  • Charging base
  • Micro-USB charger cable
  • Highly adjustable options
  • Made using baby-safe materials

3. Stary Sky Night Projector

The Stary Sky Night Projector will turn your walls and ceiling into a beautiful starry night sky in the blink of an eye. Your baby’s environment becomes a completely different place and your child will be sure to enjoy the change of scenery. Using color options that range from white or blue, to green or red, magic is created. Making baby feel calm, comfortable, and safe.

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Timing shutdown is one of the features that make this product an extra special nightlight. Counting on child experts, a 45 minute time period should be the optimal time to set in order to give your baby the perfect amount of time to enjoy its nightlight before falling asleep.

This nightlight is so much more than just a baby light. During their whole childhood, it will raise creativity levels and the general imagination of your kid. Whether using its light to read fairy tales to your child, breastfeeding your baby, or allowing its light to relax your child before bedtime, this like is one of the very best.

While your child is growing, the nightlight can be used ideally for getting dressed before school as well as a nice element which makes for a more comfortable environment for reading to themselves before bed. This light is also portable which means you can take it anywhere from outside on the porch, to traveling or on the couch late at night.

Features include:

  • Starry night sky projection
  • Completely safe product for babies
  • Timing assisted shutdown
  • Made for use indoor and outdoor
  • USB or battery powered
  • Makes a perfect gift for new parents and babies

4. CPLA Lighting Brightness Rechargeable Decorative Night Light

The perfect price for the perfect product. Which was the main priority of the company that designed this light. The manufacturer used the highest 3D technology available on the market today to create the most vivid and accurate moon effect. The dual color LED light will leave you both surprised and stunned. It is just like looking under the open sky on a summer night.

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This nightlight for babies may be used for a wide variety of diverse purposes. It is the perfect device for creating comfortable and relaxing occasions on the fly. And if you are putting your baby to sleep, or your kid is a little bit older now and needs to feel safer when the lights go out, this product is your best choice. Smart touch on and off settings for the moonlight effect as well as to adjust the brightness levels of the warm white light give you excellent controllability.

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In the case that you want to produce a romantic atmosphere for you and your loved one, or to erect a creative decoration, you should seriously consider this device for your home. It looks good on your dinner table, on your intables, your child’s bedroom, and just about anywhere else in your house. This product is also great to use as a mood enhancer for parties.

If you are for some unforeseeable reason not satisfied with our product, there is a 100% guaranteed refund available for up to 90 days after making your purchase. The intention of this product’s manufacturers is to include the very best customer service available through Amazon.

Features include:

  • Easy to use the product
  • Amazing 3D moonlight effect
  • Very nice decoration
  • Works well on multiple occasions including comfort and romance
  • Kids can learn while they are enjoying themselves before bedtime
  • Complete 90-day money back refund guaranteed
  • 360-degree beam angle
  • Comes with USB charger and base

5. Skip Hop Moonlight Nightlight Soother Owl

If you want something modern and decorative, yet functional, you’ve found the night light for you. This cute owl with a glowing belly will absolutely surprise you. It not only looks very nice in the shape and design of an owl, it also projects a starry night sky, making it an even more perfect purchase for you and your child.

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So, if your choosing a device counting on your baby’s favorite position or place for sleeping, you can easily create the perfect environment for them with this one. Our friend the owl moves its wings along with its four different melodies and nature sounds. Choosing the perfect melody along with the color which fits the best is the only thing you need to worry about.

Baby will sleep very peacefully with this Owl standing guard against the darkness. Setting the auto-off timer will also be helpful for parents on a mission, whether feeding, changing, or simply checking in every so often. As your child grows, it becomes a habit for you and your dear one to sit and talk or share in story time before bedtime. These precious moments between you and your child will be even more enjoyable with this nightlight.

