Can A Newborn Sleep In a Crib? (Complete Guide)

Transition From Rock N Play to Crib

Appearing a baby in a family is always big happiness and joy. You admire your little one all the time and you cannot spend even one minute without him. However, alongside great moments there are many concerns and questions about the baby’s life and health. One of the popular points is a crib. Every parent buys this thing before the arrival of a new little person. But is it so necessary as you think?

So, can a newborn sleep in a crib? Of course, a newborn can sleep in a crib. It is rather safe. But it can be not so comfortable for a little one. Space in a crib is big so your baby can feel loneliness and cold being in a crib. After warm and cozy mummy’s belly, your baby needs some time to adapt to a new sleeping place.

That is why first months a lot of babies do not want to sleep in a bed. They prefer mummy or little bassinets.

I am sure you have more questions about such an attribute as a crib. Before buying it, you need to know all the pros and cons in order not to worry about your baby’s sleep and health.

When should you put your baby in a crib?

You can try to put your baby in a crib from the very beginning. Maybe it will be comfortable for your kid. Usually, it is time to sleep in a crib when you see that your baby is old enough and have already adapted to a new life and environment. This period is normally between 3 and 6 months. At that time, your baby begins to be more confident and independent.

How long can baby sleep in a crib?

It depends on the child. Some children are ready to go to the usual bed at 1,5, some of them do not want to leave their crib even at 3.

You need to watch your baby and prepare him or her for moving to a new sleeping place. Sometimes, such a change can be a real stress and tragedy for a little one. The average age for it is from 1.5 to 3 years. But remember, everything is individual.

How long can baby sleep in a bassinet?

A bassinet is a perfect alternative for newborns. Such sleeping place is comfortable, cozy and safe. Nevertheless, kids are growing quickly, so remember that you cannot use a bassinet for your baby very long. When your baby can sit and move, and you notice that the bassinet is too small for your child, then it is time to move to a crib. The last age for it is 6 months.

Can a baby sleep in a Pack and Play?

We all know that the safest place for sleeping for babies is a crib. What about a Pack and Play. Pediatricians think that this attribute can be also used for sleeping. But you must be sure that Pack and Play has a flat and hard surface and safe walls for good health and safety of your baby.

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Is it necessary for baby to sleep in a crib?

It is up to you. Only parents decide where to put their baby to sleep. Some parents prefer only cribs. Some of them put kids next to parents in their bed. In this case, you need to be attentive not to press or damage your baby. You need to follow the safety rules.

The alternative way for the sleeping place is to put a crib next to the parent’s bed without one side. This variant is safe and convenient for everybody. You do not worry about the safety of your baby. Your kid feels more confident because he or she knows that mummy is close.

Can a newborn sleep in a separate room?

It is recommended a baby shares a parents’ room. First, it is easier for parents to know that everything is good with a baby. In addition, first time little kids sleep short periods, so parents do not need to go to another room all the time.

Second, it is safety. In such a way, you will avoid possible sudden infant death syndrome. The best age for baby to have his or her own room is after 6 months, closer to 1 year.

What are the rules for a safe baby’s sleep?

There are some important rules that every parent must know:

  • Put your baby to sleep on his back, not on a stomach or side;
  • Use a flat and hard mattress for a baby’s crib;
  • Avoid overheating, the best temperature is 18-20;
  • Take away all things out of a crib;
  • Keep your baby away from people who smoke.

What is better a crib or a bassinet?

It is hard to say what is better. These two things are similar but have a little bit different feature. They are both for sleeping. However, not all children can use them. A bassinet is better when it concerns newborns.

They feel good in the bassinet and sleep well. For older children, it is great to have a crib. It has more space and these kids are not afraid to be in such a place.

You can use both attributes, starting with a bassinet and then replacing it with a crib. In such a way, your baby will be used to a crib gradually, without any stress.

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Can a baby sleep on the floor?

Everybody knows about contemporary Montessori method. According to it, babies should sleep on the floor, on a good mattress. In such a way, your kid has an opportunity to discover the world from the very beginning. But is it really so good? This variant of sleeping has both advantages and disadvantages.

