Finding The Best Toddler Pillows in 2021

Toddler Pillows

Having a small child brings many responsibilities and there is a lot of stuff that has to be bothered about. As your child grows, you need to be aware of some essential things that help in keeping the child more soporific at nights. Toddler pillows are quite an imperative product among these things.

While selecting a pillow we must keep some important dynamics in mind such as the queries like what is the right age of the child when he actually requires a pillow. We must be aware of the fact that they help in providing a comforting and satisfactory night sleep to your baby.

Also, parents should be responsive and sure about any allergies of their child and then go for a pillow that does not add on to that allergy in any manner. Here’s the complete guide on how to select the best pillows for your toddler.

How a toddler pillow makes a difference?

You must be thinking that why a toddler cannot sleep on the regular pillows and why do you need to buy a separate pillow for them. For your awareness on this very common question, we will discuss that how a toddler pillow and a regular pillow are different from each other. A regular pillow provides support to the head and neck of the adults. But, if a toddler uses a customary pillow then this may cause redundant strain and stress on their shoulders and neck.

This stress can cause several difficulties and uneasiness further. Also, this can be a major reason leading to a poor posture of an infant. These pillows are specifically designed according to a baby’s proportion and provide enough comfort to the mounting body with the suitable sustain. Dangers associated with selecting a wrong pillow for the child.

Here are a few dangers associated with selecting the wrong pillow for your tot:

  • A standard sized pillow would result in discomfort and stress or strain in the neck of the toddler. So, one should avoid a pillow that is too big.
  • Do not select a pillow that is too fluffy as they can be a cause of suffocation to the child. Hence select a pillow that if equally soft and firm.
  • The pillows that have buckwheat filling or other unsafe fillings that can cause different allergies and also the noise causes sleep disturbance for the child.
  • Do not select a pillow if it is not properly marked for being hypoallergenic and organic as they would not be safe for your child if he has some kind of allergies.
  • Check that the stuff of the pillow should not be very dense. Do not buy a pillow that does not regain its original shape after pressing hard inside. These pillows can be a cause of suffocation for the toddler.

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Wondering about the right time for a toddler pillow?

Well, we have your back

According to many experts and doctors, the right age of providing a pillow to your toddler is when he starts cribbing on the bed rather than just lying idle. There is a specific age that is mentioned in many blogs. This is when the child is of around 18-25 months. However, many parents would agree to the fact that introducing the pillow before this age is also quite safe and does not cause any kind of problems. However, every child behaves in a different manner and hence there is no universal correct time for when you should get a pillow to your baby.

Children and their diverse sleeping routine

Different children have a different type of sleeping tendency. They can be classified into 4 different categories. They start adopting miscellaneous sleeping habits from the age of 18 months and above. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to take care of the following factors associated with the sleeping habits of your toddler and then decide what kind of pillow should be selected for them and at what age.

Every kid is different & so as their pillow requirement, let’s dig deeper and know more about the sleeping habits of children:

Stomach Sleepers:

Some children have a habit of sleeping on their stomachs. This convention should be avoided so the parents should start using a pillow for their kids along with a piece of thick cotton wool on their chest. When the children sleep like this for several days, they start feeling uncomfortable and usually, the stomach sleeping habit goes away.

Back Sleepers:

Another type is the children who sleep on their backs. These children are fine without a pillow till the age of two. These children generally require a pillow that is 4-5 cms thick. The thickness of the pillow has to be changed according to expert’s consultation every year.

Side sleepers:

They can be provided with a pillow whenever they start sleeping on the bed. There has to be one pillow aside them under their arm so that they do not fall off the bed without this support. The thickness of their pillow should be of around 5-7 cms and the thickness has to be reassessed every year.

Combination Sleepers:

If your kid is a combination sleeper that is they sleep in all the positions mentioned above then they may require a pillow at any age from 18-24 months. Being the parents of such children, if you are not sure whether they require a pillow or not then just get one and keep it on their bed. The children will themselves give hints if they need a pillow to have a comfortable sleep.