Features include:

  • Kid-friendly owl shape
  • Glowing belly
  • Impressive decoration for nursery or bedroom
  • Programmed with lullabies such as twinkle twinkle little star and rock-a-bye-baby
  • Customizable sound and light options depending on your baby’s needs
  • Melody can play on loops or you can put on auto-off timers for 15, 30, and 60 minutes

6. Multiple Projector Stimulate Imagination Curiosity

This creative nightlight for babies is a perfect choice if your child has a harder time than normal falling asleep. Not to count how much easier it will be for every parent who decides to buy this modernized and more than interesting nightlight device.

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Decorative and easy to use too. When you turn off the regular light and turn on this nifty nightlight, in the blink of an eye imaginary environment is created. Nice addition to a child’s bedroom, on a shelf, nightstand, or basically wherever you can fit it. There is no wrong place to use this product.

A noiseless motor and warm light help baby feel comfortable. The time will shutdown automatically for whenever you programmed it for. There is also the possibility to leave it to work the whole night through for a maximum of 995 minutes at a time.

You can take this device on hiking trips, outside in your backyard or porch, or even on vacation far away from home. You will also want to use it when your kid becomes a little bigger and doesn’t like being alone in the complete darkness before falling asleep.

Features include:

  • Soundless motor helpy baby sleep easier
  • Creates quite and comfortable environment for baby
  • Creative device with four main lights including white, green, red, and blue
  • Great decoration
  • Usable outside or inside
  • Simple to use with only 4 buttons to use each function
  • Impressive present for mom’s or small children

7. SOAIY Soother Projection Lighting Relaxing

An absolutely original nightlight lamp that is way more than just a simple run of the mill light for babies. Aurora borealis become instantly projected over the walls and ceiling of your nursery by simply removing the dome cover.

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Your baby will be lost in awe while gazing upon the fantastic new pattern on the walls and ceiling. Comfort and relaxation will surely follow the baby’s amazement. Your child’s imagination and creativity will be stimulated and experience new growths with the aid of this device.

Adults by themselves can also enjoy the benefits of this light while their kids are sleeping if they simply need to relax or feel like meditating. Choosing the light colors is easy and completely customizable. Pointing the aurora lights on the spot you like will give you a truly panoramic view in an instant.

Sound volume can be adjusted for you and your child’s listening pleasure. It also comes with an audio cable for connecting with MP3 players, iPods, iPhones and other popular media devices. Play lullabies for your baby, your favorite soothing songs, or meditation music.

Features include:

  • Great experience for babies, kids, and adults as well
  • Multi-functions as a little nightlight with a dome, or an impressive aurora borealis or nebular sky
  • 8 different projection modes
  • Red, green, blue and multi-colors
  • Musical options including the most popular lullabies of all times, and relaxing meditative melodies
  • Auto shut off feature kicks in after an hour making this product very convenient for babies
  • Safe to use product
  • Makes a thoughtful gift for your friends and family

8. Projector Auto Shut Colorful rotating DCAUT

A nice retro looking nightlight made out of natural plastic wood grain gives a special look anywhere you may decide to put this product. This highly stylish device can be a nice addition to your living room, babies nursery, or even your own bedroom.

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This nightlight can be placed literally anywhere. The dining room table, hanging on the wall, sitting on your nightstand, or beside your baby’s crib. The built-in projector covers the ceiling and walls in stars and a man. Your baby will be mystified with this feature.

Rotating colorful stars will make your child feel comfortable and ready for bedtime know that if it wakes up during the night the beautiful night sky will be there to guard them against the darkness. With making a noise, this high tech nightlight will meet and even surpass your expectations.

Settings include features for automatic shut down, brightness control, and much more. The power source includes USB power cable and AAA batteries. This is a perfect nightlight to gift new parents and children. Create the perfect environment for a peaceful baby with this device.

Features include:

  • A retro design that can fit into anyone’s personal style
  • Starry night sky makes a great atmosphere for calming baby’s sleep
  • Great for a relaxation or meditation tool
  • A silent motor does not effect on baby’s sleep
  • Red, green, blue, or multi-color
  • Auto shut off timer
  • Easy to use with just 4 buttons
  • Power options include USB cable or 4 AAA batteries

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Tips for Buying the Best Nightlight for Nursery

Buying a nightlight for your baby can be a fun and exciting Process. In the same breath, it can be a confusing struggle if you are not armed with the right information. The following is a short guide on everything you need to know about buying a nightlight for babies.