You are sure that your baby will not fall down as he can do it from the crib. As well, a baby has a good view from different sides. When your kid is older, you do not need to get him or her out of the crib.

Your baby can do it by him- or herself. But this method is not convenient for parents, because you need to settle your bed at the same level. It will be hard for you to contact with your little one.

One more minus is discomfort for a baby. As we have mentioned, first days, babies want to be protected and feel good. In such a big space as on the floor, it is hard to create coziness and quietness. Maybe, it is great to put your baby on the floor later, not from the first days. Nevertheless, only you can decide it.

How do I keep my baby from falling out of bed?

Every parent worries about the safety and health of the child. Sometimes children are so active and curious that they can fall out of the bed. You can prevent such failings, following these instructions:

  • Put the bed in a safe location, for example, into a corner;
  • Try to use guard rails along all sides of the crib. It is a good idea to choose such rails that can be raised or lowered. In such a way your child will be able to get into and out of the bed without damages;
  • Put a soft mattress or some cushions on the floor near the bed. If your baby falls down or rolls out, you will be sure that he or she does not hurt him- or herself;
  • It is better to move all furniture such as bedside tables, armchairs or lamps away from the bed. If your baby falls down, these things will not damage him or her;
  • If you are still worried about the safety of your baby, then there is one more variant to avoid it. You can put a big qualitative mattress or floor bed on the floor and let your baby sleep there. After some time, when your baby feels more confident and you do not concern about fallings, you can move your little kid to the usual crib or bed.

When can I let my baby sleep with a pillow?

We all know that babies must sleep without pillows. First, it is good for baby’s health. At an early age, all babies have such physiology that they do not need a pillow, because it can negatively influence its health.

Second, it is safety. You do not need to put any soft objects into the crib to avoid sudden infant death syndrome. But when can we start to use a pillow? The best age is about 18 months or even better when a baby will turn 2 years. So, do not hurry and wait until it is needed.

How to sleep with babies in one bed correctly?

Some parents prefer their babies sleep with them in one bed. It is easier and more convenient for parents and safe for a baby. However, all parents should consider some rules about co-sleeping with their children:

  • You need to put your baby only on the back (not on the side or tummy);
  • Be sure that there are no items that can cover baby’s head;
  • The mattress of your bed must be firm. Do not use anything soft;
  • Do not share your blanket with your baby, because it can be heavy for a little one. The baby must have his or her own blanket. It is a good idea to use a safe infant sleeping bag;
  • Do not put your baby between parents; it is not safe. The best position is beside one parent. In such a way, parents cannot roll on and press the baby;
  • Do not put your baby in the same bed with a parent who smokes. It is unhealthy for your kid because his or her body is only adapting to a new environment. So, let the environment be smoke-free.

One more popular question is how to choose a good and safe crib for your baby. Because there are many of them of different designs, brands, and colors. Here are some tips that will help you to buy the perfect crib for your miracle.

Be sure that the top rail of the crib is at least 26 inches from the top of the mattress. When your baby is getting older, gradually lower the level of the crib, to avoid fallings. So, a good crib should have several levels.

Pay your attention to bars; space between them should be proper that your baby cannot be stuck there.

Check the quality of the crib mattress. It should be firm enough and fit appropriately with no space between the mattress and crib sides.

Do not buy the crib with rails that can drop. It can be not safe for your baby.

Do not use crib bumpers. Even if they look beautiful. Even if you think they can protect your baby from drafts or damages. First, they are dust-collectors and this dust can influence health. Second, older children can climb them to get out of the crib.

As well check the material of the crib. It should be safe for babies, without any smell and paints that can provoke allergy.

Consider the quality of the work. All crib rails and sides should be the same and without any defects. Before buying a crib, check if everything works properly and if there are all the details.

Do not hesitate to ask and see the document attached to the crib. Every crib should be certificated and tested according to fixed rules.

Remember about the instruction of crib installation. It should be clear and complete.

All parents want to buy the best things for their babies. So, mothers and fathers pay their attention to crib design. Nowadays, there are numerous cribs with different styles and functions.

Try to choose the simple one. You need a safe crib for a good sleep of your baby. You do not need extra features that can just disturb. Besides, you pay more for unnecessary things.


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