How to Choose the best pillow for Child

In a survey, many doctors mentioned the use of special baby pillows to be quite important. These pillows are specially designed so that the child gets the most comfortable sleep without any disturbance. Let’s know more about the aspects that you must cater when you look forward to buying a toddler pillow:

Soft or too soft?

The pillows must be soft of course. But, you must keep a check on the way they are made and which material is used in their manufacture. This is one of the most important factors to be taken care of. Many pillows seem to be incredibly soft and consoling for the kids primarily but they soon go out of contour and hence are no cozier for the kid. Basic firmness is necessary so that the child is comfortable and safe at the same time.

It should not go out of shape with time:

You must check the pillow that if it does not regain its shape after pressing it then it may be unsafe for the toddler as it may cause a suffocation risk for the kid. The pillows available in the market may seem to be a little firm but they are capable of providing acute comfort to the child and these are the best pillows that should be taken into consideration while buying a new one.

Be sure about your kid’s allergies:

Your child could be allergic to some stuff that is used in the pillows and consequently, they end up contributing to the anxiety of your child rather than providing a peaceful sleep. For instance, if your child is allergic to wool you must not buy any product that has wool used in it. So, by being aware of your toddler’s allergy you can shortlist the nature of pillows that should not be preferred.

Manufacturing material:

The outer covers of the pillows are generally made up of cotton as it is the softest and the most suitable material that can be used for a child. But there are different kinds of cotton material on the market. The most suitable is the organic cotton that does not contain any kind of toxic material and thus does not cause any harm to the child. Whereas, the regular cotton goes through many manufacturing procedures, bleaches, and dyes which can be harmful to the toddler.

Most commonly used materials in toddler pillows are cotton, polyester or synthetic fiber. The cotton pillows are the most preferable but sometimes the other types of pillows come out to be more comfortable for your kid.

Do you know an array of materials are used for making a perfect toddler pillow? Let us know about few of them for the purpose of making an informed decision:


A soft and warm material used for making the pillows. These pillows help in keeping moisture away and provide a warm and comforting sleep to your child.


It prevents any kind of odor retention on the pillow. It allows breathability of the material. The bamboo material is highly renewable and eco-friendly in nature.


These pillows are soft and firm providing complete support to the child. The eucalyptus material that is the building block of Tencel is hypoallergenic in nature with antibacterial properties.


This the most common type of pillow material found in the market. It ranges from low to high quality and provides comfort to all kinds of sleepers with their firmness and fluffiness.


This material offers the best support to the neck and shoulder of the kid. The pillow comes in different sizes and densities and helps in reducing pain and stiffness of the body.

Tea tree:

These are light and fine layers of a tea tree bark. These pillows provide air flow to the kids and help in promoting the breathability nature of the pillows.

Memory foam:

This material adjusts with the body contours of the kid. It reduces the pressure on the neck and the shoulders of the kid. This foam can be in any shape and size according to the requirement of the person.


The pillows filled with feathers are quite luxurious and help in shaping your child’s head and neck in a proper way. These pillows have to be exchanged every year as they soon go out of shape.

  1. Amount of thread and filling material:

Thread count and the filling material of a pillow are very important factors that should be considered before choosing the best pillow for your kid. The thread count of the pillow should be higher so that the pillow is silky and soft enough to provide complete console o the kid.

The filling material should be properly selected. The material should not make much noise and nor should it take much time to dry so that the pillow dries faster to come back to its original shape. Avoid buckwheat or other firm fillings as they won’t allow the child to move their head freely on the pillow while sleeping.

  1. Hypoallergenic:

If your child is sensitive to dust, mud or anything that can cause hypersensitivity to your child then just avoid a pillow made of some substandard material that contributes to the aversion. Thus, we prefer the use of organic pillows as they are mostly anti-allergenic in nature. Even if the pillow is not completely organic it should be clearly marked as being hypoallergenic. These pillows are the safest and the most restful ones for your baby.