Types of Nightlights

There are several types of nightlights, from classic lights that plug into the wall to wifi and Bluetooth capable devices which link to your phone. Some include music programs, alarm clocks, calendars, and more. The most popular four types are:


These sort of nightlights are probably the most basic. Most are in one fun shape or another, including animals, superheroes, princesses and more. Typically plug-in nightlights come with either an on/off switch, a motion detector activated light, or both.


This type of nightlight is one of the most popular for small children and babies. They are basically soft and cozy stuffed animals that light up when they are squeezed. A great secondary nightlight, and one that will give your child loads of comfort.


Probably my personal favorite type of nightlight for babies. What is cooler than your baby getting to see the night sky, or at least an accurate replica of it, from the safety of their crib? Some of these come with actual constellation projectors, others simply project shapes like stars and polka dots.


One of the more recent versions of baby room night light to be created. These lights typically function with a USB charger and can be taken just about anywhere. A great product for moms and dads which are constantly on the go with their baby. Some models run on batteries.

Things to Consider

There are a few final considerations to make before settling on a final decision for a nightlight. Take heed and remember to ask yourself the following questions before purchasing a nightlight for your baby:

Is this nightlight good for my baby?

There are so many reasons for buying a nightlight for a baby, but don’t forget to ask yourself if this product is the one that will be most beneficial to your child itself. Will it help them feel comfortable in your absence? Will it help them fall asleep faster, and stay there? Will your child more easily reach for their pacifier or stuffed animal with the light put off by this product?

Is this nightlight good for me?

The right nightlight can be just as beneficial to the parents as it can be to their children. Remember to ask yourself if this is the best nightlight for you. Will it help you see your child better at night with the rest of the house darkened? Will you be able to change their diaper and feed them more with less hassle?

Is this nightlight convenient to my situation?

All things considered, is this the best nightlight for your current home and living situation? Perhaps you or your babe spend a lot of time in between living places.

A little at your home, a little at your parents or relatives, so on and so forth. You may want to invest in a mobile nightlight. On the other hand, if you and your baby rarely sleep elsewhere, a stationary nightlight may be more suitable to purchase.

If the answer was yes to each of those questions, you are on the right track to finding the best nightlight for you and your baby. However, before moving forward and putting that nightlight in your shopping cart, ask yourself a few more things.

Does this nightlight operate on batteries, USB charger, or a wall outlet?

Think about your situation. Does this product meet all of your expectations as far as power sources are involved?

What extra features or benefits do this particular nightlight have to offer?

Don’t be hasty, there are loads of new features and functions built right in with nightlights there were previously unheard of. Today nightlights can contain everything from alarm clocks and Bluetooth capabilities to wifi, star projectors, music players and more. Make sure you’re looking at the extras that each nightlight has to offer before making your final decision.

What sort of material is this nightlight made out of and is it safe for my child?

Nightlights currently on the market vary greatly in every aspect. Some of the main differences are in functions, features, shapes, sizes, brightness offered by each product. The material is an important factor which many parents tend to overlook.

Especially with nightlights for nursery, which are more liable to end up being chewed on by your little bambino, this is crucial to be aware of. Parents should only consider a nightlight that is made from certifiable safe materials such as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene or Polypropylene. Both of which are highly safe and can be found in many baby products including feeding bottles.


If your prospective nightlight has held up to all of the above questions, you’re now officially ready to check-out! Hopefully, with all of the helpful information presented to you in this buyer’s guide, you will have no problem finding and selecting the best nightlight for babies.

Nightlights today are so much more in depth than they were just a few years ago, and they continue to become more and more impressive. Make sure that you take plenty of time before jumping to a purchasing decision. Your baby will thank you.


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