  1. Cleaning Techniques:

The toddler pillows necessitate being uncontaminated every day as your child desires to be free from any allergies or bacteria caused due to the dirt on them. You can have an utterly washable pillow that can be directly washed in the washing machines. While some of them have removable covers to keep the pillows clean from inside. However, these pillows may not be entirely washable. So, select the most suitable one as per your requirements.

  1. A guarantee is must:

Different brands of kids’ pillows are available in the market. All these brands offer to differ. A pillow with less guarantee period maybe contrived using low eminence material and goes out of shape soon after the guarantee period or perhaps even before that. Such pillows are just a wear and tear of money. You must buy good quality products that may seem to be a little expensive in the beginning but they further prove to be worth the expenditure.

The Best Toddler Pillows

Here we present you with some of the most popular pillows available online for your child:

1. Dreamtown Kids Pillow with Organic Cotton Shell

Kids Standard Size PillowThis pillow by dream town is one of the most popular amongst the new parents for their kids. These pillows are made up of a pure organic cotton shell and contain polyfill inside them. The pillow is quite soft and helps in providing a very sound sleep to your kid. The pillow adds comfort to the child’s sleep and makes hem sleep faster at night by providing a peaceful and stress-free environment.

Carry this small pillow anywhere while traveling and even this can be packed in the child’s bag so that he can comfortably sleep with his favorite pillow at day-care or crutch.  This pillow will act as the perfect addition to the bedroom of your baby and he will surely now enjoy the sleeping time more than before.

The pillow is made up of highly organic material and the high 200 threads count of the pillow is a great reason of why it should be selected as the most trusted product available online. The material and the fills are highly hypoallergenic and hence are quite safe for your child.  These pillows are washable and you can put them directly into the washing machines. They will not shrink and you will see them in the same shape for a long period of time.

These pillows are also liked by the travelers who want to use them on the plane or in the car while traveling. This product is specially designed for the small children just to provide them with the most amazing and soothing sleep at night as they like. The pillows are created by parents too. Hence, they are highly dedicated towards the safety and wellness of your kid and therefore create the safest and coziest feeling for your toddler.

2. Snuggle-Pedic Toddler and Kids Pillow

Toddler and Kids PillowThis pillow is made up of polyester, bamboo viscose and Lycra fiber that help in keeping your baby cool and relaxed for the whole night. The pillow self-adjusts itself to each child and hence suits all kids of all ages. This pillow never goes flat and hence is entirely washable.

The pillow is fully organic and completely hypoallergenic. It does not contribute to any kind of allergies of the child. The product can be easily washed in a machine. The pillow comes with a long-time warranty and also has a four-month trial guarantee before which you can easily exchange the pillow or return it back if any defect occurs.

These pillows come back to their original shape after every wash or whenever pressed harder. They are highly hypoallergenic and are helpful in resisting any kind of dust and other material that can be allergic to the toddler. The pillow is specially designed for the kids so that they develop faster and have a soothing and relaxing sleep at night.

The pillow supports the head, neck, and shoulders of the little ones. The manufacturers have tried their best to provide the most comfortable and restful sleep for your kids. The pillow is made up of very soft material and the special stuff helps in keeping the child cool for the whole night.

3. Toddler Pillow Hypoallergenic and Machine Washable

Hypoallergenic Pillow for kidsThese pillows come from the most trusted brand which has been working for the kids since 2007 and has earned many happy and satisfied customers. The pillows have a thread count of around 200 and are therefore very soft and silky. These are 100% organic and hence completely hypoallergenic and highly safe for your little kids.

The pillows come in a variety of attractive and charming prints and this is why they are much liked amongst the customers and their kids. The kids like having bright colored soothing stuff around so that their day goes well. This is the idea that the manufacturers followed while manufacturing these pillows.

The size of the bolster is quite apt for the kids of the age group 18-24 months. They can be easily machine-washed and dried every day and will regain their original shape every time after with firmness applied to them. You may use dryer balls or just thump the pillow with light hands so that the fills in the pillow loosen frequently. There should not be any moisture left behind in the pillow. So dry it properly in sun.

This US-based company is highly dedicated towards the comfort and safety of your kid. They have always provided the best quality products that are highly organic and will never fail in bring that smile of satisfaction on the face of your little child.

4. Calla Toddler Organic Pillow

Calla Toddler Pillow Soft OrganicThis pillow by Calla is highly anti-toxic and made up of 100% organic and pure cotton material. The pillow can be easily washed in the washing machine and will regain its exact shape after it dries. The pillow is assured to have the best filling amongst all the other brands available in the market. This pillow won’t let your child get disturbed at the time of his precious sleep. The manufacturers have focused on the complete console of your kid.

The size of the pillow is perfect for a toddler and assures more sleeping and less rolling around the bed. We just want that satisfaction of “my child got 12 hours of sleep last night” and that is why the product is made perfect in all possible aspects. The pillow is 100% organic and does not contain any flame retardant or toxic material that can be harmful to your kid.

You will get a three years warranty on the product and the customers can return or exchange the pillow if gets damaged during this warranty period. Calla has always been a customer-centric or rather we can call it a toddler centric company that creates and delivers the best baby products. Do a good research and comparison and the company will surely succeed all the quality tests.

5. Dreamtown Kids Pillow with a white Pillowcase:

Toddler Pillow With PillowcaseThis pillow from the most trusted brand that manufactures kids’ products is quite demanded and liked by the customers. Dreamtown has manufactured this 100% organic pillow that is completely hypoallergenic and highly comforting for the toddlers. The pillow comes with a cover and this way the pillow stays safe and you do not have to wash the pillow every day.

Though, this pillow is washable and can be washed in washing machines directly. It regains its original shape soon after drying up. You can trust the brand for its high-quality products which come with a long-time warranty and hence are quite reliable. This pillow is filled with polyfills that help in maintaining the required firmness in your toddler’s pillow.

The pillow is highly cost-effective and is made up of best cotton fiber that allows your child to have a cool and restful sleep for the whole night. The company has been awarded a certificate for the best quality products that it offers to the customers. The product is completely tested and checked against many experimentations related to allergic elements and other things that can be harmful to the toddler.

One can trust this brand and the best eminence pillows and other products offered for your kids. Dreamtown has always been enthusiastic towards the child’s comfort and parent’s satisfaction. They deliver the best products which have a long-time assurance and hence they are highly liked by the customers.

6. Clevamama Baby Pillow

Baby PillowThe pillow is slightly altered from the other pillows presented in the market. This pillow does not contain any kind of polyester or synthetic filling. It consists of a single block of foam as the internal filling. This memory foam helps the child in attaining an appropriately balanced shape of the head.

It is made up of special air-flow fiber that lets the child breathe properly while sleeping and allows air-flow from the pillow walls. The pillow keeps the moisture away for the whole night making the sleep drier and more comforting for the kid.

This pillow is made up organic material and is hypoallergenic in nature. The pillow is attested and has been awarded for the high quality and comforting material used in it. The manufacturers have provided high time warranty and this allows you to replace the product if any damage occurs before the guarantee period ends.


Selecting the preeminent pillow for your toddler may seem to be a little intricate job but following all these instructions and taking into consideration all these products will surely help you a lot in getting the best one for your child. According to the doctors, pillows are important for the toddlers at a certain age and they play a very decisive role in helping them attain the precise shape of the head.

If the children are not provided with the pillow at the right age then they may face problems like the strain in the neck. We can also not use the ordinary pillows for the kids as they are higher than the required height for a little kid. Too soft pillows can also be a source of rough sleep and also, they can cause suffocating conditions for the child.

The thread count also plays a very important role. More is the no. of threads used in the pillow; more is its silky nature. So, always select a pillow with the maximum thread count. The pillows should be entirely washable and made up of organic cotton as it is the safest and most hypoallergenic material offered on the market. We help the parents in making small efforts to provide the finest and the most relaxing facilities to their kid.


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